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From Mary Ruth CHAPMAN parker:
Nora Harris Stokes Polk  DOB 5/14/1896    DOD 9/10/1949  Brantley Co?,Ga


From Mary Ruth CHAPMAN Parker:
Donald STOKES was son of Nora HARRIS Stokes Polk


From Mary Ruth CHAPMAN parker:
Ola HARRIS Courson Grizzard  DOB 10/28/1903    DOD 12/26/1963


Jacob died ofa cerebal hemerage at the age of 87y-10m-8d. Father: Jacob
Thomas, Mother: Amelia Laser, both born in Germany. Jacob's obit in
Muscoda Progressive, 1 Mar 1945. Survivors: Mrs. Vany Dloyer, Fred
Thomas, Mrs. David Shore ofBlue River, Vic Thomas of Muscoda. Rights
held M.E. Church at Blue River.

Catherine MICHEL

Married: Jacob Thomas, 6 Jan 1880, Muscoda. He was born in Highland TWP, 9 Apr, 1857;
 Died: 18 Feb 1945. 87Y-11M-9D.
 Father : Jacob,
 Mother: Amelia Laser. Both of Germany. Buried: Blue River.
 Residence: Grant Co., Waterstwon TWP.
 Informant: Mrs. David Shore (Blue River). Farmer, owned -mortgaged farm in 1900.

Victor M. THOMAS

Dwayne, son of Vic Thomas-Pastor at Basswood church. Live on farm on
HWY G. out of Muscoda.


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Thomas was born 1639 in Edward's Hall, Glamorganshire, Wales and died 1671. He was the captain of the ship 'Society'. He married Elizabeth Hael (Hall) in 1660. She was born in 1639 and died in 1699.
The 1 known child of William Edwards is as follows:

Robert Thomas Edwards


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William was born 11/01/1620 in Glenn Morganshire, England.
More info:

"*WILLIAM Edwards, son of Richard was born 01 Nov 1618/1620 in London. The Edwards at that time were residents of Edwards Hall, near Cardiff, Glamorganshire, Wales. WILLIAM had at least four sons, William (who settled in Jamestown, Virginia), John, *Thomas and Robert. Some accounts say the brothers came to the colonies together and settled on land granted to them by the King of England. There was a William Edwards, son of Reverend Richard Edwards of Wales, who came to Boston, Mass. with his stepfather, William Coles in 1630 and settled in Hartford Connecticut about 1636. This information, and the fact that WILLIAM, son of RICHARD, died in Hartford, Connecticut, make it extremely likely that it was our ancestor WILLIAM who was the original immigrant from Wales"

The 1 known child of William Edwards is as follows:

V. Thomas Edwards


BIOGRAPHY: Mike Chapman went to her 16th birthday party in 1956 (she was really 64, but Feb. 29 only comes around every four years!) She was a twin to Cora Cornish who died at childbirth.

The following passage was written by Nora Ivy Ponsell and is contained in the booklet, "The King and the Queen", by Marie Ponsell Young.

On August 13, 1941, J.T. had come home on a furlough from the Army. We all went to the river for a picnic. After we had our lunch, Carlos and I were in Jim Lott's cabin. We heard yelling from the river and ran quickly down to the edge. Marion and Mary Leigh had gone down. J.T. went to them and Francis went in. Rezora Thompson and Melba picked up a long pole and waded out for J.T. to hold to, but he came up for his last time. He came out almost drown, too. Carlos started in for Francis, but he said to her, "Don't come any closer!" Then he went down. I cried and yelled for help and some men came but they wouldn't go in after them. There were no telephones close, so Melba got in her car and went for help. King was working for King Bros. at that time. He came and brought me home. Cecil Ponsell found Mary Leigh after a few hours and Myles Chapman brought Marion up some time during the night. It came up a terrible rain late in the evening. Someone brought up Francis. That was the most awful time in our lives.

One evening about a week later I was cooking supper and I felt like I couldn't stand it any longer. I prayed for that awful burden to be lifted. God heard my prayers and I could live with more ease. We were living in King's mother's old house then. He had bought the old home place after her death. All three, Marion, Mary Leigh, and Francis were buried on the fifteenth of August. That was the largest crowd I ever saw and the most flowers. The Rev. A. J. Harper preached their funeral.

The following article is from the Waycross Journal Herald, Aug. 14, 1941, titled "Three Lives Claimed by Satilla Whirlpool".

Two Children and Brother of King Ponsell Drowned. Francis M. Ponsell, 43-year-old carpenter, tried heroically but vainly yesterday afternoon to rescue his two young nieces, Marion Pearl Ponsell, 13 and Mary Leigh Ponsell, 9, who had ventured beyond their depth in the Satilla river. All three were drowned.

The two children were with a party at the Whirlpool, near Waltertown, six miles northwest of Waycross, and wading off a sandbar found themselves in distress, walking off a sheer "drop" which begins a short distance from the edge of the bar.

Their uncle and their brother, J. T. Ponsell, answered the screams of the two children. Francis Ponsell reached one of the children, according to an eye witness, but disappeared in the swirling water of the Whirlpool. J. T. Ponsell, a brother of the girls who is home on leave from the Army, searched frantically but vainly for the other child, and was completely exhausted within a short time.

The tragedy occurred about 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Within a short time a number of divers were combing the Whirlpool bend, a treacherous section of the river where several persons previously lost their lives. The body of Francis Ponsell first was found, after a search of more than a hour. Within a few minutes the body of the youngest girl was found. Both were recovered within a short distance of the spot where they disappeared.

The search for the other little girl continued until midnight before divers and searchers were rewarded. A violent electrical and rain storm interrupted the  search for approximately two hours, beginning about 6 o'clock in the afternoon.

Volunteer workers from Waltertown community and from Waycross worked valiantly throughout the afternoon and into the night, while members of the Ponsell family watched from the nearby sandbar.

Triple funeral services will be held Friday morning at 11 o'clock the Rehobeth Church in Pierce county, the three to be laid to rest side by side. Burial will be at Rehobeth cemetery.

From another article on August 15, 1941 it states, "Floral tributes were among the most profuse and beautiful ever seen in South Georgia."

Addendum by Mike Chapman. Several other people drowned at the Whirlpool after this according to Bertha Pauline Chapman. Near the river was "Sweet Gum Spring" that was very cold and had a vine over which people would swing and drop into the water. It was a popular site before the war but was later closed down. The water from the spring flowed directly into the river a short distance away. James Myles Chapman and his sister took their families to this spring when their children were relatively young. Mike Chapman remembers that the river was indeed very swift and strong for a boy of 10 years old, and could easily had lost the tug of war with the river's current even though he was a strong swimmer. James Myles used to go to this pool often when he was young and people loved to watch him dive. He was an extremely strong swimmer and swam all of his life.

Chester Chapman PONSELL

Mr. Chester Chapman Ponsell, 77, died Tuesday (January 15, 2008) at his residence following a long illness. He was a native and lifelong resident of Ware County. He was son of the late W. King Ponsell and Nora Chapman Ponsell. He was a 1949 graduate of Wacona High School and served in the U.S. Army. He was a member of Jamestown Baptist Church. He was a retired clerk in the Stores and Transportation Department of CSX Railroad. Survivors include his wife, Lourene T. Ponsell of Waycross; two sons, Gary King Ponsell of Waycross, Jody L. Ponsell of Fayetteville, GA; two sisters, Melbo Mayo and Marie Young both of Waycross; and four grandchildren.

A memorial service will be held 1:00 p.m. Friday (January 18, 2008) at Music Funeral Home Chapel. Memorialization will be by cremation. Sympathy may be expressed by signing the online registry at

Daniel Zedekiah KNIGHT

Have obituary for Dan Z. Knight with these children.


BIRTH: 1930 US Census Ware county Georgia. His death may be 13 Jan 1969.

Leon Horace CHAPMAN

He married a French girl while in service during WW2. They had a boy and girl in France. Lived in French Northern Africa.