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KinNextions (Public Version)


Francis MCCALL

                    /Joshua MCCALL
            /Francis MCCALL b: ABT 1710 d: ABT 1794
            |       \Julianna TRUBY
    /Charles MCCALL b: 1732 d: 1814
    |       \Mary HARRIS b: ABT 1710
Francis MCCALL b: 05 AUG 1773 d: 06 OCT 1851
    |       /Robert WILLIAMS
    \Celete Ann WILLIAMS b: 1738 d: 1810
            \Ann BOYKIN


                                   /William PEARCE b: ABT 1631
                            /Stephen PEARCE b: ABT 1664
                    /Stephen PIERCE b: 1707 d: 1816
            /Joshua PEARCE b: 1735 d: 17 APR 1810
            |       \? LANIER b: 1716
    /Joshua PEARCE b: 1764 d: 1835
    |       \Hannah GREEN b: ABT 1735
Sarah PEARCE b: 19 DEC 1789 d: 19 SEP 1840
    \Mary LANIER b: ABT 1768 d: 1820

Elijah, Sr. CARTER

The Valdosta Times - 1889 (Written by Hon. H.D. O'Quin)
"Old Uncle Elijah Carter was a very large, tall, bony man, rather
stoop-shouldered, long arms, large hands and feet, long face, high cheek
bones, small eyes and large ears, andgenerally considered to be the best
man for manhood in the county at the time.  I don't know how many
children he raised; four of his sons, Isaac, John, Elijah and Samuel,
settled in Lowndes County between 1830 and 1840;  all of them raised
large families.  Old Uncle Samuel, now in his 93rd year is still living
on his old place on the east side of Banks Pond.  Old Uncle Elijah's
death was caused by some dogs jerking him backwards off from Phillip
Carter'ssteps, by his coat tail and breaking his back, when in his 103rd
year of age. ... "


Henry H. Baster enlisted at Savannahm GA on 14 Aug 1861 as a private in Capt. George Troup Dunham's "Altamaha Scouts", 25th Georgia Infantry, CSA, and died at home while the company was encamped at St. Savilla on the Altamaha river between Darien and Doctortown, GA.