Campbell Cemetery, Houston County, Texas

Campbell Cemetery, Houston County, Texas

This cemetery is located 14 miles west of Grapeland. At the end of the pavement, go right onto CR2226. It is just up on the left. There are two other Campbell cemeteries in Houston County. This is listed as Campbell Family Grapeland in most books.

Please note that the comments column contains my personal observations and things I thought would be helpful. Also, I recorded every marker, which means, one person may be recorded twice if they had two markers (i.e. a military marker in addition to their family marker). If you have any questions after viewing the list, please e-mail me at Letty Harrington.

This cemetery was transcribed by Letty Harrington on Oct. 5, 2003. This transcription is not connected to the Campbell Cemetery or the County of Houston. This information is a personal project only. The information herein is given freely for personal use and can not be linked to any commerical sites. *NOTE: This was transcribed using a digital camera. Click on the hyperlinked name to view image of tombstone.

CAMPBELL, Eva Bell Sept. 23, 1903 Mar. 25, 1990    
CAMPBELL, Helene Jun. 4, 1937 Jul. 13, 2001    
CAMPBELL, John Jan. 4, 1900 May 11, 1986    
CAMPBELL, Ruby Owen 1921 1968    
MURPHY, Ballard Oct. 1927      
SHEPHERD, Aggie Campbell Apr. 10, 1910 Aug. 19, 1968    
SMITH, Quitoria Rewayne May 29, 1981 Mar. 4, 1997    
STUBBLEFIELD, Chester B. Mar. 22, 1926 Apr. 13, 1985    
STUBBLEFIELD, Fannie M. Campbell Sept. 6, 1906 Jul. 23, 1961   Double stone with Isaac
STUBBLEFIELD, Rev. Isaac H. Aug. 5, 1903 Sept. 15, 1985 married Feb. 2, 1924 Double stone with Fannie
WOODS, Eddie Aug. 15, 1899 Sept. 18, 1964    
WOODS, Eliza Mae Campbell Feb. 12, 1898 Dec. 19, 1966    

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