Mary Ann Maranda dit Le Frise
  Maranda dit Le Frise, Mary Ann aka Maranda/Louise/Shaegoskata), Mary Ann Marshelle (1832-19 MAR 1922)
Birth : 1832
Death : 19 MAR 1922 Yamhill, Oregon, USA
Gender: Female
Father: Shaegoskatsta, Louis
Mother: (Churathea), Louise Kalapuya
Marriage: 7 AUG 1848 St. Paul's Mission in Willamette
Brl, Joseph 1, 2
Birth : 1831 Oregon, USA
Death : 1858 Sooke, British Columbia, Canada
Gender: Male
Father: Iroquois, Jacques
Mother: Brl, Marguerite Sook
Brl, Ellen
Brl, Joseph Jr.
Marriage: 26 Jul 1860,  Victoria; B.C.; Canada
Vautrin, Jean Baptiste
Vautrin, Clare Olive
Vautrin, Catherine Clara
Vautrin, George Edward
Vautrin, Adolphus
Vautrin, Louise
Vautrin, Isobel
Vautrin, James
Vautrin, Victoria
Vautrin, Julienne
Vautrin, Pierre
Vautrin, Marie Louise
Vautrin, Mary Anne
Vautrin, Jean Baptiste
Vautrin, Francis Xavier


1 Name for Joseph Brul son of Jacques Iroquois and Marguerite T'Souk adopted by Jean Baptiste Brul

2 Brul Variants Robert Brown and the Vancouver Island Exploring Expedition pg 91, note:92 (Recollections of the pioneers of British Columbia ; 8) Bibliography: p. Includes Index, ISBN 0-7748-0322-3

Marriage Source Joseph Brl & Mary Ann (Marie Ann) Maranda dit Le Frise, 

Marriage Source Jean Baptiste Vautrin and Marie Ann