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Mary Catherine Elizabeth CHAPMAN

CENSUS YEAR: 1920    STATE: GA   COUNTY: Liberty    TOWNSHIP: 24th GM
District    INCORP-PLACE: Ludowici Town    MICROFILM#: T625-266
ENUM/DATE-RANGE: 5-13 January, 1920

Pg. 79A, Line:36, ED:127, SH#: 13A, Street: Darien Road, DW#:47, FM#:47
(1)   (2)              (3)   (4)  (5) (6) (7)  (8) (9)(10) (11)(12)(13) (14) (15)
Delk  Katie           Head    R    F   W  44  Wd  Y    Y    Ga  Ga  Ga Y  None
Delk Nellie May        dau         F   W  19   S  Y    Y    Ga  Ga  Ga Y  None
Delk George            son         M   W  16   S  Y    Y    Ga  Ga  Ga Y  None                                      
Delk Sallie Wynn       dau         F   W  13   S  Y    Y    Ga  Ga  Ga Y  None
Delk  Arthur           son         M   W  08   S  .    .    Ga  Ga  Ga    None
1=surname, 2=name, 3=relationship, 4=R-O, 5=sex, 6=race; 7=age,8=marital status,
9=can read, 10=can write, 11=birth place, 12= fathers birth place, 13=mothers birth place,
14= speaks english, 15=trade



Horace Francis CHAPMAN

Seven Grandchildren and six Great Grandchildren from letter of Lamar Chapman dated 6/16/1988.


Dates from obituary in Ludowici News, 9/3/1981.

Earl Wilkinson CHAPMAN

Died as child.  Source Hattie, 6/26/1988.

Died as result of eating blackberrys poisoned by tobacco dust. Source Mildred Hall, 7/16/1989.

John Futch CHAPMAN

Killed on Railroad.  Source Mildred Hall, 7/16/1989.

Martha Julia MILLS

Married John Futch Chapman in 1915.  He was killed on the Raliroad in 1918.  They had one child, Allene Atwood, who was raised in Barwick, Brooks County by her mother and stepfather.  She now lives in Stone Mountain, Georgia. After her husband died she married James Elijah Chapman whose first wife, Betty Selph had died.  Mattie and Jim had no children. From letter of Lamar Chapman dated 6/16/1988.

Glennis Anne BAGLEY

Died as a child

Tallie Christine CHAPMAN

Tallie Christine Chapman Walker was the mother of one daughter.  She was married to Reuben King Walker.  Mr. Walker was a widower when he was married to Tallie.  He was related to families that did much in the development of coastal Georgia. He was interested in the development of railroads, and engaged for many years in the export of lumber.

John Taylor CHAPMAN

John Taylor Chapman was married to Miss Mary Reppard.  She was a daughter of Harry and ----- Norman Reppard.  Her maternal grandfather came from Germantown, Pa.  He was a pioneer in the lumber business.  He received a patent for an invention for a sawmill.  He also became a prominent Savannah lawyer.  Mrs. Chapman was descended from and related to many of the families of the old Midway Community in Liberty County, Ga.

John Taylor CHAPMAN Jr.



Name:    Rosalie Curry
 SSN:    242-70-6289  
 Last Residence:    27889  Washington, Beaufort, North Carolina, United States of America
 Born:    21 Jul 1906
 Died:    Jul 1983
 State (Year) SSN issued:    North Carolina (1961 )

Christina CHAPMAN


Thomas Fletcher CHAPMAN

Thomas Fletcher Chapman was a railroad man for several years - starting as a section laborer and advancing to a foreman of a bridge crew and later to a pile driver foreman.  He was sixteen years Sheriff of Long County.  His wife was Clifford Theus, daughter of George and Mary Chapman Theus.  She was the mother of two children.


Married [at least] 3 times.