Wes Hicks Cemetery, Houston County, Texas

Wes Hicks Cemetery, Houston County, Texas

This cemetery is about 11 miles west of Grapeland on FM227. The Old Daily Family Cemetery is supposed to be adjacent to it, but we found no sign of it. There is evidence of many unmarked graves, so we have included a listing of those believed buried there from other sources at the end of the photo list.

Please note that the comments column contains my personal observations and things I thought would be helpful. Also, I recorded every marker, which means, one person may be recorded twice if they had two markers (i.e. a military marker in addition to their family marker). If you have any questions after viewing the list, please e-mail me at Letty Harrington.

This cemetery was transcribed by Letty Harrington on Mar. 30, 2003. This transcription is not connected to the Wes Hicks Cemetery or the County of Houston. This information is a personal project only. The information herein is given freely for personal use and can not be linked to any commerical sites. *NOTE: This was transcribed using a digital camera. Click on the hyperlinked name to view image of tombstone.

ABBS, Henry Lee Mar. 17, 1909 Mar. 13, 1919   s/o Thomas L. Abbs
BEASLEY, Warren G. Mar. 3, 1922 Apr. 8, 198?    
CARR, Emma Howard Feb. 16, 1916 May 15, 1988    
COLEMAN, Ethie Feb. 5, 1903 Jul. 5, 1940    
COLEMAN, Mary Jane Jun. 18, 1866 April 17, 1945   w/o Richard
GILFORD, Frank E. Sept. 24, 1922 Jun. 2, 1966?    
GILMORE, Ms. Tommie Rachel Dec. 27, 1934 Jul. 26, 2002 Age 67 Funeral Home Marker
HICKS, Alex     (on 1920 Grapeland census) sunken military marker
HOWARD, Charlie Oct. 9, 1914 Dec. 4, 1964 Texas PVT US Army WWII s/o Julie & Orelious
JACKSON, A. Becker     Age 60 yrs Wife of Louis Jackson  
JACKSON, Jim       s/o Andrew & Luvenna
JOHNSON, Clara Coleman     daughters Corine & Clara d/o Richard Coleman
KINGMAN?, Ruth A. Nov. 18, 1889 2003? See photo for own interpretation Funeral Home Marker
KIZZEE, Walter     (wife Hattie) sunken military marker
LLOYD, Arie 1890 1950    
Mirror on Tree       Couldn't figure this one out!
SHEPARD, James Jan. 24, 1912 Nov. 30, 1992 Age 80 Funeral Home Marker
SMITH, Ella Aug. 17, 1885 Jun. 13, 1958   w/o Henry
SMITH, Joe P.       poss. Josephine Coleman Smith?
SMITH, John Henry Jun. 6, 1890 Oct. 9, 1961   Prob. Henry f/o Addie Wagner
STUBBLEFIELD?, Fredonia Mar. 1905 Aug. 19, 1989   Funeral Home Marker
TAYLOR, Benjamin Frank Sept. 1, 1891 Dec. 2, 1952 Back of stone  
TAYLOR, Lauretta Aug. 18, 1886 Jun. 21, 1958 Back of stone  
UNKNOWN       Funeral Home Marker
UNKNOWN2       In Coleman lot
Other Report Burials - No Stones        
ABBS, Sarah Ann       d/o Thomas L. Abbs
BEAZLEY, Peat        
BEAZLEY, Lou Cindy       w/o Peat
BROWN, Anderson        
BRYANT, Eddie        
BURNS, Ida        
BURNS, Put        
CAL, Bessie       d/o Richard Coleman
COLEMAN, Richard (Dick)        
COLEMAN, Alma       d/o Richard
COLEMAN, Lorene       d/o Alma
COLEMAN, Charlie       s/o Richard
COLEMAN, Garrison       s/o Richard
COLEMAN, George       s/o Richard
COLEMAN, Mary       w/o George
COLEMAN, Henry       s/o Richard
COLEMAN, Tommie       s/o Richard
COLEMAN, R.C.       s/o Richard
COLEMAN, A.C.       Nephew/o Richard
DENBY, Bertha        
DICKSON, Ella        
EDWARDS, Irving c. 1884   Chil: Buck b. 1909, Harriet b. 1910, R? b. 1908, Jim b. 1919 From 1920 Grapeland Census
EDWARDS, Ella c. 1889   Chil: Buck b. 1909, Harriet b. 1910, R? b. 1908, Jim b. 1919 From 1920 Grapeland Census
GILFORD, Jim c. 1867     From 1920 Grapeland Census
GILFORD, Eadie c. 1864     From 1920 Grapeland Census
GILFORD, Edd        
GILFORD, Ola Mae        
HICKS, Charlie        
HOWARD, Orelious (Bogg)        
HOWARD, Julia       w/o Orelious
HOWARD, Frank       s/o Julie & Orelious
HOWARD, Perlena       d/o Julie & Orelious
HOWARD, Ruby       d/o Julie & Orelious
ISADORE, Earnest        
JACKSON, Andrew        
JACKSON, Luvenna       w/o Andrew
JACKSON, Jay       s/o Jim
JOHNSON, Fadell        
JOHNSON, Freddie Lee        
LLOYD, June        
LLOYD, Carrie       w/o June
MCCOY, John Lacy        
MCCOY, Eddie Mae       w/o John Lacy
MCCOY, Levi        
MCCOY, Nancy       w/o Levi
MCGILL, June        
MURCHISON, Seldon        
MURCHISON, Docie       w/o Seldon
MURCHISON, Edd        
MURCHISON, Jesse c.1870     From 1920 Grapeland Census
MURCHISON, Lucy c. 1875     From 1920 Grapeland Census
MURCHISON, Lun        
MURCHISON, Myrta Zee        
MURCHISON, Sarah        
MURPHY, George        
MURPHY, Hezekiah        
POTTS, Eathie Coleman       d/o Richard Coleman
POTTS, George Sr. c 1873   child: Jim b.1902, Mary b. 1905, Layida? B. 1906, Liddie b. 1907, Harry b. 1908, Mandy b. 1910, Rose b. 1911 (Also Sallie Mae ???) From 1920 Grapeland Census
POTTS, Mary Hannah c 1874   s/o George Sr. From 1920 Grapeland Census
POTTS, George Jr.       s/o George Sr. & Mary
POTTS, Herman        
POTTS, Roosevelt        
SHEPHERD, Doris F.        
SMITH, Bettie       d/o Joe (Josephine Coleman Smith)
SMITH, Haddie       d/o Joe (Josephine Coleman Smith)
SMITH, Maddie       d/o Joe (Josephine Coleman Smith)
SMITH, Paxton       s/o Joe (Josephine Coleman Smith)
SMITH, Tommie       s/o Joe (Josephine Coleman Smith)
SMITH, Alberta Howard       d/o Julie Howard
STUBBLEFIELD, Aurel Lee        
STUBBLEFIELD, Ella       s/o Spence
STUBBLEFIELD, Elmer West        
STUBBLEFIELD, Elsie       w/o Elmer
STUBBLEFIELD, John L.        
STUBBLEFIELD, John Wess        
STUBBLEFIELD, Johnie Mae       d/o Henry Coleman
STUBBLEFIELD, Onnie Lee        
STUBBLEFIELD, Ozzella        
TAYLOR, Carrie        
TAYLOR, Girlie B.        
THOMPSON, Becky        
THOMPSON, John        
THOMPSON, Ellen       m/o John Taylor
TOLIVER, Isaac       br/o Rob
TOLIVER, John Lacy       s/o Jane Kizzee
TOLIVER, Rob c 1884     From 1920 Grapeland Census
TOLIVER, Lizzie       w/o Rob
TOLIVER, Louis        
TOLIVER, Elizabeth        
TOLIVER, Minnie       sis/o Rob
TOLIVER, Roosevelt        
TURNER, Addie        
TURNER, Arch, Sr. c. 1873 or 1863   Children: Arch Jr. b. 1888, Mandy b. 1888 From 1930 Grapeland Census
WALKER, Harriet Coleman       d/o Richard Coleman
WASHINGTON, Annie Murchison       d/o Seldon & Docie
WASHINGTON, Annie Murchison        
WASHINGTON, Commodore        
WASHINGTON, Maggie       d/o Commodore
WASHINGTON, Mollie       w/o Commodore
WASHINGTON, Beatrice        
WILMORE, Emery       poss. Gilmore
WOODS, George        

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