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Edme Gomery

Edme Gomery was born in France in 1736. He was a painter in Paris, and between 1756 and 1758 he worked in Sèvres painting birds, flowers and landscapes on porcelain. His signature on the porcelain was an "E" that looks like a reversed 3, as seen in the picture below right on the miniature cup and saucer. The cup is painted with a cupid.

Sevres porcelain miniature cup and saucer

Sevres porcelain miniature cup and saucer - reverse

The cup measures 1¾ inches in diameter and 1 inch high, and the saucer is 2½ inches in diameter, making them small and delicate objects.

Porcelain has been made at the Royal Factory of Sèvres, now the National Factory of Sèvres, in the village of Sèvres south west of Paris near Versailles, since 1756, and became the leading porcelain factory in Europe under the patronage of Louis XV. The King was a major customer and designated the factory Manufacturer Royale du Porcelaine. When the company ran into financial trouble in 1759 he acquired it as royal property. Between 1756 and 1769 Sèvres soft-paste porcelain was manufactured which produced a pure milky-white, hard, transluscent product considered superior to the latter hard paste porcelain.

Sèvres recruited the most talented artists and artisans, developing a unique Rococo style. The glazes and background colours include royal blue, turquoise, pea green and pink, decorated with floral, landscapes, and figures representing cupids, shepherdesses, or nymphs and embellishment with minute patterns in gold.

According to the "International Dictionary of Miniature Painters, Porcelain Painters and Silhouettists", by Henry Blättel, another Gomery, no forename given, also worked at Sèvres porcelain factory between 1911 and 1918 as a porcelain decorator. This Gomery had a porcelain mark as shown below, and specialised in flowers and birds, and also worked as a modeller/embosser.

porcelain mark

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Thanks to Dave Wise for the photos, April 2003.
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