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Farmer of Holderness, NH


Occupation: Joiner
Note: He was of Durham 1732, Lee 1766, & settled in Gilmanton in 1773 where he had a house on the brook which bears his name later occupied by Gilmanton Academy. He was constable of Durham in 1761. He served in the Crown Point expedition in 1757 in Mooney's company which was at the surrender of Fort William Henry and the subsequent massacre, losing 80 men.


Yeoman, miller

From "Robert Huckins of the Dover Combination..." by Henry HARDON(1913):
Robert HUCKINS doubtless rebuilt the garrison house on or near the old site. In 1701 he had a mill on Huckin's Brook, east of the house. In 1698, as "eldest son and heir of James HUCKINS, the only son and successor of Robert HUCKINS, deceased " he conveyed 6 acres on Cocheco Marsh which had been granted to Robert HUCKINS in 1648 (NH Deeds, Vol. 6, p.206). In 1705,he had administration upon the estate of "Robert HUCKINS, his grandfather" (NH State Papers, Vol.31, p.545). He was successively selectman, assesor, and constable at Dover. His will dated 09 Jan 1719/20 and proved 02 Mar 1719/20, names his wife Welthean and all his children, and his brother-in-law James BUNKER, who had married Anne Thomas, sister of Robert's wife . (NH Probate Records, Vol.6, p.162). The inventory of his estate includes his homestead of 70 acres, 30 acres of woodland, 1/8 of a saw-mill at Webster's Falls, and 4 guns, the total amounting to L606.14.0

Robert Huckins was born on 12 Dec 1672 in Oyster River, New Hampshire (Strafford). He died about Jan 1719. He was a yeoman and miller. Robert was chosen selctman on 17 Apr 1703 and was also chosen assessor and constable. He had a mill on Huckins' brook which empties into the head of Beards' Creek which is the first inlet on the north side of Oyster River below Durham Falls. It is believed that he built a garrison house in the area/ He was baptized during his last sickness on 17 Jan 1719/20. Robert and Welthen raised 10 Children in Oyster River.


                           /Jean or John FERNALD
                    /William FERNALD b: 12 Jun 1574 d: 8 Apr 1665
                    |       \Anietta DECOLIGNY
            /Renald FERNALD b: ABT 1595 d: 6 Oct 1656
            |       |       /Girard ARMAND
            |       \Elizabeth ARMAND
            |               |       /Samuel WASHINGTON
            |               \Elizabeth WASHINGTON
            |                       \Anne DE FRANCIS
    /John FERNALD b: 27 Sep 1642 d: 19 Apr 1687
    |       |       /John WARBURTON Sir
    |       \Joanna WARBURTON b: 1 Feb 1602/1603 d: 10 May 1660
    |               \ MARY
Thomas FERNALD b: 28 Nov 1678 d: AFT 1747
    |       /Thomas SPINNEY b: ABT 1630 d: 31 Aug 1701
    \Mary Norman SPINNEY b: 19 Feb 1655/1656 d: 7 Oct 1700
            |       /Richard RANDALL
            \Margery RANDALL
                    \Elizabeth TOZER


Note: Died at age 64.


Blacksmith of Gilmanton & Lee, NH