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KinNextions (Public Version)


David Chapman MARTIN

Name:    David C. Martin
 SSN:    255-10-6192  
 Last Residence:    31720  Barwick, Brooks, Georgia, United States of America
 Born:    16 Nov 1914
 Last Benefit:    31720  Barwick, Brooks, Georgia, United States of America
 Died:    6 Oct 1994
 State (Year) SSN issued:    Georgia (Before 1951 )



Enid Evelyn CHAPMAN

Name:    Enid C. Byers
 SSN:    255-05-8344  
 Last Residence:    31525  Brunswick, Glynn, Georgia, United States of America
 Born:    26 Sep 1914
 Died:    27 Oct 1998
 State (Year) SSN issued:    Georgia (Before 1951 )

Lois Annie STONE


Martha Louise (Mattie) CHAPMAN


Frances ROLLS

Name:    Frances R. Mott
 SSN:    721-12-6585  
 Last Residence:    20716  Bowie, Prince Georges, Maryland, United States of America
 Born:    8 Oct 1908
 Died:    1 Dec 1996
 State (Year) SSN issued:    Railroad Board (Issued Through) (Before 1951 )

George Marcus ROLLS

His widow married his brother. Hattie source, 6/26/1988

Kenneth Elijah HOLLOWAY


Frances Mae (Faye) BANKS

Name:    Faye B. Holloway
 SSN:    258-44-4295  
 Last Residence:    31792  Thomasville, Thomas, Georgia, United States of America
 Born:    11 Aug 1901
 Died:    Mar 1994
 State (Year) SSN issued:    Georgia (Before 1951 )

Dr. Wade Chapman HOLLOWAY



Name:    Kathryn D. Holloway
 SSN:    259-58-9324  
 Last Residence:    31757  Thomasville, Thomas, Georgia, United States of America
 Born:    10 Jun 1903
 Died:    6 Apr 2001
 State (Year) SSN issued:    Georgia (1955 )



Jasper Newton PARKER

Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia.
Jasper Newton Parker was born on September 17, 1841 in Liberty County, now Long County, Georgia. He was the son of George Washington and Asenath "Sena" (Baxter) Parker. He was married to Sarah Ann Harriet Strickland of Liberty County, Georgia on May 15, 1878 and divorced on November 16, 1880. He was then married to Mildred Claudia Stephenson on May 31, 1885, in Bradford County, Florida by Reverend Ben Moseley. Mildred was born on February 19, 1855 near Hickory Grove, York District (County) South Carolina. She was a daughter of Samuel T. Stephenson, CSA (1825-1875) and Elizabeth Narcissa Lyle (1827-1861).

Claudia and Jasper met in LaCrosse, Alachua County, Florida. They supposedly married and lived there until after the birth of their first child. They moved to Georgia in and were on the train the night Charleston was almost destroyed by a great earthquake. The car they were riding in was badly shaken. They lived on the old Washington Parker's place for 30 years. After Jasper's death on February 16, 1917, Claudia went to live with her son, Daniel Scott. When Claudia, affectionately known as "Cousin Claudi'', died on September 30, 1930, she was buried, as was her husband, in the Jones Creek Baptist Church Cemetery in Long County. She was united with this church on December 26, 1886, by letter from the Bradford Baptist Church of Bradford County, Florida.

George Washington PARKER

Source: A History of Jones Creek Baptist Church, Long County, 1810-2000, by Elmer Oris Parker

George Washington Parker had two daughters who were "light foot Baptists," addicted to dancing, and when the eminent divine Dr. Daniell failed to convince one of them of its evil nature, the church relented and dropped the charge.

When Jasper Newton Parker, another of his children, went to LaCrosse, Florida, to build a home for his first cousin, Henry Clay, son of Richard, he brought back Henry's sister-in-law as his wife, a fine specimen of Christian womanhood. Claudia Stephenson came from old Scotch-Irish Presbyterian families who were among the first settlers of present York and Chester Counties in South Carolina. Her grandfather, Rev. James Lyle, was the last Associate Presbyterian minister in the State. One of her great-grandfathers, Capt. William Byers, was a member of the Provincial Congress, and another, Lt. Robert Walker, was a hero of the Battle of King's Mountain. Her uncle, Capt. J. Banks Lyle, was the "Forgotten Hero of the Confederacy," having captured over 600 federals during the last great assault on Richmond.

One of the most touching experiences of the life of Elmer Oris parker was her deathbed scene. In his words, "I, along with other members of the family was taken to her bedside for the farewell, and she was perfectly conscious, telling each of us good-bye. Everyone was crying and she said, "Don't cry; this is the happiest day of my life; don't you see, the angels have come for me and already are here in the room." She lay back on the pillow and was gone. I look forward to seeing her again one day."

Arsenath BAXTER

Also have birth in Jackson Co., FL

Laura Ann PARKER