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Lewis Wiseman was a farmer in the "Fountain" community west of
His farm was near the big spring where William Henry Harrison
once operated a
grist mill.  He was a "crack" shot with a rifle and loved to
hunt.  At one
time he owned a greyhound dog that caught a deer as it
attempted to jump a
rail fence.  Lewis attended Louden's Chapel Church at Moberly.
He taught his
children to sing and they became a famous singing group.
Three sons of Lewis were soldiers in the Civil War; Philip,
Joseph and
George P.R.  Lewis was buried in the Pitman family cemetery.


William and Mary were farmers, living in Heath Township near
Central, IN.
They both died while in their 30's thus making orphan their
six children.
Joseph DENBO became guardian of Robert and Joseph and George
CONRAD became
gurdian of Henry, Lewis, Joel and Mary (Polly) Ann. All the
children were born
near Central.


Birthplace and origin in question

Elizabeth QUADLING

Or it could be Sarah???

She did die before 1716