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Interesting information and Genealogy dating back to the 1700s for the Gordon, Fest, Hannah, Phillipson, Phillips, Roxburgh, Hawkins, McIlwraith, Thomas, Campbell, Dowzer, Petersen, Cunningham, McBryde, Young, Gesch and Whannell families of Scotland and Queensland, Australia. The family tree is updated on an ongoing basis as new information is received and processed.  As of the 18th of August, 2019, there are 66844 individuals listed on this family tree.

Story of James Heather Gordon VC


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Maryborough Chronicle Index CD
Maryborough, Queensland, Australia (map)

I am in the process of indexing 'NAMES MENTIONED' in the Maryborough Chronicle Newspaper.
This is an ongoing project, and so far about 57 years (approximately 570,000 entries) have been completed.

The index has been put on a CD, and is an extremely
valuable tool, for anyone researching people in this area of Queensland, Australia.


More information re purchase of the CD and/or lookups

Janet's Home Page -  Photos, local information and links
Cyndi's List -  Genealogy information on the internet

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