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  • Now & Then Genealogy Website Cousin's website dedicated to the spirit of family and our ancestors

  • Sooke Region Museum. Printouts of Family trees. (Surnames: Brown, Poirier, Brule, Vautrin and Goudie) Sooke, B.C.: Sooke Region Museum. (available only to persons who are actually presented in family trees)

  • Sooke Region Museum. 1999. The Sooke Story - The History and the Heartbeat. Sooke, Publisher. (available only to persons who are actually descendants of pioneers noted in said book - limited edition sold out to my knowledge)
  • Sooke Region Museum
    PO Box 774, Sooke, BC
    V0S 1N0
    (250) 642-6351
    (250) 642-7089
  • History of Orkney
    By Thomson, William P L
    ISBN 0901824828
    Mercat P
  • Strangers in Blood : Fur Trade Company Families in Indian Country
    by Jennifer S. H. Brown
    (February 1996)
    Univ of Oklahoma Pr (Trd); ISBN: 0806128135
  • Kanaka : The Untold Story of Hawaiian Pioneers in British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest
    by Tom Koppel 
    Whitecap Books (1995);
    ISBN: 1551102951;
  • "Many Tender Ties: Women in the Fur Trade
    Society, 1670 to 1870
    by Author Sylvia Van Kirk
    ISBN 0920486061
    Published by Watson & Dwyer Publishing, Limited
  • Company of Adventures - Caesars of the Wilderness
    by Author Peter C. Newman
    Paperback | ISBN 0140086307
    Published in December 1988 by Penguin Books Of Canada, Limit
  • The Fort Langley Journals: 1827-30
    by Editors Morag Maclachlan, Wayne Suttles
    ISBN 0774806656
    Published in October 1999 by UBC Press
  • Fort Nisqually: A Documented History of Indian & British Interaction
    by Author Cecelia S. Carpenter
    | ISBN 0961696907
    Published in January 1986 by Tahoma Publications
  • Sources of the River: Tracking David Thompson Across Western North America
    by Author Jack Nisbet
    | ISBN 1570610061
    Published in January 1995 by Sasquatch Books
  • The Indian History of British Columbia: The Impact of the White Man
    by Author Wilson Duff


  • America and the Sea: A Maritime History

    By Benjamin W. Labaree, William M. Fowler, Jr., John B. Hattendorf, Jeffrey, J. Safford, Edward W. Sloan, and Andrew W. German

Published by Mystic Seaport Museum, P.O. Box 6000, 75 Greemanville Avenue, Mystic, CT 06355-0990. 860-572-0711. 1998. x, 686 pages. Appendix, bibliography, illustrations, index, maps, photographs. Hardcover. 12 x 8. $65.

This volume was prepared "to create a broad public understanding of the relationship of America and the sea." Written by recognized scholars who teach graduate studies in the Seaport’s Munson Institute, the text by itself is both interesting and expansive. Add the expertise of picture editor Andy German and this lavishly illustrated, coffee-table quality publication will bring hours of reading–or browsing–pleasure.

Because of the Atlantic Ocean, America was a truly New World to our progenitors. The North Atlantic presented a highway to America, if they could afford or survive passage. But the story of the seas is more than immigration. Mixed in with the travelers are those whose lives blended with the sea for long or brief periods: the men and women who worked the ocean industries, who built the ships, or who fought or defended on vessels patrolling the waters.

The narrative is shaped into four sections:

  • 1. Becoming America, to 1815
  • 2. The Expanding Nation, 1815-1865
  • 3. Rise to World Power, 1865-1930
  • 4. World War II and After, 1939-

An Appendix lists the American Maritime Museums. Also included are a Select Bibliography and an Index.

The story is not one of genealogical detail or records for searching, instead, it provides the framework for understanding the lives and experiences of those who lived on or near the sea.

1999-2000 APG Directory of Professional Genealogists, 20th Anniversary Edition
Compiled and edited by Kathleen W. Hinckley

Published by Association of Professional Genealogists, P.O. Box 40393, Denver, CO 80204-0393. 200 pages. Advertisements, indexes. Soft cover. 9 x 11. $15 postage paid.

This directory is designed to highlight the members of the Association of Professional Genealogists. Their credentials and postnominals are provided along with contact information, research specialties, and related services. Geographic specialties are followed by a brief history of the individual’s activities, honors, and education, emphasizing genealogy-related skills.

Following the member listings (by state) are entries for almost one hundred international members, mostly Canadian. APG subscribers are next and although this classification is not defined (one assumes they are Quarterly subscribers), the entries appear to be exclusively organizations and repositories.

The Index to Research and Business Specializations lists several categories of services or skills, followed by members’ names and state of residency (rather than page number). This is a valuable section for finding a professional by skill or area of expertise: location, ethnic, religious, or other group, or topic. An Advertisers Index follows, then an Alphabetical Index, which references the professional to his or her entry by page number.

Libraries and repositories may order one copy of this Directory at no charge from the address above.

  • The Search for Missing Friends: Irish Immigrant Advertisements Placed in the Boston Pilot, Volume VII: 1871-1876

    Edited by B. Emer O’Keeffe

Published by New England Historic Genealogical Society, Sales and Circulating Library Departments, 160 N. Washington Street, Boston, MA 02114-2120. 1-888-296-3447. 1999. xxx, 771 pages. Indexes. Hardcover. 6 x 9. $60 plus $3.50 s/h. Note: vols 1-6 available for $45 each plus $3.50 s/h.

Unlike other ethnic groups who sought homes in this country, Irish immigrants were predominately female after 1889. Prior to that year, females made up approximately forty-five percent of the group. Immigrants were also young. Up to 1877, about sixty-six percent were between the ages of fifteen and thirty-five; in the 1880s, this increased to eighty percent and more.

This volume transcribes and indexes the advertisements for missing persons placed in the Boston Pilot between 1871 and 1876, thus adding to the previous volumes. Beginning with ads published in the issues of 1831, the overall project proposes to extract notices through 1918. The entries range from the merely inquisitive to the compelling, in some cases giving an insightful view of the missing person’s life.

The full name of the immigrant or other person identified in the ads is indexed, as are both Irish and American place names. This is a truly valuable project and, even if you have no Irish ancestors, you’ll appreciate it for the intimate and interesting view of nineteenth century life.

  • Family Reunion Handbook: A Complete Guide to Reunion Planning, 2nd Edition

    Completely Revised
    By Tom Ninkovich

Published by Reunion Research. Distributed by Betterway Books, an imprint of F & W Publications, 1507 Dana Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45207. Toll-free order number: 1-800-289-0963. 1998. viii, 253 pages. Advertisements, illustrations, index, photographs, resource list. Soft cover. 6 x 9. $14.99 (Canada $21.99) plus $3.50 s/h.

"Of all the nostalgia that haunt the human heart, the greatest of them all is an everlasting longing to bring what is youngest home to what is oldest." This quote from Laurens van der Post sets the tone for uniting living generations and sharing family traditions. Family Reunion Handbook offers fourteen chapters of practical instruction for all types of reunions, ranging from a barbeque in Grandma’s yard to a formal dinner at a luxury resort.

Topics include sites and negotiating contracts, financing and committees, keeping records and communicating news, feeding the family, and activities and games. There are even chapters on finding people, starting a family association, and interviewing relatives.

Many personal stories appear, especially in the scrapbook section, which highlights reunion stories submitted by readers of earlier editions. The appendix provides addresses for fundraisers, decorations, games, and supplies. A twenty-plus page directory lists hotels, resorts, and retreats which welcome large groups. This book is updated annually.

  • Passenger Arrivals at the Port of New York, 1820-1829 From Customs Passenger Lists
    By Elizabeth P. Bentley

Published by Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., 1001 N. Calvert Street, Baltimore, MD 21202-3897. To order call 1-800-296-6687. 1999. xi, 1,491 pages. Appendixes. Hardcover, 6 x 9. $95 plus $3.50 s/h.

Beginning in 1820, the Customs Passenger Lists were to be registered by all masters of ships arriving at American ports from abroad. The names of all passengers were to be noted, along with their age, sex, occupation, countries to which they belonged and intended to inhabit, name of the ship, port of embarkation, and date of arrival.

Eventually these lists were acquired by the National Archives in Washington, D.C., where they were arranged by port, date, and ship, and then microfilmed.

The book names 85,454 passengers as well as the 6,247 ships that brought them to New York. The list of ships gives the names of ship masters, ports of embarkation, and dates of arrival.

Evidence presented in this book suggests many lists are missing–perhaps more than were previously thought. Variances are noted, such as the style of manifest forms, which result in some lists containing different detail.

This work provides quicker and more accurate access to the customs passenger lists of 1820-1829 than has ever been possible. But why would you go from this work (which extracts all detail) to the microfilmed list? Because these extracted entries are arranged alphabetically, whereas the original lists show who traveled together on a particular ship. Identifying companions can provide the breakthrough needed to resolve perplexing research problems.

  • Heritage Hunting
    By Donna Potter Phillips

Heritage Books, Inc., 1540 East Pointer Ridge Place, Bowie, MD 20716. To order call 301-390-7709. 1998. 287 pages. Index. Soft cover. 6 x 9. $23 plus $3.50 s/h.

In 1986, Donna Potter Phillips began writing a weekly genealogy column for her local newspaper. From the five hundred or so weeks in which the column appeared, Ms. Phillips has selected several from 1992 to 1996 to present in original form. She cautions readers that information may be changed or now unavailable. Nevertheless, she promises, "A careful study of the thoughts and ideas contained in these columns will most assuredly help you with your family questing."

The selections show a wide range of subject matter and focus. There is no table of contents but an index serves to link the reader to what is of most interest. However, it is best to simply read the text so you won’t missToday’s Tips, Today’s Trivia, or Today’s Laugh, which pop up from time to time. If you have only a short time to read, simply open it to a title that appeals to you and enjoy. The topics are far-reaching, from the American Immigrant Wall of Honor, City Directories, and International Genealogical Index (IGI), to Photographs and records from World Wars I and II.

This is a book for all researchers, as many diverse groups are represented in the essays. The index shows African American, American Indian, Armenian, Chinese, Czech, Egyptian, Estonian, Greek, Latvian, andUkrainian, along with British, French, German, and Scandinavian.

  • The Magna Carta Sureties, 1215: The Barons Named in the Magna Carta, 1215, and Some of Their Descendants Who Settled in America During the Early Colonial Years,

    5th edition
    By Frederick Lewis Weis, with Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr. and William R. Beall

Published by Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., 1001 N. Calvert Street, Baltimore, MD 21202-3897. To order call 1-800-296-6687. 1999.xx, 214 pages. Index. Hardcover. 6 x 9. $20 plus $3.50 s/h.

The great charter of English liberties was forced from King John by the barons and sealed at Runnymeade, 15 June 1215. Twenty-five men represented the barons at that signing–Sureties for the baronial performance. This book is about the pedigrees of seventeen of the twenty-five–those who have descendants.

The pedigrees of the seventeen make good references for students or descendants of the families. Corrections, additions, and revisions in this latest edition give an authoritative collection of interlocking pedigrees that carry the ancestry of some one hundred and sixty American colonists back to the thirteenth century.

The book opens by listing the twenty-five Sureties and persons named in the preamble of Magna Carta, as advisors of King John (clerics and nobles). There is reference to the colonists whose ancestry is discussed. If you can link back to an American colonist and find him or her in this reference, you have the most reliable data currently available for extending that pedigree back to 1215–and probably earlier.

Compiled by: Sandra H. Luebking, FUGA, is a genealogical and historical researcher. She is a lecturer at Samford University’s Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research and the editor of Forum, the Federation of Genealogical Societies’ quarterly magazine, and co-editor of The Archives and the revised edition of The Source.




  • A Basic Call to Consciousness
    Akwesasne Notes (Editor)
    ISBN: 091399023X
  • Cheyenne Way
    by Karl N. Llewellyn, E. Adamson Hoebel
    A study of Case law of a primitive nonliterate people, the Cheyenne Indians, a fascinating look at the daily life and laws of the Cheyenne Indians.
  • Custer Died for Your Sins : An Indian Manifesto
    by Vine, Jr. Deloria
    ISBN: 0806121297
  • The World of Chief Seattle : How Can One Sell the Air?
    by Warren Jefferson
    ISBN: 1570670951
  • In Celebration of Our Survival : The First Nations of British Columbia
    by Doreen Jensen, Cheryl Brooks
    ISBN: 0774804033
  • Indian Givers : How the Indians of the Americas Transformed the World
    by Jack Weatherford
    ISBN: 0449904962
  • Indian Oratory 
    by W. C. Vanderwerth, W. R. Carmack (Designer)
    ISBN: 0806115750
    Famous speeches by noted Indian chiefs.
  • In the Spirit of Crazy Horse 
    Peter Matthiessen
    ISBN: 0140144560
  • Native American Testimony: A Chronicle of Indian-White Relations from Prophecy to the Present, 1492-2000 (Revised) Peter Nabokov
    ISBN: 0140281592
    A chronicle of Indian-White relations from prophecy to present.
  • Stolen Continents
    R. Wright 
    ISBN: 0395659752
    North American settlement from a Native American perspective.
  • Where White Men Fear to Tread : The Autobiography of Russell Means
    by Russell Means, Marvin J. Wolf (Contributor)
    Means & Wolf
    ISBN: 0312147619
    The autobiography of Russel Means.








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