Old Plantation Cemetery, Houston County, Texas

Old Plantation Cemetery, Houston County, Texas

This cemetery is located on the Eastham Unit Prison grounds (an extension of the Huntsville Prison system. It was quite an adventure for us. We had driven past the gates many times and wondered how to get in. One day the gate was open, so we looked for signs that said we couldn't go in, didn't see any, so proceeded on the grounds. After getting to the prison unit a mile down the road, a guard in a tower started waving at us. We pulled over and she shouted down "This is a prison!" Oh, okay. We ended up talking to them and they gave us permission and an escort to the historical cemetery. Billy Jones, who was exceedingly kind and helpful, escorted us and turns out, he knew our family! This cemetery is not for prisoners, but was a family cemetery on the Eastham family plantation, which was sold to the Texas prison system.

Please note that the comments column contains my personal observations and things I thought would be helpful. Also, I recorded every marker, which means, one person may be recorded twice if they had two markers (i.e. a military marker in addition to their family marker). If you have any questions after viewing the list, please e-mail me at Letty Harrington.

The Old Plantation Cemetery is located in Houston County, Texas. This cemetery was transcribed by Letty Harrington on April 13, 2001. This transcription is not connected to the TDC or the County of Houston. This information is a personal project only. The information herein is given freely for personal use and can not be linked to any commerical sites. *NOTE: This was transcribed using a digital camera. Click on the link to view a picture of the headstone.

This Alston family was in Chambers County in 1860. Please check the Chambers County Genweb for more information.
ALSTON, Phillip Oct. 27, 1801 May 13, 1879 Be ye also ready for in such an hour as ye think not the son of man cometh Census Data!
ALSTON, William J. Aug. 21, 1828 Dec. 19, 1868 Sacred to the memory of  
ALSTON, Winston G. Feb. 13, 1885 Oct. 31, 1885 Son of R.H. & M.M. Alston  
HADEN, Mrs. M.E.   Nov. 12, 1893 Aged 53 years  
HUTCHINGS, Dau of Oct. 22, 1884 Oct. 13, 1885 of R.H. & Leila Hutchings footstone
HUTCHINGS, Emaline A. Oct. 8, 1830 Feb. 27, 1872 Gone but not forgotten  
HUTCHINGS, Inf. Dau   Feb. 5, 1889 of M.L. & L.P. Hutchings-Aged 8 days Parents: Marie Louise Collins and Lemuel Phillip Hutchings
HUTCHINGS, Leila Dec. 3, 1863 Nov. 11, 1885 Wife of R.H. Hutchins Broken Stone
HUTCHINGS, Mrs. J.E. Mar. 19, 1825 Nov. 19, 1885   Broken Stone
MOORING, Jeremiah B. Apr. 30, 1830 Mar. 18 (?), 1857 Aged 26 years 7 mos & ? Days Broken Stone
ROBERTS, Kate Jan. 23, 1853 Oct. 5, 1884 Wife of ?? Roberts-How desolate our house be lost of thee Broken Stone
UNKNOWN (poss. Alston female) Apr. April 1, 1877 She is gone but not dead we shall meet again in that bright world above in our Father's house. Broken Stone, in Alston Plot

The following is a list of names of people supposed to have been buried in the Old Plantation Cemetery which we did not see headstones for when we visited. We may have missed it, it may have been destroyed or they may never have had one, as my research sources often use cemetery records as opposed to headstone transcriptions. I suggest that if you desire further information on any of the following, that you contact the Houston County Courthouse which has a historical society that resides in the courthouse building..

ALSTON, Robert
ALSTON, Bernice
HUTCHINGS, Elizabeth
WRIGHT (several)

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