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James Adam HARPER Jr.

1860 census: Georgia, Wayne County, Doctortown PO, Pg 24 of 44., 11 Jul 1860.
"Listed as James A. Harper (24,GA) with wife Mary (24,GA) and children Charley (5,GA), Nathan (3,GA) and Rebecca Jane (1,GA)."
Also living with them is Vicy Ann Harper age 21 and Little Berry age 4/12(Feb 1860)

1870 census: eorgia, Wayne County, Mt Pleasant PO, Pg 10 of 54., 23 Jul 1870.
Listed as James A. Harper (37,GA) with wife Mary (33,GA) and children Charles S. (14,GA), Nathan S. (12,GA), Rebecca J. (10,GA), John W. (9,GA), James W. (6,GA), Samuel S. (4,GA), Martin G. (2,GA), and TWINS Benjamin & Joseph (1,GA).

1880 census: Florida, Suwannee, 2-TWP, 6-Prct, Pg 326a., 21 Jun 1880.
Listed as James Harper (47,GA) with wife Mary (43,GA) and children Jno. Charles (20,GA), James (17,GA), Martin (12,GA), Benj. F. (10,GA), Levina (8,GA), Malachi (6,GA) and Alcany (4,GA). I noticed Benjamin's twin brother, Joseph, is living with his sister Rebecca, a few doors up from his parents.

Land Records:

5-30-1877 Between James Harper, Sr. and Willis Clary for $400 merchantable growing timber but not turpentine timber on lot 183, 184 203 acres in 3rd District Wayne Co for 8 years.

4-2-1864 490 acres Lot 190 District 3 to Uriah Anderson.


1920 census: Washington > Thurston > Tumwater > District 391 10&12-Jan-1920
Weatherbie, George 28, WA, Canada, Canada farmer, mother's place (Mary Wetherby)
         , Edith  22, TN, TN, TN
         , Louise 7   CA
         , Malcolm 5  WA
         , Alvin 3 2/12 WA

Frank Smith HECKMAN

Frank Smith Heckman was 5'8" and his wife, Jeannette was 5'10". They eventually settled in Wenatchee, WA. They were divorsed shortly after the birth of their eight child, Leland.

Frank worked on the Hoover Dam project; he was gone for two years.  His job was setting charges.  He got in line for a job, two questions 1) did you mind being dirty, and 2) are you afraid of heights.

When he came home, they went up to Vernon, BC, and worked on the clearing of the underbrush and trees in preparation for Lake Roosevelt upstream of Grand Coulee Dam.  He worked at Hanford; Dennis has a letter from the head of the Atomic Energy Commission, thanking him for his efforts in building the bomb.  He said he was working on some stuff he didn't really understand, but they were doing some strange things.

He also worked on constructing backyard irrigation systems, and elaborate pools that he was known for -- Landscaped series of pools.  He wrote weekly articles for the Wenatchee Daily World, "by Heck", on a variety of topics.  He did some painting and drawing, but we don't know where any of them are.  He was very different from Jay, he was very sensitive and articulate.  Frank liked to drink.

Frank and and grandson, Dennis, would go on trips together, fishing for blue fish in Lake Coeur d'Alene.  Frank had some friends he was meeting in the big camps.  Dennis remembers a lot of ladies hanging around.

Frank and Jeanette's son, Leland Heckman, was the eighth child and was given up for adoption as a baby.  Leland's daughter remembers that her father was very bitter towards Frank.  She recalls that he came to visit once.  Leland took Frank to the car, drove him to the bus depot, bought him a ticket, and said, "I never want to see you again."

Jeanette Gertrude MCKEEVER

When Jeannette and her family came over from Ireland, her parents got sick on the boat and then died.

Jeannette was sent to Minot, ND to live in an orphanage.  She met Frank when he was in Minot.  He had come down from Canada.  He saw her and said I'm going to marry her; three days later they were married and headed west.

Jeanette was raised Catholic, but was forced to hide her rosaries and other religious items from her atheist husband, Frank.  He left her shortly after the birth of Leland.  She died of MS.

Parents born in Maryland according to 1920 census. Father born in Indiana and mother in Ohio according to 1910 census.

Jeannette was (5'10") and her husband, Frank Smith Heckman (5'8"). They had a daughter, Micki.

Patrick Leland Edward Heckman VOEGE

Birth name Leland Edward Heckman, adopted name was Patrick Voege

Willie Stevens JOHNS

Name: Willie Johns
 SSN: 252-20-9547  
 Born: 14 Sep 1911
 Died: Aug 1965
 State (Year) SSN issued: Georgia (Before 1951 )