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The following (admittedly slim) documentation on Fannie's maiden name is contained on a note in an old letter:

"Christian Core and Fannie Sparling Core was (sic) Mother's Grandparents or my great grand parents. Chiristian Core came from Germany. Fannie Sparling Core was from Holland. Was 15 kids in that family 13 boys & 2 girls."

This letter dates from the late 1800s and there is no reason to suspect that it is inaccurate. Given Christian Core having lived in Washington County, Maryland, this suggests that Fannie is a daughter of Andrew Sparlin -- there seems to have been no other family of that name in Washington County at the time.



The following is taken from this Reference.

   William Hunt lived in Amwell Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania in 1820, along with nine children (two boys under 10, one boy between 10 and 16, four girls under 10, one girl between 10 and 16, and one girl between 16 and 25), and a woman between the ages of 26 and 45 -- presumably his wife, Sarah (Sparlin) Hunt. At the same time, a Sarah Sparlin is shown as a head of family, aged over 45 years, living in Morgan Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania, along with three children (one boy under 10, one girl under 10, and one girl between 10 and 16). Perhaps not coincidentally, this Sarah is shown as living next to William Hunt's father, Daniel Hunt, and his brother, John Hunt; I strongly suspect that this Sarah Sparlin is Sarah (Sparlin) Hunt's widowed mother.

   The identity of the children is unknown. They may be the younger children of Sarah (___) Sparlin, and thus the siblings of Sarah (Sparlin) Hunt, although they seem a little young for that. They may be children of a deceased relative, for whom she was caring.

   Another suggestive piece of information is that there was an Andrew "Sparland" enumerated as a head of family in Morgan Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania on the 1810 census. It seems likely that this was Sarah (Sparlin) Hunt's father, and the husband of the Sarah Sparlin who shows up on the 1820 census. If that is the case, then Andrew died prior to 1820. One piece of (admittedly circumstantial) evidence supporting this is that William and Sarah (Sparlin) Hunt named one of their children Andrew D. Hunt. There is an Andrew "Sparling" on the 1790 census of Washington County, Maryland, who may be the same man.

   However that may be, Sarah (___) Sparlin is not on the 1830 census as a head of family, and it is to be presumed that she had died by that time. William Hunt is shown in Amwell Township (Washington County) as living with a woman 40-50 (his wife Sarah) and nine children.

   Sarah is shown as being born in Maryland in the 1850 and 1870 censuses. In the 1850 census she was living in Washington Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania, with her (second) husband Benjamin Huffman and two of Benjamin's grandchildren, Mary and James (children of Benjamin's son Benjamin Huffman Jr.). She was said to be 65 at the time. They lived next to Sarah's son, John Hunt, John's wife Clarinda Bristor, and their four eldest children, William, Mary, James, and George. By the 1870 census Sarah was widowed (again), and living in Center Township with her daughter (or stepdaughter) Sarah (Hunt) Huffman, who herself was a widow. At that time she was said to be 80 years old, and once again her birthplace is listed as Maryland.

   By the 1880 census she seems to have died; John Hunt states that his father was born in New Jersey and his mother in Pennsylvania. This contradicts the 1850 and 1870 censuses, but it is possible that John did not know that his mother was not born in Pennsylvania.

   There was a John Sparlin, b. ca. 1774 in Maryland, who married Nancy Parsons, daughter of Baldwin Parsons of Washington County, Pennsylvania. John and Nancy ended up in Ohio. It seems likely, given that families usually traveled together, that Sarah (Sparlin) Hunt and John Sparlin were related -- perhaps siblings. This is given further credence by the fact that their eldest child (born in Ohio in 1805) was named Andrew Sparlin.

   The Sparlin, Sperlin, and Sparling families all seem to descend from a single man, a German named Steuffel von Speurling who settled in County Limerick, Ireland in the early 1600s. In his descendants the name underwent various transformations -- Sparling seems to be the most common. However, Sarah's connection to this family is as yet undetermined.


Thomas Parsons, a prominent citizen who lived near Moorefield, listened to Howell's tales of a beautiful valley he had passed through and decided to see it for himself. In about 1773, he traveled over the mountains and visited the present site of Tucker County. After claiming the land, his two sons, Thomas, Jr. (1730-1804) and James (1740-1813), moved to the present county in 1774. In March 1774, John Minear (1732-1781) and about a dozen families also moved into the present county, near St. George. However, that summer Lord Dunmore's War broke out and, fearing for their lives, all of the settlers abandoned the county for nearly two years, returning in even larger numbers in 1776.

From Early History of Tucker County
In 1762, James Parsons, son of Thomas, was captured by Indians in Hardy County and taken captive to Ohio. He escaped and made his way across present-day Tucker County to reach his home. Seven years later, in 1769, he returned to the county with his older brother Thomas and built a temporary cabin just north of present-day St. George. They used the cabin as a second home, frequently traveling back-and-forth across the mountains. The next Englishmen to set foot in the county were probably Samuel and John Pringle, deserters from Fort Pitt, and a trapper named John Simpson. They passed through the county in 1764 or 1765.

Thomas Parsons died between 27 May 1771 and 10 Mar 1772 His will was dated 27 May 1771 and recorded 10 Mar 1772. He devises to his sons Isaac and Baldwin, the land near Romney, bought of Luke Collins, and directs that Nathaniel Kuxandall, John Foreman and William Foreman shall divide it between the two, said Baldwin not being 21 years of age. Then he gives one hundred pounds in money to Elizabeth Heinsman, widow of Dr. Heinsman, then he directs a tract of land of 200 acres on Mill Creek, another tract on Michael Sees Run (they were in what is now Hardy and Grant Counties) another tract on Lear Coat Creek (is now Hampshire County) to be sold, and the proceeds of such sale, to be divided between his sons Thomas, James, Isaac and Baldwin, and his daughters Prudence and Arness. He also directs his personal property, including negroes, to be sold and the proceeds of such sale, and of all moneys, bonds, notes and accounts to be divided between his said children. He then devises to his sons-in-law William Welton and Robert Cunningham, 290 acres of land on North Mill Creek, adjoining the upper tract, now in Pendleton County.

The signature to his will indicates that at its date (May 27, 1771) he must have been a very old man, as it is written in very large tremulous letters.

Will names the following children:
Thomas Parsons married Mary Rennick, Miss Thomas, and Alsia Miles.
James Parsons married Elizabeth --- and Rebecca Simps.
Isaac Parsons, b. 1752, m. Mary E. Gregg.
Baldwn Parsons married Rachel.
Prudence Parsons m. Robert Cunningham.
Arness (Ann) Parsons m. William Welton

PARSONS Family of the South Branch of the Potomac and Cheat River VA/WV. Thomas and Parthenia (BALDWIN/BOYLDWIN) PARSONS. Earliest proven land record is dated 1753 when Thomas was named executor of the will for one Daniel Richardson. Thomas owned land which later was separated by the division of Hardy and Hampshire County WV. Known children: Isaac PARSONS who married Mary Ellender GREGG, Baldwin PARSONS who married Rachel PARK/PARKS, Arness PARSONS who married William WELTON, Prudence PARSONS who married Robert CUNNINGHAM, Thomas Jr. who married Mary Ann RENNICK-Hannah THOMAS-Alsia MILES, an alleged daughter that has not been proven is Elizabeth who was the widow of Dr. Henry HEINZMAN/HINDSMAN.

Baldwin and Isaac are both shown to be born in 1752. Parthenia Baldwin Parsons was 55 years old in 1752, if her birthdate of 1697 is correct. If Baldwin and Isaac are sons of Thomas Parsons, Sr. perhaps they are from a second marriage?
Thomas Parsons will leaves property to sons Isaac and Baldwin.

Records concerning Thomas Parsons

"Chronicles of the Scoth Irish Settlement in Virginia" Extracted from the original court records of Augusta County Virginia 1745-1800 By Lyman Chalkley:
Goff vs Fisher: Isaac Booth deposes March 1803 in West Augusta, that John and Saliel Goff were the first to imporve the land of Thomas Parsons on Cheat River, now generally known as Sim's Bottom and formerly called Cearl's bottom. James Goff, son of John Goff. John improved the land in 1773 and John and Saliel improved it in 1774.

21 Aug 1760 James Trimble and Sarah to Thomas Parsons of Hampshire County Virginia 15 pounds, 200 acres of South Branch Potomac.

Is father William Parson from England?

from JoAnn Smith (1982): ". . . . there is a book called "Parsons Family History" by Virginia Parsons McCabe--that starts with Thomas Parsons Sr. He was in Hampshire County Virginia as early as 1761 at least. He was son of William Parsons who settled on the eastern shore of Maryland in 1725. William was of English descent and was a descendant of the Parsons brothers who came from England to America in 1635. There is a 3 volume set of Parsons History which I have seen but it does not indicate for certain William's ancestors."

Captain William Parsons enlisted in 6th Maryland regiment of the Continental army who was reported missing in action on April 20, 1777. He died 1778 as shown in "Daughters of American Colonists Lineage Book." His brother, John Parsons, was kiled in action, Aug 16, 1780.

The Jackson county family, it is claimed, are the direct descendants of Captain William Parsons, listed above, who was a resident of Queen Anne's, later Baltimore County, Maryland. He had at least 3 sons who later made their homes in what is now West Virginia..Charles, Thomas, and Joseph.

Captain William Parsons came to the eastern shore of Maryland from Prussia about 1725. He was major lst battalion of Pa. regiment in French and Indian wars 1756-1760. His service record is in Division of Archives and Manuscripts, Pa. Historical Commission Museum Harrisburg. Wm. Parsons shown in book "Early Colonist of Maryland" as coming to Maryland in 1723.

Or is father Thomas Parson from PA?

Following history on the Parsons family from
Thomas Parsons, son of Thomas and Jane (Culling) Parsons, born in Philadelphia about 1688, resided in the vicinity of Philadelphia until after the death of his father, and then removed to Virginia. He was named Executor of his father's will but was absent at the time of proof, June 17, 1721. He was devised by the will, the mill property in Oxford Township, but his father conveyed the estate after the date of the will. His three children were baptized at Abington Presbyterian Church, the last one on September 8, 1722.

Other clues to ancestry
He and his brother Captain James were the first explorers of Randolph County W. VA. where they pre-empted the Horse Shoe lands in 1770.

Family Reunions
Katherine Ray is the Parsons Family Association Historian, for the Parsons Family of the South Branch of the Potomac and Cheat River VA/WV. The 90th family reunion was held 16-AUG-1997 at the Horse Shoe Run Park, Tucker Co WV.

Parthenia BALDWIN

I suspect Thomas was married twice. His first wife probably died shortly after 1740. Thomas then married Parthenia Parsons who had children Isaac and Baldwin. The name Parthenia shows up time and again in the offspring of Issac and Baldwin and for no other children of Thomas. On the other hand, the name of Jemima shows up several times for the offspring of Prudence. As such, the first wife may have been Jemima.

Parthenia's date of birth is assumed to be [1722-1732] based upon the age of her known children Isaac and Baldwin.

William PECK

This family may have gone to Montgomery Co, OH and then on to Muscatine Co, IA