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[]  The information for this Moses comes from the information contained in a  will of another Moses from King George Co. and Parish of Hanover. A reference lists another child (Nancy) to a Moses at this time. I assume that this is the correct Moses since his cousin (Moses) died in 1747 and did not mention having any children.


[]  Melea appears in the 1790 census in South Carolina. Apparently moved to  Georgia by 1800 to settle on family land grants.


[]  There are reports that there were 2 Mark's. One, apparently, remained unmarried.  It is unlikely that this is the Mark Manning who is buried in Huntsville,  Texas 1850 (he was apparently born in North Carolina, whereas, this Mark  was probably born in New Kent Co., Virginia, the son of Moses.)  Mark had moved with his family to a South Carolina land grant and appears  in the 1790 census (Prince Georges Parish) and in 1800 in Sumter Co.  Apparently the remainder of his family, brothers and sisters, had gone to  Georgia by 1800 in new land grants.   He received a Madison Co., Georgia land grant in 1816.  He is listed in the 1820 census (p. 284) of Madison Co., Georgia with: 3 males under 10 1 male 10 to 16 2 males 16 to 26 1 male 45+       3 females under 10 1 female 16 to 26 1 female 26 to 45

Marcum Lott MANNING

[]  He and his family were in the 1790 census in Prince Georges Co., South  Carolina. They were gone in 1800, apparently in Georgia on their new land  grants.


[]  He received a land grant in Glynn Co., Georgia in 1823.

Melchesadec MANNING

[]  Received a Glynn Co., Georgia land grant in 1820 .