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KinNextions (Public Version)


Mollie MANOR

            /Emory Brown MANOR b: ABT 1835 d: 20 SEP 1899
    /Arlington F. MANOR b: APR 1857 d: 20 MAY 1942
    |       \Mary Edenfield PHILLIPS b: SEP 1836 d: 19 JUL 1927
Mollie A. MANOR b: 9 NOV 1903 d: 16 APR 1984
    \Mary A. ??? b: APR 1864 d: AFT 1930

William W. WILLIS

1880 census: FL, Columbia, 9-Jun-1880
Willis, William W. 47,      GA, NC, NC
     , Cinthia E. 32, wife FL, Penn, FL
     , Robert Samuel, 9/12 son  FL, GA, FL

Willis, Mary    46 GA, NC, NC
     , Laura S. 9 daughter FL, GA, GA
     , Annie    6 daughter FL, GA, GA

1870 census: FL, Columbia, Lake City 13-Jul-1870
Willis, George  51 NC
     , Mary    35 GA
     , Marietta 6 FL
     , Ella G.  1 FL

Willis, William W. 35 GA
     , Sarah A.   36 GA
     , Elizabeth   8 FL
     , Martha     18 GA
Hair, George       60 SC

1860 census: FL, New River, 22-Jun-1860
Willis, William     34 GA   <- probable error in age
     , Sarah S.    38? GA  <- probable error in age
     , Jane A       9 GA
     , George W.    8 GA
     , Eliza R.     7 FL
     , Benjamin F.  2 FL
     , William A. 3/12 FL

Willis, Thomas C. 40 GA

Willis, Alexander 80 NC
     , Rachel    32 NC

James B. JOHNS

source: "The Story of Brantley County Georgia" Pg. 149.

James B. Johns was the father of Catherine Harris according to family sources.


source: "The Story of Brantley County Georgia" Pg. 149.

William Boley LYENS

Some sources have listed as William B LYONS. His gravestone and many of his children's gravestones list LYENS.

James Patrick JOHNS

James & Ida spent most of their lives at their home near the Bachlott Community, and all of their children were born there except Leon who was born in Crestview, FL. At one time Mr. Johns owned a turpentine still at Bachlott, however he spent most of his time farming. He was a member of the Ga House of Rep, 19432,44,45,46. He was a Deacon of the New Hope Primitve Baptist Church.