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Revolutionary Soldier.


Revolutionary Soldier. Served as Private, Georgia Militia


John Andrews found trhe following;
Source; "History and Published Records of Midway Congregational Church, Liberty County, Georgia" by James Stacy
1779 - John to John and Rebecca Norman

1790 - Son to John and Rebecca Norman, Feb. 16

1791 - Thomas Quarterman and Rebecca Bacon to Jno. and Rebecca Norman, October 17
(They both died November 17, 1791)

1777 - Rebecca - dau. John and Rebecca Norman, Aug. 31

1786 - William and Joseph - sons of John Norman, Jan. 8 (may have been twins)
(William died December 17, 1792)

1791 - Thos. Quarterman and Rebecca Bacon - son and dau. Jno and R. Norman, Nov. 13

1796 - Mary Elizabeth - d. Mrs. Rebecca Norman June 5

1797- Rebecca Norman widow, April 21.

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William DRAWDY

Military Service: 1812 Georgia Militia, War of 1812
Event: Political BET 1845 AND 1853 Justice of Wayne Inferior Ct.
Event: Political BET 1855 AND 1856 Justice of Peace, 33rd Dist.

DRAWDY, William 1790-1857 WAYNE

WILLIAM DRAWDY was born in South Carolina in 1790, and was a son of Daniel Drawdy, R.S., and a brother of Daniel Drawdy (q.v.). His wife Mary was born in 1791 in South Carolina, but her maiden name so far has not been learned. According to his will dated 1855, they had then been married 45 years, making the year of their marriage 1810. Their children were:

1. James C. b. 1816, m. Elizabeth Harper, daughter of James.
2. William Thomas b. 1816, m. Eliza Coursey of Tattnall County.
3. Susannah b. 18__, m. ______Welch.
4. Elizabeth C. b. 18__, m. Colwell.
5. Mary Ann b. 18__, m. ______ Middleton.
6. George W. b. 1825, m. Nancy______.

It appears that William Drawdy and wife moved to Tattnall County soon after marriage and resided there some years. He was a petit juror there as early as November, 1814, and a lieutenant in the militia of the 40th District, 1817-1819. In 1819 he applied for land lottery draws, and was then residing in Capt. Overstreet's District, and was allowed two draws for his wife and children. The 1820 Census shows the family in McIntosh County. Shortly after, they moved to Wayne County where they afterwards lived.

Mr. Drawdy was lst lieutenant of the militia in the 33rd district, Wayne County, 1824-1826, and was Captain in the same district, 1826-1832. He was Justice of Peace in the 28th District, 1825-1829, and in the 383rd District, 1830-1837. He served as one of the Justices of Wayne Inferior Court, 1845-1853. He was Justice of Peace of the 333rd district, 1855-1856.

Mr. Drawdy was a soldier in the Georgia Militia in the War of 1812, also in the Indian Wars. His will dated February 26, 1855, was probated December 2, 1857. The home-place on the north half of Lot 161, 3rd Land District Wayne County, was given the wife along with all personal property, for her lifetime. William T. and James C. Drawdy were named executors of the will.

Note: A deed appears of record in Laurens County from William Drawdy and James Drawdy, his brother, both of Laurens County, to Sherod Hutson, dated October 17, 1811, conveying Lot 351, 12th district, for $300.00 (see deed book "B", page 63). This would indicate William Drawdy lived in Laurens before moving to Tattnall County.

Census References: 1820, McIntosh; 1830, 1840, 1850, Wayne.


Military Service: Pvt. Col. Robert Ballinhall's Regt. Revolutionary War

Capt. William Quarterman QUARTERMAN Sr.

Burial: Revolutionary Soldier. Georgia Troops.

Richard BAKER Sr.

Will: 9 SEP 1774 Georgia Colonial Wills. Probated May 16, 1775, Recorded June 14, 1775. See notes.
Residence: 1763 Newport, St. Johns Parish, Georgia.

Will of Richard Baker, Sr. Georgia Colonial Wills.
Richard Baker, St. Johns parish, Planter. Wife: Elizabeth, Negro wench named Florow, riding chair and chair horse, side saddle,bridle, feather bed and bed furniture, five head of cattle, her residence on plantation during her widowhood.
Son: William, all my lands and real estate, mare named Pleasant, Saddle, bridle, feather bed and bed furniture, all cattle in my stock brandes "W".
Daus.: Elizabeth Quarterman, Negro girl named Betty, horse named Diamond, side saddle, bridle, feather bed and bed furniture, all cattle branded "E". Lydia McGowen, Negro girl named Murrier, horse named Whistler, side saddle, bridle, feather bed, bed furniture, all cattle branded "L". Mary Way, Negro girl named Abbe, horse named Bendbow, side saddle, bridle, feather bed and bed furniture, all cattle branded "M". Ann, Negro girl named Sharlot, horse named Button, side saddle, bridle, feather bed and bed furniture, all cattle branded "A". Rebeckah, Negro boy named Dick, horse named Gray Tail, side saddle, bridle, feather bed and bed furniture, all cattle branded "R".

Wife is expecting child. If a son, 200 acres of land, 100 acres that I purchased from John Winn, Sr., half of a lot at Newport Landing, one lot in Sunbury, mare named Mouse, saddle, bridle, feather bed and bed furniture, heifer calf. If a girl Mare named Mouse, side saddle, bridle, feather bed bed furniture, heifer calf. Remainder of the Estate to be equally divided among wife and children. Son, or sons, shall take his, or their, part of the Estate at the age of twenty.
Archible Christy, son of Thomas Christy, deceased, his maintwnance and schooling at a moderate rate to be paid by the exors. from the Estate until he is of age to be put at a trade.
Exors.: wife: Benjamin Andrew, Esq.: William Graves, Sr.: Thomas Quarterman: my sons-in-law, Robert Quarterman, Edward Way, Joseph McGowen.
Wit.: William McGowen, Thomas Boswood, Nicholas Smith.

D: 9 Sept. 1774. P.: 16 May 1775. R.: 14, June 1775

Document empowering Parmenas way, J. P. and James Screven, J. P. to administer oath of exor to Elizabeth Baker, Robert Quarterman, Edward Way.
Dated: 16 May 1775

Oath of exorship signed by Elizabeth Baker, Robert Quarterman, Edward Way.
Dated: 22 May 1775. pp. 165-170 WBAA.

William BAKER

Will: 14 MAY 1767 "Colonial Wills of Georgia" St. Johns Parish. See notes.

"Colonial Wills of Georgia"
William Baker, St. Johns Parish, Planter. Wife: Rebecca, whatever estate, real or personal, that was hers before her marriage with me, use of one fifth of my personal and moveable estate, use of one half my house, both during her widowhood. Son: William, two lots of land in Sunbury, known by the numbers 87 and 88, tract of land I now live on, one third of my remaining personal estate, to be given him at the age of twenty years. Daus.: Rebecca Jones, wife of Samuel Jones, 250 acres of land joining easterly on land of John Stewart, 100 acres land joining southerly on land of Joseph Way, one third of my remaining personal estate. Sarah: 250 acres, joining land of Josiah Powell, 100 acres of land adjoining the said given tract, remainder of any personal estate (to be delivered to her at marriage or at eighteen years of age). Nieces: Sarah Baker and Elizabeth Baker, daus. of Benjamin Baker, seven pounds and three shillings Sterling, each (to be granted at marriage or at age of eighteen).
Exors: John Elliott, Esq.; John Stewart: William Graves; son-in-law William Baker. Wit.: John Quarterman, John Stevens, Thomas Quarterman.
D: 24 May 1765

Codicil: William Baker affirms that as of the date of this codicil he has already given to Rebecca Jones the lands bequeathed in the above Will. They are to remain in her possession at his death. Also he grants watch, wearing apparel, and linens to his son William: gold sleeve buttons and six silver teaspoons to dau. Sarah. These items are not to be accounted as any part of my estate in the division of same. Wit.: John Winn, Benjamin Baker, John Irvine.
D: 9 March 1767. P: (Will and codicil): 31 March 1767. R: 15 April 1767

Document appended empowering John Martin, Parmenas Way, and William Donnom, Esq. to administer the oath of exor. to John Stewart, William Graves, and William Baker. Dated 31 March 1767

Oath of exor. attached, Signed by John Stewart, William Graves, and William Baker. Dated 6 April 1767 pp. 208-212 WBA.