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John Jackson BAXTER

                            /Israel BAXTER b: Abt 1705 d: Abt 1765
                    /Theophilus BAXTER b: Abt 1735
            /Israel BAXTER b: Abt 1762 d: Abt 1835
    /Stephen Honeycutt, Sr. BAXTER b: Abt 1783 d: 1866
John BAXTER b: 1818
    |               /Jacob CARTER
    |       /George CARTER b: 1742 d: 1822
    \Rebecca CARTER b: 1792


Child and mother appearently died in childbirth.

William Francis CHAPMAN

William Francis, my grandfather, was born August 2, 1855.  He married Cornelia Angeline (Katy) Deloach, daughter of Joshua and Margaret Hagan Deloach, May 15, 1889.  The couple had the nine children listed below and following Katy's death he married Lelia Lister Long.

"Bill Frank" lived in the Jones Creek community until after the death of his first wife.  He then built a house in Ludowici where he lived until his death.  This is the house I grew up in.  He and his wives are buried in the Jones Creek cemetery.

When the GC&P RR came through his property, he built a station and served as stationmaster and post master of the "Wifani"* station.  When he moved to Ludowici he disassembled the station and rebuilt it near the house as a barn.  While I was in college my father (Francis Lloyd) tore the old barn down and rebuilt it on his farm near the old GC&P RR station of Hilton Junction.  I have repaired the barn and have used some of the siding from it in a log cabin I have built there.

Cornelia Angeline was called Kate all her life.  Her father died when she was 4 years old.  Her mother died 10 years later.  She first joined the Jones Creek in 1886 and later was dismissed to join a church in Savannah. Presumably she was living with relatives during this time. Following her marriage she rejoined the church in 1898.  Although her life was short (45 years), she bore nine children, seven of whom lived full lives. She was active in church activities, being mentioned in the church minutes several times.  Her impact on her family, her church, and her community was such that she was memorialized by the church following her death.

*  Shortly before his death, I asked my father where the name WIFANI came from.  His answer was, "When they were building the station, a train man came and asked my daddy `What are we going to call this station?'  My father said he didn't know.  The train man said, `What's your name?'  William Franics, ??? William Frances, hmm, ??? W F, hmmm ??? That's what we'll call the station, WiFani.'"  And so it was.

This station still shows up on some maps of the region althouth is was in existance for only a short time.

Leland Long CHAPMAN


Tallulah Catherine HITCH

    /Sheldon Madison CHAPMAN b: 11 SEP 1857 d: 30 JUN 1889
Martha Agnes CHAPMAN b: 16 JUN 1886
    |                               /Louther HITCH b: 5 NOV 1750 d: 19 AUG 1838
    |                       /John HITCH b: 4 FEB 1773 d: 29 JUN 1849
    |                       |       \Mary NICHOLSON b: 2 NOV 1750 d: 28 NOV 1789
    |               /William Winder HITCH b: 22 MAR 1802 d: 9 JUN 1870
    |               |       |       /Robert HANNA
    |               |       \Katherine HANNA b: 14 SEP 1783 d: 2 JUL 1851
    |               |               \Mary PARKS
    |       /Robert Marcus HITCH b: 6 JUN 1831 d: 15 APR 1888
    |       |       \Nancy HUNTER b: 2 JUN 1802 d: 6 AUG 1846
    \Tallulah Catherine HITCH b: 1 NOV 1864
            \Martha Serena FALL b: 31 AUG 1840 d: 25 DEC 1878

Blanche Leigh CHAPMAN

Three or four children.  Norman Beverly knows of them.  Source Hattie, 6/26/1988.

George Washington TAYLOR

George Washington Taylor married Estella Chapman on 2-11-1887. Mr. Taylor was a wealthy man. He was a Naval Stores operator, owned G.W. Taylor Hardware and was a city councilman and general assemblyman. A street was named in his honor. Mrs. Taylor was a lady of leisure...she had servants. Both are buried in the family plot at Blackshear City Cemetery.

Some say that the house they lived in is still haunted. According to Carol Kodobocz who is currently living there, Pearle still lives there along with a man who smokes cigars and cigarettes in the house. She also thinks little George is there. Ever since Pearle's death, everyone who has ever lived in the house has had occurances. Carol is researching the family to try and understand why the house is haunted, and if possible, to help.

Charity Pearle TAYLOR

She was 16 when she died. Pearle was scheduled to leave for college in Atlanta the next day. Her sister had come home to have a baby. She got up in the middle of the night to help her sister and the oil from the lamp splashed on her. She fell down the staircase, engulfed in flames. She lingered until the next day, then she passed away.  She is buried in the family plot at Blackshear City Cemetery. Source: Carol Kodobocz

Died in a fire as child.  Source Hattie, 6/26/1988.

Sheldon Chapman TAYLOR

No children.  Source Hattie, 6/26/1988


Probable illegitimate daughter (Beth) prior to marriage.  Child raised by sister Marion's mother in law, Mrs Arthur M. Spies Sr. Source, Blue Eyed Cousin.