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of Bullock's Creek, York County

from Lonnie Goodall [lonnie_goodall at]

I've found both of your genealogy works which contains items of interest.

I'm curious about the source for the marriage of Margaret Barron and Richard Champion of York Co, SC, if possible.

It would seem to explain one of the witnesses of Richard Champion's will,
"Jean Stevenson" (JANE STEPHENSON - NEE BARRON - Wife of Robert

I've included as addressees to this e-mail Thomas Stephenson and Bruce

We  have ties/interest in that I've been working at establishing that: Richard Champion is the son of John Champion of Granville, NC & Sarah
Goodall, dau of Chas. Goodall
Sr. of Caroline Co., VA.
Another association is for a Maj. Daniel McClaren, wife Mary Stephenson.
Mary being sister to Robert Stephenson.  Daniel McClaren (Battle of Cowpen
fame), is the son of Daniel McClaren & Mary Goodall, dau of Chas. Goodall
Sr. of Caroline Co. VA.

CHAMPION, RICHARD of Bullock's Creek, York County, 28 Apr 1796
Wife: Margaret Champion (((NEE BARRON? - LAG)))
Sons: John, George, Richard (all under twenty one)
Legacy from estate of my uncle Richard Goodall (((son of Chas. Goodall Sr. -
Executors: Wife, and friends, William Champion, John McSwain
Witnesses: Will. Minter, John Martin,
Jean Stevenson (((POSSIBLY SISTER-IN-LAW. Wife of Robt Stephenson,
bro-in-law to Dan. McCLAREN - LAG )))
Inventory presented, 5 Aug 1796, Crt. Proceedings Bk. A #120 p. 172

I believe I'm correct in all this, but any additional sources/facts will
help strengthen the case.
So any source/facts that support the marriage of Richard Champion/Margaret
Barron would be
greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Lonnie A. Goodall (LAG) / Iowa

his will is of Richard Goodall, brother of Chas. Goodall of Caroline Co.
Chas' son, also named Richard, is the Richard Goodall, mentioned in the will
Richard Champion of York Co., SC. ==============================================
In the Name of God Amen I Richard Goodall of the Burrough of Leicester in the county of Leicester Iron Monger being well in body and of sound and perfect mind and understanding but considering the uncertainty of  human life do make and declare this my last will and testament and first and principally I command my soul into the hands of my Blessed Maker trusting in his mercies and through the merits of my Dear Redeemer for the remission of all my sins my body commit to the earth to be decently buried in the parish church of Earle Shilton in the said county of Leicester desireing that the charges of my funerall may not exceed the sum of fifty pounds and as to my temporal estate of what nature or kind so ever it may be which I shall dye possessed of interested in or entitled unto (after my debts and ffunerall expenses shall be paid) I Give and dispose thereof as follows that is to say I Give and bequeath to my nephews William Goodall and James Goodall and to Sarah Champion wife of John Champion and Mary Macclarin wife of Daniel Macclarin the sons and daughters of my brother Charles Goodall now residing in Virginia in parts beyond the seas the sums of twenty pounds apiece And I do direct that the Legacy of the said Sarah Champion and Mary Macclarin shall be paid to their sole and seperate use (and in?)(not?) withstanding any coverture they may be under and not be subject to the debts or control of their respective husbands and that their respective receipts shall be to my executor herein after named good and sufficient discharges for their said Legacy I also give to Thomas Martin of the Burrough of Leicester aforesaid Bookseller the sum of Ten pounds and to Mr Josiah Hodgson of Medbourn in the said county of Leicester the like sum of Ten pounds and to Frances his wife for her own sole and seperate use as aforesaid the like sum of ten pounds and to their three children Ellen Ffrances and Richard the sum of ffifty pounds a piece

But before the Legacys which I have above bequeathed to the said Josiah Hodgson his wife and three children or any of them shall be paid I will and direct that the said Josiah Hodgson shall settle the account that is depending betwixt him and me to the satisfaction of my two very good ffriends Edmund Cradock Esqr one of his majestys Justices of the poore for the said county of Leicester and Thomas Phipps of the said Burrough (Mercer?) and that he likewise shall execute to my executor herein after named a good and sufficient discharge and indempnify and such as my said two ffriends shall approve of from all trust and other engagements which I have entered into at his request or an account of his business and concerns I also give to Sarah Elliot daughter of my sister Sarah Elliot the sum of ffifty pounds and to my brother Charles Goodall and to Susannah his wife the sum of ffifty pounds apiece the said Susannah Goodall to have and enjoy her said Legacy to her own sole and seperate use as aforesaid I also give to my said two ffriends Mr Cradock and Mr Phipps the sum of ffifty pounds apiece desiring them to assist and advise my executor hereafter named in the execution of this my will and in ordering and settleing of my affair after my decease in the doing whereof if any disputes shall arise I do hereby expressly charge and direct that the same shall be amicably determined by my said two ffriends whose Judgement shall be final and conclusive to all parties and in case any of my Legatees here in named shall refuse to submit to their determination then I do declare and direct that the person or persons so refusing shall lose his her and their legacy and legacys and the same shall be equally divided amongst my other legatees share and share alike I also give to my nephew John Goodall son of my brother Charles Goodall the sum of ffive hundred pounds and to my nephew Charles Goodall the sum of three hundred pounds and for my nephew Richard Goodall the sum of one thousand pounds and I do direct that the several and respective legacys herein before bequeathed shall not be paid till twelve months after my decease and if there shall be any thing remaining either out of my real or personal estates after the said several legacys are paid I desire the same may be equally divided amongst the several legatees herein before named share and share alike and I do give and desire the same to them accordingly but if there shall not be sufficient  to pay my said nephew Richard Goodall the full sum of one thousand pounds then I will and direct that so much as will be sufficient to make up that sum shall be deducted out of the other legacies herein before given in ratable shares and proportions my mind and will being that my said nephew Richard Goodall shall have and enjoy the full sum of one thousand pounds clear of all deductions whatsoever and I do hereby constitute and appoint my said nephew Richard Goodall sole executor of this my will desiring him to be advised and directed in all things concerning the same by my said ffriends Mr Cradock and Mr Phipps and providing all former wills codicills and bequests at any time heretofore (?) I do declare this to be my only last will In witness whereof I have to this my will contained in two sheets of paper to the first sheet thereof sett my hand and to the last sheet my hand and seal this twenty sixth day of November in the nineteenth year of the reign of our sovereign Lord George the second by the grace of God of Great Britain Ffrance and Ireland King Defender of the ffaith and in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and forty five - Richard Goodall ./. signed sealed published and declared by the said Richard Goodall to be his last will and testament in the presence of us who at the request of the said Richard Goodall and in his presence have subscribed our names as witnesses thereto the words either out of my real or personal estates and  the words and I do give and devise the same to them accordingly being first interlined - (R/A?) Bond Magdalen Bond Da Webb.

This Will was proved at London before theworshipfull Robert Chapman Doctor of Laws Surrogate to the Right worshipfull John Bettesworth(?) also Doctor of Laws Master Keeper or commissary of the prerogative Court of Canterbury lawfully constitued on the second day of December in the yer of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and fforty six by the oath of Richard Goodall the nephew of the deceased and sole executor in the said will named to whom administration was granted of all and singular the goods chattels and credits of the said deceased being first sworn duly to administor definitive sentence being first pronounced and (?) for the validity of the said will as by the acts of court (?) thereupon appears Ex.



Mary Margaret LYLE


Edward Byers LYLE


Martha Adaline LYLE


Cemira Carolina LYLE

Unmarried. The trials and tribulatios of Reconstruction in SC caused Cemira to lose her sanity and she was admitted as "Simmie Lyles" to the Florida State Hospital, Chattahoochee, FL on August 23, 1901, after commitment by the Court of Alachua County, Gainsville, FL, and there she died.