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Edward Burns MORGAN

1930 census: WA, Whitman, Rosalia, 4-Apr-1930
Morgan, Ed B.    54, MO, MO, MO
     , Florence 52, England, England, England
     , Albert   20, WA, MO, England
      , Lee      18, WA, MO, England

1920 census: WA, Whitman, Rosalia, 2-Jan-1920
Morgan, Edward B., 48 Kansas, MO, MO
     , Florence   39 England, England, England
     , George E.  12 WA, Kansas, England
     , H. Albert  10 WA, Kansas, England
     , A. Lee      8 WA, Kansas, England

In 1910 Edward B. Morgan is listed as John C. Williams’ stepson in Latah County, ID.

Became deaf as a result of a stroke when he was ~21

Florence May MORTLOCK

She and her husband were deaf.

She came to the US in 1896. Her father came in 1890 and her mother in 1893.

Maiden name is Mortlock according to Baptismal records.

1900 census: WA, Whitman, Rosalia 14-Jun-1900
Lee, Alfred   Oct-1855 44 IL, IN, IN
  , Sarah E. Apr-1859 40 MO, MO, MO
Morgan, Retta (Niece) Mar-1879  21  MO, VA, MO

Name: Florence Morgan
 SSN: 534-30-7930  
 Last Residence: 99012  Fairfield, Spokane, Washington, United States of America
 Born: 9 Jun 1880
 Died: Feb 1974
 State (Year) SSN issued: Washington (Before 1951 )

Brownie Mortlock (family genealogist) bmortlock @ 509-738-6765


Both he and his wife were Lawyers


From the book "OUR SHOEMAKE ROOTS" by Jeanne Waters Strong... FRANCE- "On 26 August 1681 an official list was drawn up of those who were worshipping in Rochechouart. Clovis Palazy, pastor, and Pierre de laChaumette, apothecary, were named along with 41 others, seven of whom were de la Chaumettes. On 20 October 1684 the Edict of Nantes was revoked, resulting in renewed persecution of the Huguenots. Some paid the price of renouncing their faith for the right to remain in their homes. Others chose exile. Pastor Clovis Palazy left for England with a little group in which there were three brothers, members of the de la Chaumette family. Nothing more was ever heard from them."

VIRGINIA- The Stafford County Quit Rent Roll of 1723 lists John de la Shoemake, 200 acres, rent "not demanded." The Register of Overwharton Parish (1723-58); Included among the "Tenders of Tobacco" were John Shumate, 7372 plants, Samuel Shumate, age 14, Daniel Shumate, age 12, and John Shumate, Jr., 4120 plants. Shortly after Jean and his three sons arrived at Elk Run, he bought a tavern, the site of which is said to be in the rear and adjacent to the present store building at Elk Run. One night Jean was alone in the tavern when a highwayman came in and demanded money. Jean refused and the highwayman killed him. Elk Run was taken in by Prince William County from Stafford County in 1730. In 1732 a group of turbulent planters revolted against the tobacco laws. John Shuemack was among the petitioners who asked for a pardon for their offenses in the uprising. Was this JohnShuemack, Jean de la Chaumette or his son John de la Shumate, Sr.?

Major James WARREN

Most of the material listed here is the product of 16 years of research by Diane Jones.
See Descendants of Maj. James Warren by Diane Jones
Also see Warren Family Resource by Diane Jones

The Warrens had 10 children:
William, Sally, Joseph, Darling, Abner C., Sophia, James Jr., Clarissa, Benjamin and Charles F.

Maj. James and Sarah were both living in Scarborough when they were married in Gorham, Maine on May 25, 1794. Between 1832 and 1835 they bought the old Charles Place on the Baldwin/Steep Falls (Standish, Maine) line. Here they lived and the next 3 generations also occupied the homestead.

Major James Warren and his wife, Sarah, are buried in the Steep Falls Cemetery, Steep Falls, Maine.  Their gravestones are gray slate and are among the earliest stones in the cemetery.

There is a War of 1812 marker beside his gravestone.  (This was here in 1999)

In Albert J. Sears' book, THE FOUNDING OF PEARSONTOWN, (STANDISH, MAINE), the Warren name is a familiar one for Steep Falls.  The father, Mr. James Warren, was a blacksmith and came to Standish from Buxton in 1832-35 and bought the Charles place near the Baldwin line and a half mile above Steep Falls.  Here he died.  He was a good blacksmith, could shoe horses well and had a good patronage--he carried on his farm besides.  His sons were Abner Chase, James, Darling H., and Charles, besides two daughters who were the wives of Capt. James Foss and Andrew (Albert?) Bradbury.  They all settled at Steep Falls.  All remained there but Mrs. Bradbury who went to Gorham.  (The Warren family Bible lists two more sons, William and Joseph and one more daughter.)

Major James Warren Gravestone

Gravestone at beside the Steep Falls Cemetery, Steep Falls, Cumberland, ME

Photo courtesy of Diane Warren Jones

Census Records

1850 census: ME, Cumberland, Standish, 29-Jul-1850
Warren, James 78 Blacksmith
     , James 43 Farmer
     , Sally 32
     , Benjamin 12
     , Franklin  8
     , Jerome    2

Warren, Darling H.  49 Blacksmith
     , Sarah W.    43
     , Elizabeth H. 9

Warren, Charles F. 37 Millman

1830 census: ME, York, Buxton
                  m:<5 <10 <15 <20 <30 <40 <50 <60 <70 <80 <90 <100 >100
                  f:<5 <10 <15 <20 <30 <40 <50 <60 <70 <80 <90 <100 >100
Warren, James       0   0   0   2   1   0   0   1
                   0   0   0   0   0   1   0   1

Millikin, Benjamin  0   0   0   0   2
                   0   0   0   0   1

Warren, Darling H.  0   0   0   0   1
                   0   0   0   0   1

Warren, Benjamin    0   0   0   0   0  0   0   0   1
                   0   0   0   0   0  0   0   0   1

1820 census: ME, York, Buxton
                   m:<10 10-15  16-18  16-25  26-44 >=45  f: <10 10-15  16-25  26-44 >=45
Warren, Maj. James     2    1      0      3      2    1        0   1      2      0     1  
Warren, Benjamin                                      1        0   0      2      1     1

Note by Mike Chapman: I believe that Major James Warren is related to the family of James Warren and Elizabeth Hasty for the following reasons:
1) James Warren and Elizabeth Hasty had a daughter Mary Warren who married Darling Huntress. Major James Warren named one of his sons Darling H. Warren
2) Major James Warren seems to be related in some way to Benjamin and Samuel Warren, both of whom are children of James Warren and Elizabeth Hasty.


Sarah MILLIKEN Warren Gravestone

Gravestone at beside the Steep Falls Cemetery, Steep Falls, Cumberland, ME

Photo courtesy of Diane Warren Jones

Charles F. WARREN

Charles F. Warren Gravestone

Gravestone at beside the Steep Falls Cemetery, Steep Falls, Cumberland, ME

Photo courtesy of Diane Warren Jones

Abner Chase WARREN

The descendants of Abner C. Warren were originally identified by Diane Jones at Descendants of Maj. James Warren

Abner Chase Warren Gravestone

Gravestone at Steep Falls Cemetery, Steep Falls, Cumberland, ME

Photo courtesy of Diane Warren Jones

Census info
1860 Census, Limington, York, Me:
Abner C. Warren, 57, Farmer, $2000, $372, Me
Zylpah, 57, Me
Sarah J, 32, Seamstress, NH
Richard, 21, Farmer, Me
Henry A, 25, Mason, Me
George W, 19, Me
Charles F, 15, Me

Zylpha P. DYER

Zilpha DYER Warren Gravestone

Gravestone at beside the Steep Falls Cemetery, Steep Falls, Cumberland, ME

Photo courtesy of Diane Warren Jones


John W. Warren Gravestone

Gravestone at beside the Steep Falls Cemetery, Steep Falls, Cumberland, ME

Photo courtesy of Diane Warren Jones

Sarah Jane WARREN

Sarah was living in Standish in 1850. (Early Families of Limington, Maine by Robert L. Taylor)

George W. WARREN


George Warren, the son of Abner C. and Zylphia P. (Dyer) Warren and was born in Steep Falls, March 1840 died May 26, 1912 after a long and severe illness. He had always lived at Steep Falls with the exception of a short time, when he was in Gorham, Maine and Bartlett, NH. He was united in marriage May 5, 1866 with Olive Frances Boothby. Mr. Warren enlisted at Cornish, September 16, 1866, with Ansel G. Maron as captain and he served 3 years in the Civil War in the Ninth Maine Regiment, Co. E and he was  in active service at Hilton Head, N. C. Nov 7, 1861, Fernandia, Florida, May 1, 1862 Morrise Island, July 10, 1863 assault on Fort Wagner, September 7  at Green Plain, Va, May 7, 1864, Cold Harbor, Va.June 1-2 1864 Heights of  ? June 20, 1864 assault on Cemetery Hill, July 30, 1864 and Deep Gull, Va. Aug 16-17, 1864.

The funeral of Mr. Warren was held at his late home on Tuesday, May 28, Luther D. Tibbetts pastor of the Free Baptist Church officiated. The pall bearers were William Bean, Charles Bean, Edward Gilman and Frank O. Paine. The burial took place at the family lot at the Steep Falls Cemetery.

There were some beautiful flowers, among which was a large piece of pinks from the family and a wreath from the Charles A. Warren Post, of which society and deceased was a member.

The deceased is survived by his widow and one daughter, Mrs. Alice Howe of Steep Falls, also a daughter Mrs. Almedia Gilman of Westbrook and three brothers, Charles F., Manchester, NH, Henry A. Conway, NH and Richard D. of Steep Falls.

Those present at the services from out of town were Mr. & Mrs. Edward Gilman, Miss Manola Gilman, Miss Nanette Howe and George Gilman, Westbrook: Mr & Mrs. Rooy Rand Richville; William Bean, Freyeburg and Charles Bean of Hiram.

Joseph Wyman WARREN

Harrington Citizen: 5-22-1936
"J W Warren, who has been ill in bed for a number of months, developed pneumonia, Sunday. By Wednesday he was better."

Citizen-9 Sept 1938
Warren, Joseph W (Hillcrest Cemetery Blk 2 Lot 52)
Death came as a welcome relief to this sufferer who was stricken on July 27, 1934, with a stroke of apoplexy; Joseph W Warren passed away Monday Sept 5, 1938. Joseph W Warren was born Apr 20, 1886 [this appears to be a transposition error. Acutal birth year is 1868. jmc] in Iowa and came with his parents to Sultan, WA, where he worked in his father's drug store, Dr B F Warren. Here he married Miss Jessie Tiffney and came to eastern WA the following year. Sixteen years ago they came from the farm near Rocklyn to Harrington, and in recent years have conducted the Cozy Apartments. Surviving Mr Warren are his widower; one son Russell; and one sister-in-law, Mrs Mary Warren of Vay ID.
Hillcrest Cemetery web site

Rocklyn is a district outside of Harrington, often called the Zione district, Rocklyn is a bit north of Zion. Early 1900's had a mercantile store and PO, don't know that it ever had much more than a basic merc. store, several elevators and the PO. Rocklyn is in Lincoln Co, and had census for the early years on separate sheet from the individual towns. Rocklyn as we refer to it here, is applied also to the Zion district, which is closer to Harrington, but Rocklyn proper was closer to Davenport than to Harrington. One elevator still standing, most of the old bldgs gone, think the last resident there finally died, but several newer places nearby that keep life alive there..... but no business in that area, all farming. (info supplied by Marge Womach)

H. Citizen: 30 Sept 1938
A petition for the probate of the will of Joseph W Warren was filed in superior court at Davenport last week Wednesday. Mrs Warren, his widow, is named as executrix, and she and a son Roswell of Rocklyn are the heirs."  
(probate files are available via Lincoln Co Superior court clerk, they are on microfilm, available to the public, but if they do the file, they copy all the file, and charge, I believe, $1 per page; perhaps the rules are different now, there is a new clerk. Perhaps they will scan thru it and take specific pages.)

1900 census: WA, Spokane, Silver Lake district
Warren, Joseph W head, Apr 1867, 33, marr. 7 yrs, b. Iowa, NH, NY  farmer
Warren, Jessie L wife, May 1876, 24, 7 rs, 1 child, NE, NY, NY
Warren, Roswell, son, Aug 1895? / 5 yr, b. WA, IA, NE

1910 census: WA, Lincoln, Welch crk pct
Warren, Joseph W. 42 NE
     , Jessie    32 NE

1920 census: Telford, Lincoln, WA
Warren, Joseph W. 52  Iowa, New hampshire, New York
     , Jesse     42  Ne, NY, NY
Warren, Roswell   24
     , Emma      19

1930 census: WA, Lincoln, Harrington, 7-Apr-1930
Warren, Joseph W. 63 Dakota, US, US married at 26
     , Jessie L  54 NE, NY, NY

Jessie Luzze TIFFANY

Mrs Jessie Luzze Warren, 75, of Route One, Lake Stevens, died July 8 in Snohomish. She was born May 21, 1874 in Seward County, NE, and went to Sultan where she was raised and spent most of her life. She went to Lake Stevens from Lake City, five months ago. Mrs Warren is survived by one son, Roswell Leland Warren, Lake Stevens, and one brother, Charles Tiffany, of Sultan. Funeral services were held Wednesday in Sultan. Interment to be held Thursday in Harrington, WA.-Snohomish County Tribune. July 14, 1949. Mrs Warren resided at Harrington for a number of years, where she and her husband owned the Cozy Apartments. A few years after the death of her husband, she traded her local property for holdings on the Coast. (Citizen-22 July 1949)

Hillcrest Cemetery web site

15 Sept 1939-Citizen
"Mrs Warren Buys Dairy Farm Near Oregon Coast. Mrs J W Warren returned to Harriington last week Wednesday from a trip to Oregon and California. She reports that she has purchased a dairy farm in the Grand Ronde valley near Willamina, Oregon (67 miles west of Portland and 20 miles from the coast). Mrs Warren’s son, Roswell, and his daughters, Lenora and Maxine, remained at the ranch, and Mr Warren’s sons, Leland and Clinton, will go there soon. Mrs Warren is enthusiastic in her description of the new location. She says there is a nice house on the farm, good barns and electricity. She was relieved of the hay fever while there. Mrs Warren recently sold her farm in the Rocklyn district, and as soon as she sells the Cozy Apartments, she plans to leave for Oregon."