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CENSUS: 1880 Pierce Co, GA Census, #590
Isham Crews  H, M, W, 27, GA
Kizzie       W, F, W, 24, GA
James        S, M, W,  3, GA
John         S, M, W, 5/12, GA

CENSUS: 1900 Pierce Co, GA census, Schlatterville
Crews, Isham      48, M, 2yrs, GA
      Jane B.    22, M, 2 years, no children, GA
      James B.   22
      John B.    20
      Dorotha    18
      Lynnia     17
      Hattie M.  16
      Lizzie M.  10
      Sabra K.    6
All born in GA

CENSUS: 1910 Pierce Co, GA Census, Blackshear
Crews, Isham     H, M, 56, M2, 11, GA
      Missouri  W, F, 50, M1, 11, GA
      Sabra     D, F, 16, GA

CENSUS: 1920 Pierce Co, GA Census, Blackshear
Crews, Isham     - H, M, W, 68, M, GA
      Missouri  - W, F, W, 60, M, GA

Sabre Kesiah JOHNS

INFORMATION: Discovered that Keziah's full name on the Cemetery info for Mars Hill Cemeter on the Brantley Co, GA Cemetery information page.


INFORMATION: Thinks that John Crews married Eliza Woodward, but not sure.

Bryant B. JOHNS

Bryant B. Johns, b. 26 Dec 1860, d. 25 Sep 1934, parents, James B. Johns and Keziah Kelly Johns, wife, Harriet "Hattie" Floyd Johns, Buried, Bethlehem Cemetery (near Hickox in Brantley Co, GA)
(this info in Cemetery Book)

Recollection by Dorothy Johns Thomas on April 9, 2003:
Now I will tell you what I know and remember about the family. I am 76, born in 1927, but when I was a child, Bryant and Hattie used to visit my grandparents. The farms were about a mile and half apart.  They always came for meals and didn't use forks, but ate with table knives. They lived with their son Dillworth Lovejoy "Dillie" Johns and his wife, Minnie Hickox Johns.  Dillie and Minnie has a lot of children, don't remember how many, but times were hard and my father told me years later that the reason Bryant and Hattie came to eat so much was so the family at home would have more. They lived in a small farm.  My father also said that then they didn't have a stove, but cooked on the fireplace.  Their place was about a half mile from the cemetery.

I should also mention that back in the oldest part of this cemetery there were a lot of stake markers that have deteoriated and we have lost a lot of history and a lot of names.

I think it was sometime in the 1940s that Dillie's family moved to Florida and I think that they all turned out well and prospered. I believe that the sons have all died, but two daughters are still living,  Nora and Mary Jane, but don't know their married names nor exactly where they live.  I believe all the sons have been brought back to Bethlehem for burial. Dillie had brothers, Sam and James Flemon, and there may have been more. Sam never married and died in a mental institution and Flemon married Mary Thrift. I may be kin to this part of the Johns family some generations back, but don't know the connection.

Dorothy Johns Thomas [email protected]

The Johns household #306 in 1870 Wayne, GA census is very close the to Harris household #314.

Samuel B. JOHNS

Never married.

Sam B. Johns had taken to his bed with a very high fever. While sick his Mother Hattie Floyd Johns and his brother Fredrick Johns were attempting to give Sam some meds left for him by the local doctor at that time. Sam was so racked with the fever and then much so out of his head, that he thought that his mother and brother were both trying to kill him. Laying on a bedside table was a knife. Why this knife was there no one knows. Sam managed to get hold of this knife and he ended up stabbing his brother Fredrick in the back with it and nearly killing him. The local police hauled off Sam to Jail. It did not take them long to figure out, as the family had tried to tell them, that Sam was very sick. They released him back to the family to go home. Sam lived through the fever, but never was "quite right in the head" after that.

Martha Maltilda HARRIS

1900 census: GA, Wayne, Nahunta, 13-Jun-1900

1910 census: GA, Wayne, 1565 mi. dist., Hickox, 15-apr-1910

1920 census: GA, Wayne, 1565 district, Hickox, 21-Jan-1920

Charles A. WEBER

Name:    Charles A. Weber
 SSN:    548-26-1842  
 Last Residence:    91354  Valencia, Los Angeles, California, United States of America
 Born:    22 Jun 1920
 Died:    3 Aug 2003
 State (Year) SSN issued:    California (Before 1951 )


From Mary Ruth CHAPMAN Parker:
Alice STOKES Weber was daughter of Nora HARRIS Stokes Polk

Alice never used the last name of Stokes and always went by Harris until married.

Father may be a HICKS.

Name:    Alice G. Weber
 SSN:    255-12-9726  
 Last Residence:    91354  Valencia, Los Angeles, California
 Born:    5 Mar 1922
 Died:    21 Aug 2004
 State (Year) SSN issued:    Georgia (Before 1951 )

Rev. Joshua A. HARPER

1900 Ga Census, Wayne, ED#94 pg 3

1860 Wayne Co. Waynesville P.O. page 323.