Mexican Cemetery, Houston County, Texas

Mexican Cemetery, Houston County, Texas

This cemetery is located just north of Lovelady off of Hwy 230. Just before the first big curve after leaving Lovelady, you will see a historical marker about the Houston-Leon County Coal Company on your leftt. About 1/4 of a mile past that on your left you will see pavement from an old road branching off on the left. Park here and walk about 25 paces south along the road and then go into the woods. This abandoned cemetery has become part of the woods. The posts and barbed wire are on the ground and only a few markers remain. We had to hunt around fallen branches and overgrowth. We can tell where unmarked graves existed, because of the white flowers that grew in clumps here and there. Since there was road work for widening the highway going on, there was a sign posted and some orange plastic ribbon tied around the original gate posts marking the site. Please feel free to email me if you have any additional information.

Please note that the comments column contains my personal observations and things I thought would be helpful. Also, I recorded every marker, which means, one person may be recorded twice if they had two markers (i.e. a military marker in addition to their family marker). If you have any questions after viewing the list, please e-mail me at Letty Harrington.

This cemetery was transcribed by Letty Harrington on Mar. 30, 2003. This transcription is not connected to the County of Houston. This information is a personal project only. The information herein is given freely for personal use and can not be linked to any commerical sites. *NOTE: This was transcribed using a digital camera. Click on the hyperlinked name to view image of tombstone.

CASTILLO, Limon Aug. 30, 1917 Jun. 13, 1918    
ORTEGA, El Nino Pedrito Nov. 29 1921 Feb. 25, ???? See Photo (In Spanish)  
HERNANDEZ, Mary Oct. 1, 1902 Mar. 31,1949   Possible Census Data

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By Letty Harrington