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If you click on the following links you will be able to read about some of the more interesting individuals discovered in this One-Name Study.

The list is arranged alphabetically, by first name. Not all the individuals have their own webpage, but those that do are underlined and show up as a hyperlink. To go to the page just click on this hyperlink.

Albert Harry GUMMERY (1871-1947) a photographer and veteran of the Boer War who was a keen shooter for the Martley Air Rifle Club in Worcestershire, England.

Charles GOMERY (1875-1915) a Company Sergeant Major with the Kings Shropshire Light Infantry who died of wounds in France during World War 1.

Charles Alphonse Achille GUMERY & Adolphe Ernest GUMERY  four generations of a family of sculptors and artists from the Passy district of Paris, France.

Edme GOMERY a French artist who worked for the Royal Factory of Sèvres painting porcelain between 1756 and 1758.

Edward, Elizabeth and Ann GUMMERY a family who were horrifically murdered in their beds in Berrow, Worcestershire, England in 1780.

Edward James GUMMERY (1888-1917) served with the "Grimsby Chums" during World War 1 and was killed in action in Roeux, France.

Ezekiel GUMMERY (1804-1887) publican at the Cock in Tybridge Street, Worcester, Worcestershire, England from the late 1830s until about 1864.

Ezekiel GUMMERY (1882-1915) killed in action at Gallipoli during World War 1.

Gyorgy GÖMÖRI - George GOMORI (1904-1957) a Hungarian who emigrated to the U.S. in 1938 and became one of the founders of Histochemistry, the chemistry of living tissue.

George GUMERY (1887-1912) who went down with the Titanic.

GUMMERE Family of the United States

Henry GUMMERY (1832-1912) a British Victorian landscape and still life artist.

Johannes GÖMERE / John GUMMERE (c1670-1738) who fled religious persecution and settled in Pennsylvania, USA founding the American Gummere family, featuring some of his descendents.

John GOMERY (c.1789 - 1860) joined the Royal West India Rangers and settled in New Brunswick, now part of Canada, in 1819. He married Mary Barry in 1823, but returned alone to his home in Kent, England sometime before 1841.

John Henry GOMERY (1910 - 1980) taken prisoner by the Japanese at the fall of Singapore, he was forced to work on the infamous Burma railway and in Thailand. Liberated after the war he returned home to continue his teaching career.

Mary GUMERY (1822-1887) probable owner of a rosewood box with inscription Mary Gummry Her Box Oct 11 1840 which turned up in the Herefordshire/Worcestershire border area.

Michael GOMERY  (1712-1765) Innkeeper of the White Hart Inn, Whitechapel. His son William Gomery (1737-1802) returned to Worcestershire from where the family originated, and lived in Tinker’s Gate, Bewdley, with connections to the Hill, Tyler and Smith families of Bewdley. A descendant tells their story.

Minnie GOMERY (1875-1967) graduated in 1898 as a Doctor of Medicine in Canada, but found that being female seriously limited her clinical training as most of the hospitals were closed to her. She became a medical missionary working mainly in Kashmir.

Robert GOMERY  (1739 - 1781) surgeon of Bewdley, Worcestershire - advertised the American method of inncoulation against smallpox in Berrow's Worcestershire Journal in September 1767 for a cost of between one and three guineas. He claimed to have innoculated hundreds of people in the Bewdley and Kidderminster areas in the last few months. The practice of innoculation against smallpox by introducing matter from a smallpox pustule into a slight wound made in the patients skin was introduced into England in 1721, becoming widespread during the 1740's. By the 1770's most people living in rural communities and small towns were innoculated.

Robert GOMERY (c1778-1853) an actor and singer in early19th century London.

Robert (MONT)GOMERY (1807-1855) son of the above Robert, who became a Reverend and Poetaster.

Stanley David GUMMERY (1915-1941) a Sergeant with the Royal Air Force Reserve who did not return from naval escort duty off the northern Norwegian coast during World War 2.

Walter Edward GOMERY (1924-1942) who died when HMS Edinburgh, laden with Russian gold, was attacked by a German U-boat in the Barents Sea during World War 2.

Walter Frederick GOMERY (1896-1916) an Able Seaman with the Nelson Battalion of the Royal Naval Division, died of wounds received while holding the line between Lens and Vimy Ridge in France during World War One.

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