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Neil Kenneth PONSELL

Neil K. Ponsell, 77, of Spring Hill, FL., passed away Wednesday,(November 1, 2006) at Spring Hill Regional Hospital. Born in Jacksonville, FL he moved to Spring Hill 5 years ago from Jacksonville. He was an U.S. Air Force veteran and a branch manager for General Motors. Neil enjoyed woodworking, golf, fishing and was a member of Hope Community Bible Church of Spring Hill. He mostly loved spending time with his family.
Survivors include his wife, Kathleen of Spring Hill; 1 son, Kenneth M. Ponsell of Orlando; 1 daughter, Laurie M. Eubanks of Brooksville; 1 sister, Laverne Scruggs of Jacksonville; 5 Grandchildren; 2 Great-grandchildren.

Friends may call 6-8:00 PM Saturday, November 4, 2006 at the Turner Funeral Homes Spring Hill Drive Chapel, services will be held at 7:00 PM.

Arrangements by Turner Funeral Homes Spring Hill Chapel (352) 796-9661.

Norman Henry PONSELL

Norman was a corporate jet pilot and was killed in a motorcycle accident.

Arthur R. BAGLEY

Name:    Arthur R. Bagley
 SSN:    252-24-6091  
 Last Residence:    32205  Jacksonville, Duval, Florida, United States of America
 Born:    25 May 1910
 Died:    6 Jan 2000
 State (Year) SSN issued:    Georgia (Before 1951 )


Name:    Lee Beckham
 SSN:    255-07-0063  
 Last Residence:    31520  Brunswick, Glynn, Georgia, United States of America
 Born:    30 May 1907
 Died:    Jan 1984
 State (Year) SSN issued:    Georgia (Before 1951 )

Nellie Marie KNIGHT

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Name:    N BECKAM
 SSN:    258-40-1188
 Last Residence:    15206  Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA
 Born:    3 Dec 1929
 Last Benefit:         
 Died:    Jun 1993
 State (Year) SSN issued:    GA (Before 1951 )


Name:    Earl R. Beckham
 SSN:    252-50-5768  
 Last Residence:    31525  Brunswick, Glynn, Georgia, United States of America
 Born:    26 Oct 1933
 Died:    7 Aug 1998
 State (Year) SSN issued:    Georgia (Before 1951 )

Joseph Harley HEAD

Name:    JOE HEAD
 SSN:    253-22-9184
 Last Residence:    31520  Brunswick, Glynn, GA
 Born:    18 May 1912
 Last Benefit:         
 Died:    Mar 1966
 State (Year) SSN issued:    GA (Before 1951 )

Annie Irene KNIGHT

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 SSN:    258-30-2485
 Last Residence:    31520  Brunswick, Glynn, GA
 Born:    18 Dec 1920
 Last Benefit:         
 Died:    15 May 2001
 State (Year) SSN issued:    GA (Before 1951 )

William Davis HEAD

Name:    William D. Head
 SSN:    252-50-5292  
 Born:    12 Mar 1937
 Died:    13 Oct 1991
 State (Year) SSN issued:    Georgia (Before 1951 )


From Huxford PWG Vol. 2, p136:

Francis Harrison , an early settler of Wayne County, was born in Birmingham England, in 1787.  He came to this country and landed in Georgia (probably Brunswick) at the age of 25 years.  He filed his citizenship declaration in Wayne Superior Court May 29, 1826, and was naturalized by decree of that court.

Mr. Harrison married Annis Manning, a daughter of Moses Manning, R.S., of South Carolina.  She was born in that state in 1787, and lived to be 100 years old.  Her husband died in 1865. (*)  They were buried at Mount Olive Church, Wayne County.

Francis Harrison came to Wayne County soon after landing in Georgia, and lived there until his death.  His home was near Gardi, on the Phinholloway.  He was a well-educated man and became a leader in his community and county.  He was Justice of the Peace of the 334th district, being first commissioned Jan. 25, 1833. He seved in that capacity about twenty years.

Census References: 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, Wayne.

To Mr. and Mrs. Harrison were born:
1. Temperance      b. 1817, m.  Allen Loper.
2. Cynthia         b. 1822, m.  Thomas Howe
3. Jonathan C.     b. 1824, m.  Mary Martin, Dec. 9, 1858
4. Horatio Nelson  b. 1828, m1. Henrieta Burgess, Jan. 11, 1852,
                            m2. Eliza Strickland, Dec. 12, 1853
5.Jane Elizabeth   b. 1830. m. John Gibson, Apr. 15, 1852

* Vol 3, p. 405 (Corrections for Vol 2)
Harrison, Francis (p. 136):  He died about 1855 instead of 1865.  His widow was living 1860 with their daughter, Mrs. Jane Gibson and family, in Wayne County.  His aged grandson, Nelson Harrison, had informed the Complier he died in 1865.


On-line Cemetery Marker. "Mary Ann Drawdy Head - Jun 27, 1836 - Jun 7, 1874 in James C. Drawdy Cemetery." Georgia, Wayne County


This Moses and brother's Martin, Marcum Lott, William, Melea and father  Moses received Georgia land grants from 1784 to 1820+. They all appear in the Prince Georges Parish, South Carolina 1790 census. They finally settled in Marion District, South Carolina, on the PeeDee River. One authority claims there were 2 other sons born to Moses; Matthias Manning and John Manning (who reportedly moved to England).  

Moses moved to Glynn Co., Georgia in 1800, and settled on a plantation named  "Indigo". He died there in 1815. After his death, his wife, Martha,  moved to Wayne Co. and died there in 1830 or 1831. She gave $1 to her  sons: Mathias, John, Joseph, Melechesedec, Meli, Moses, and daughters,  Edney Parrott, Annis Harrison, Faith Head, Keziah Beckham, and the  remainder of the estate to children, Martin and Nancy (Ann) and to  grandson John Head.  Moseswas named executor.  Moses was recorded in 1800 on the "Schedule of property taken from the  people of Georgia by the Creek Indians."  He was a private in the South Carolina militia in 1782.  His son, Moses Jr. appears in the 1830 (Jackson Co.) and 1840 (Calhoun  Co.) census in Florida.  He received land grants in Glynn Co., Georgia in 1817 and 1823 and in  Wayne Co., Georgia in 1825.

1. On-line Book Information.

Moses Manning, a Revoultionary soldier and ancestor of most of the Mannings of Wiregrass Georgia, was born in Virginia about 1755, a son of Moses Manning, Sr. The family moved during the Revolution to South Carolina and settled in Marion District, on or near the PeeDee River. His wife was named Martha, born about 1765, but her maiden name has not been learned. To Mr. & Mrs. Manning were born ten children,vis.

1. Melia B. 1785 M. Nancy Deer
2. Annis B. 1787 M. Francis Harrison (Vol. I)/
3. Keziah B. 1789 M. -----------Beckham
4. Melchesadec B. 1791 M. Mary R. Loper, dau of Jonathan
5. Faith B. 1793 M. John Head
6. Ann B. 1795 M. John Cooper, July 5, 1822
7. Joseph B. 1797 M. Dolljy Rozier, Feb. 3, 1825
8. Edney B. 1799 M. John Parrott
9. Moses III B. 1800 M. Eliza Causey, dau of James.
10. Martin B. 1804 M. Mary Harper, daul of James (Vol. I).

In addition to these ten, there were two other sons according to one authority, and concerning whom nothing is known by the Complier at this time, viz. John (who was said to have removed to England) and Matthias Manning.
Moses Manning and family removed to Glynn County, Georgia in 1800, and settled on a plantation which was named "Indigo"; Moses Manning died there in 1815. Record is found of a deed in Glynn County to this property, 200 acres, from the ten children to their mother, dated Nov. 17. 1817 (Deed Book "G". [age 362); and a deed appears on page 380, same book, from the said heirs and their mother to the said Joseph Manning, for 100 acres of a tract of 300 acres granted their said father, and which it is stated that he had verbally exchanged to his son for a sorrell mare and $40 in money, but had made no deed.
Mrs Martha Manning moved to Wayne County after her husband's death, and died there in 1830 or 1831. Her will dated Sept. 24, 1830, was probated there March 7, 1831, and devised $1 each to her sons, Mathias, John, Joseph, Melechesedec, Meli Moses, and daughters Edney Parrott, Annis Harrison, Faith Head, Keziah Beckham , and gave the remainder of her estate to her children Martin and Nanch (or Ann), and grandson, John Head. She named her son, Moses, to be executor.
Moses Manning served as a private in the South Carolina militia in 1782.
All ot the ten children of Mr. and Mrs. Manning lived and died in Wiregrass Georgia except Melea and Melchesadec, who returned to South Carolina and lived in the Barnwell District." Books of Wiregrass, Georgia.

2. Census Records, 1790. "Listed as Moses Manning. Shows 1 male over 16, 1 male under 16, and 3 females." South Carolina, Georgetown County, Prince Georges Dist.