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Bank of Canada Currency Museum Explore the evolution of money around the world and through the ages at the Currency Museum of the Bank of Canada.

Canada History Canadian history timeline, details on historical events and people, historical maps.

Canada: A People's History The twelve-thousand year trek from pre-history to Canada's recent past is being televised over two years.

Canada's Digital Collections Subjects include First Peoples, government, history and social studies.

Canada's Orange Roots Photos of Orange Lodge history and culture in Canada including membership certificate of Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada's first Prime Minister

Canadian Confederation The Territorial Evolution of Canada, Britain, Canada and the Civil War, 1861-65, The Path to Confederation, Fear of Annexation by the United States, Anti-Slavery and the Underground Railway, Historical Documents.

Canadian Constitutional Documents Documents that have to do with the development of Canada's constitution, as well as that of the country.

Canadian Historical Documents The BNA Act, CNR Charter, Reciprocity Treaty, etc.

Canadian History - Articles, discussions, links to related sites.

Canadian History 30G A summary of the main events in Canadian history.

Canadian History Time Line An informative time line containing information from prehistory to present.

Canadian Information Pages Information from the discovery of Canada to postwar developments.

Canadian Journal of History A Canadian journal of non-Canadian history. Information about the CJH and abstracts of articles.

Canadian Mining Facts Key facts and figures on the Canadian Mining Industry with a break-down by province.

Canadian Musical Instrument Heritage Tracking the history of Canadian made Musical Instruments, those who played them and those who built them.

Canadian Passport History The development of the Canadian passport from its beginnings to the present day.

CanCon Promoting Canadian history, culture and style on the internet in a fun and informative way.

CanPix Gallery An image base of over 3,500 pictures and audiovisual resources for Canadian Studies. Images include important Canadian people, events and places, Canadian culture, flags, coats of arms, flowers and maps of Canada and the provinces.

CanText eLibrary A collection of original resources for Canadian Studies. From the European Discoveries of 987-1583, to modern times.

Charter of the Hudson's Bay Company, 1670 The Royal Charter for incorporating The Hudson's Bay Company, A.D. 1670.

Chronology of Events in the History of Canadian Coins Circulating and collector coins of the Province of Canada (1841-1867), the Dominion of Canada (1867-present), and pre-confederation coins and tokens (Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, etc.).

Cultivating Canadian Gardens A History of gardening in Canada.

CultureNet An electronic information clearinghouse and publications service for cultural information. CultureNet seeks to act as a central resource and jumping-off point for the Canadian cultural community on the networks.

Dictionary of Events, Places, People and Times in Canadian History Arranged alphabatically.

Early Canadiana Online A project to provide enhanced access to Canada's published heritage. A full text online collection of more than 3,000 books and pamphlets documenting Canadian history from the first European contact to the late 19th century.

Flags of Canada This book about the flags of Canada is being posted on the Web. The textual material is being made available first. Over a hundred illustrations will be added slowly.

George MacDonald: 1881-1955 A pioneer of the Canadian Press: half a century of news.

Graduate Students' Committee of the Canadian Historical Association Mandated to gather and disseminate information of interest to graduate students studying history in Canada.

Great Canadian Story Engine Preserving of Canadian history as told through the personal stories of Canadians. With this website, Canadians retell their collective history, and reshape the Canadian identity through their own words, images and voices.

Heroes of Lore and Yore Canadian Heroes in Fact and Fiction. Profiles 23 famous Canadians.

Histoire sociale - Social History Articles, research notes, book reviews, and other submissions that contribute to social history in Canada.

Historica Canadian foundation with the mission of providing Canadians with a deeper understanding of their history and its importance in shaping their future.

History Internet Resources for High School Teachers Grade 9 - 12 and other history resources. Citation protocol for the WWW. History and Teaching Discussion Lists. History tours and quizzes.

History Learning and Teaching Web Page This web page provides history students and teachers with easy access to resources on the world wide web that will help their research, studying and teaching.

History of Canada Includes Canadian Constitutional documents, maps, and Canadian research links.

History Television Online An entertaining and interesting way for Canadians to find out about the people, trends, and events that shaped their world. Today in History, search the Ultimate History Archive, Fun and Games section, discussion groups, Program Schedule.

Humanities and Social Sciences Federation of Canada Humanities Resources by discipline and links to other humanities resources.

Important Moments in Canadian History From prehistoric to present.

Mad Alchemist's Heraldry Canadian provincial, civic, and academic heraldry.

National Historic Sites - Parks Canada Alphabetical listing of historical sites and heritage places.

North: Landscape of the Imagination The National Library has drawn on its collection of books, magazines, manuscripts and music to reveal the North of the artist. The collection contains a rich legacy of publications related to the North.

On This Day A daily outline of events in Canadian history with images, URLs and a quote of the day.

Prime Ministers Online Making information on all of Canada's Prime Ministers available via the Internet.

Telephone History Canadian Telephone Company Histories

The Canada Quiz This quiz is a quick introduction to a few threads in the shared tapestry of Canada's history.

The Great Canadian History Page Canadian Studies, Social Studies and Canadiana.

The McGill Institute for the Study of Canada Promoting a better understanding of Canada through the study of our heritage.

Today in Canadian History Daily digest of great events in Canadian history.

Ukrainian Internments Internment of Ukrainian Canadians in Labour Camps 1914-1920.

University of Calgary - Department of History On-line multimedia history tutorials, links to historical resources at the University of Calgary, links to history sites on the World Wide Web, and how to evaluate and cite materials from the World Wide Web.

Western Canada Pictorical Index Inc. Over 60,000 selected images recording the history of Western Canada.

World History Archives: History of Canada Documents for Canadian labor, Economy and environment, Society, Politics, Quebec separatism, and Culture.

Atlantic Provinces

Chignecto Isthmus and its First Settlers This book is an account of the settlement of the NS/NB border area known as the Chignecto Isthmus, which separates the Bay of Fundy from the Cumberland Strait.


Dr. Mel Baker's Homepage Bibliography of Publications, 19th and 20th Century Newfoundland and Labrador History, History of St. John's and the Catalina, Port Union Area, and links to community pages.

Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador An invaluable source of information for historic restoration of buildings of architectural or historical significance. Features an Ask the Experts section, Frequently Asked Questions, listing of Publications for sale, and Heritage Links.

Newfoundland and Labrador Constitutional Documents This reference collection is being assembled to provide ready access to the important documents which illustrate the evolution of Newfoundland and Labrador as a British colony, self-governing dominion, and province of Canada.

Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage The purpose of this web site is to furnish a wide range of information and analysis on the history, geography, population, culture, and society of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Newfoundland Outport: Newfoundland History Land and Resources, Education and Cultural Activity, Government and Politics, Economy and History.

Nova Scotia

1843-46 Halifax Time Capsule An analysis of an historical fiction written in Halifax 1843-46 providing insight into early Halifax living.

A Celebration of Histories The 250 year history of Halifax and Dartmouth.

A Virtual Tour of the Architectural Heritage of Antigonish, Nova Scotia Information on the architectural heritage of Antigonish.

Antecdotal Histories of Life in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia This site houses a collection of writings and oral histories of the families who settled in Lunenburg County.

Black Cultural History Database An ongoing database for Nova Scotia black cultural history.

Blacks In Nova Scotia Information on Sam E. Langford, Nova Scotian black cultural database, internet Nova Scotia: the African presence, the universal black pages, African American history, the Cromwell family tree.

Fortress of Louisbourg Public research databases include catalogues, inventories, guides, indexes and historical maps. Library & Archives holdings.

Friends of McNabs Island Society (FOMIS) Information on this islands history, Pre-european and european settlement, the MacNab family, other island residents, fortifications and folklore.

From Querns to Quilts A select view of the material culture of Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

H.R. Banks Collection of Novascotiana A collection of published and manuscript material which presents a record of all aspects of Nova Scotian and Maritime life and culture. The collection includes fiction, local histories, and newspapers.

History of Coal Mining in Nova Scotia The Louis Frost notes, 1685 to 1962. The history of coal mining in Nova Scotia.

History of Electric Utility Companies in Nova Scotia The full, official, legal name of each company, commission, or board for privately-owned electric utility companies and government-owned electric utilities.

History of Nova Scotia With special attention given to communications and transportation.

History of Telephone Companies in Nova Scotia Information about more than 300 companies that operated public telephone systems in NS during the last hundred years.

Little-Known Portions of Nova Scotia History Includes the first Trans-Canada auto trip, the "Saxby Gale" of 1869 and short stories from Nova Scotia's past.

Nova Scotia Historic Notes Starting with the possible landing of Prince Henry Sinclair at Chedabucto Bay, Nova Scotia, June 2 1398.

Rose Bank Cottage An accurate historical novel based on real historical events and people, that has been approved by the Nova Scotia Museum Society, and the Ross Farm Living Museum.

Scot's in NS Scottish culture and heritage in New Scotland.

The pages of Blue Peter Biographies of Early Nova Scotians 1600-1867. Books & articles on Nova Scotia genealogy. Historical publications. Nova Scotia history.

Town of Lunenburg Home of the Bluenose and UNESCO World Heritage Site. The first settlers were from various parts of Germany, Switzerland, and the Montbeliard region of France.

Prince Edward Island

History of Robinsons Island Robinsons Island is located on the northern shore of Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.). This is a history of the island and the family who once settled it for over 100 years.

Memories Of The Ferries The history of the P.E.I Marine Atlantic ferry service from Borden - Cape Tormentine, prior to the construction of the Confederation Bridge.

New Brunswick

Heritage Resources, New Brunswick Synopsis 1780 to present, marine heritage, Heritage Hall of Fame, photo archive, Black heritage, and culture.

Miramichi History Information on the discovery of the area, the settlers, shipping industry, great fires, native people and churches.

This Week in New Brunswick History Significant events in NB history. Search for text, or for a specific date.


Acadia and Evangeline: Historical Perspectives Informative article on the history of Acadia.

Acadian Expulsion in 1755 The Proclamation, Cajun history and links.

Acadian History The name Acadia originally applied to the colonies of New France, to an area that included southeastern Quebec, eastern Maine, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Acadian Odyssey A graphic and textual elaboration of the Acadian identity and shows how it has more than simply maintained itself throughout nearly four centuries.

Acadians of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon The Acadians of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon are among the oldest families of the islands.

History of the Acadian People A country named Acadie, Acadie of yesterday (summary chronology of 1604-1854), Acadian rebirth (chronology synopsis 1854-1997), are you acadien and a list acadian names.


17th Century Canadian History Various articles about early Canadian history and ancestry, based mainly on notary documents.

BNQ Databases Contains more than 475 000 titles of books, serials, and downloadable PDF documents.

Galway Ireland to Quebec Canada Vieux Quebec, St.Anne-de-Beaupre, Grosse-Ile, Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec. Grey Bruce County, Ontario.

Heritage Montreal Dedicated to the preservation of Greater Montreal's architectural, landscape and social heritage.

Kamouraska Information on the Kamouraska region, and its early settlers.

New Magog & Lake Memphremagog The story of Magog and surrounding area, Historical and scenic photos of the Eastern Townships and many useful links.

Quebec History Extensive site that analyses the main events, issues and concepts of Quebec history from 1760 to today. The site offers readings, maps, documents, statistics, chronologies, biographies and links to other sites.

Quebec History Timeline Starting with 1534 when Jacques Cartier first explored the Gulf of Saint-Laurent.

Townships Heritage Contains individual pages for some fifty museums, interpretation centres, and historical and genealogical societies all around the Eastern Townships.

Virtual Museum of New France Their mission is to disseminate knowledge of the period of history in which the French explored North America and founded the colony of New France. Travel through over two centuries of a French presence in North America, and learn about Canada's past.


County of Lennox and Addington Includes information on the History of the Lennox and Addington area. Families began arriving in Loyalist Country during the summer of 1784, when the first United Empire Loyalists landed on the shores of modern-day Adolphustown.

Genealogy and Social History of Morewood An archive of photographs and anecdotal history of early life in small-town Canada.

Ghost Towns of Ontario Text and photographs on ghost towns in Ontario.

Greater Kingston, Ontario The history of Greater Kingston, starting in 1673 when Robert Cavelier de La Salle selected the site of Cataraqui (present day Kingston) for a fortified trading post.

Heritage Silver Trail Realizing the unique contribution that the discovery and development of the Cobalt silver mining camp has made, an Ontario Ministry conceived a pilot project designed to preserve and illustrate some of the historical attributes of the area.

Heritage Toronto Heritage Toronto is the new brand name of the Toronto Historical Board. We speak out on heritage preservation issues, operate the City of Toronto museums and explain the story of Historic Toronto.

Historic London London, Ontario's enchanting past from its discovery in the 1700s to its pioneer and Victorian days.

History of Lennon & Addington County The history of the county crest take a walking tour of historic Bath, the historic Addington Road driving tour, historic sites in Loyalist Country.

New Kanata History Timeline The city of Kanata history, in a timeline format. Tracing issues and events from before the 1977 Mayo Report recommending the creation of the new City of Kanata, up to the present.

Logging by Rail in Algonquin Park A video of rare film from the 1930's of logging and lumbering in Algonquin Provincial Park. See the whole story of the felling and hauling of the trees by the men, horses, trucks and steam trains.

Magic Assembling The Articles section contains information topics including the Italians in Toronto 1885-1915, History of the Maltese Canadian Community, Irish Catholics in a Victorian Toronto, Recollections and Experiences, Ukrainian Settlement 1903-1914.

Ontario Heritage Archaeology, municipal heritage, community museums, heritage organizations, historical buildings and sites (Includes Cemeteries), Ontario Heritage Act and related links.

Ontario History A Province of Ontario sponsored page providing details on the native peoples and early settlers to World War II.

Oral History Project Grade 9 & 10 history students interviewed grandparents, parents, neighbours and other "OLD" people concerning the early 1900's through the 1960's. Life experiences concerning WWI, the Great Depression, WWII, and life in general during these times.

Pinhey's Point Hon. Hamnett Kirkes Pinhey (1784-1857), a young London importer and ship insurance broker, emigrated to Canada in 1820 with a small fortune and developed an estate at Kanata, Ontario.

Waterloo - Historical Outline Historical outline of Waterloo from the 18th century to present.


Centre for Rupert's Land Studies Facilitates scholarly research and publishing concerning the human history of the Hudson's Bay Company territory, known from 1670 to 1870 as Rupert's Land.

Louis Riel Home Page This site has two purposes: first, to catalogue information already on the net about Louis Riel, and second to provide new background material not otherwise available on-line about this remarkable figure in Canadian history.

Riel, Dumont, and the 1885 Rebellion A factual account of the Metis half of the 1885 Northwest Rebellion (19 pages and 12 illustrations).

TimeLinks The historical web site about Manitoba in the decade from 1910 to 1920.


Broadacres, Saskatchewan The majority of the settlers in this area were of German Russian descent and traced their ancestry to the Kutschurgan Villages just north west of the city of Odessa on the Black Sea.

Canadian Plains Studies Monographs, biographies and edited proceedings and documents. It includes the former categories of Canadian Plains Biographies and Occasional Papers, which have been discontinued.

Caron Past and Present The history and people of Caron Rural Municipality Saskatchewan.

Dept of History, Univ of Saskatchewan Information and links.

Northwest Resistance Digitized Project Allowing access to materials relating to the Northwest Resistance of 1885. It contains a searchable database of bibliographic records. A number of the items have been digitized for online viewing.

Regina's Heritage A brief history of Regina.

Revenue Remembers 1905-1955 This publicaton is a community effort by the school children, teachers, community leaders and elders of Revenue in 1955, its fiftieth anniversary.

Spirit and the Soil - Early Settlement of Humboldt The story of Humboldt and surrounding communities. Selected articles from the Humboldt Journal. Present-day communities.

St. Joseph's Colony Outline of the history of the towns, villages & parishes of St. Joseph's Colony.


Alberta Heritage Online Information about the archives, heritage organizations, historic sites, interpretive centres and museums that preserve and interpret our heritage.

Alberta's Heritage Information about the archives, heritage organizations, historic sites, interpretive centres and museums that preserve and interpret our heritage.

Fort Vermilion, Discovering Alberta's Oldest Community Fort Vermilion is the oldest community in Alberta and dates back as early as 1788. Many fur traders from eastern canada migrated here.

Ghost Towns of Alberta Text and photographs on ghost towns in Alberta.

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump The world's oldest, largest and best preserved buffalo jump. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1981, Head-Smashed-In has been used continuously by aboriginal peoples of the plains for more than 5,500 years.

British Columbia

Barkerville Online The Cariboo Sentinel Newspaper provides information about the Gold Rush and the early development of British Columbia.

BC Heritage Your online guide to BC Heritage historic sites and services and an introduction to the programs of the British Columbia Heritage Trust. A BC Government page.

BC Studies - The British Columbian Quarterly Dedicated to the exploration of British Columbia's cultural, economic, and political life, past and present.

Bowen Island Historians Founded by a group of Islanders who were concerned about the fast disappearing links to Bowen's history. Their objective was to collect and preserve the early stories and memories of the people who were involved in Bowen's past.

Centre for the Study of the Pacific Northwest This site makes accessible some of the University's myriad resources in regional history. Includes the Pacific Northwest Quarterly which is a journal devoted to the history and culture of the northwestern United States, Alaska, and western Canada.

Comox Valley Harbour Authority - Marine History Timeline of events, pictures and stories of Comox Bay events and development.

Emily Carr Includes family information from the BC archives.

First Newspapers on Canada's west coast: 1858-1863 Victoria, British Columbia: 1856-1863.

Fort Steele Heritage Town Come to Fort Steele Heritage Town and be transported back in time to a mining boom town in the 1890s. Information on Archives & Library Holdings.

Gulf of Georgia Cannery A pictoral history of this cannery which was constructed in 1894. Over the years it was used as a cannery, reduction plant, and net loft. As you step inside the Gulf of Georgia Cannery, the flavour of the West Coast fishing industry surrounds you.

History of Esquimalt Origin of the Name, Historical Outline, Reeves and Mayors of the Township of Esquimalt.

History of Fort Langley Brief history of Fort Langley and the Hudson's Bay Company.

History of Houston Important people and events in Houston's past. Early pioneers, area place names, past mayors, schools, postal service, etc.

History of the Columbia/Shuswap Area David Thompson first explored the Region during the period 1807 to 1811, traversed the length of the Columbia River and established a series of fur trading posts west of the Rocky Mountains.

History of the Northwest Coast Historical timeline including interesting notes, starting with July 18, 1774 Juan Perez' visit to Queen Charlotte Islands and later to Nootka Sound.

History of the Peace River Region Includes information on the First Nations of the region, the fur trade, Church histories, and nearby communities.

Hudson's Bay Company at Fort Victoria This site is meant to give you an understanding of a few of the people who make up Victoria's past. The Fort was built in 1843 as a Hudson Bay Company outpost. It was the first non-native settlement in Victoria.

Know BC BC facts, people and places. BC lore and a BC quiz. Information on the Encyclopedia of British Columbia.

Living Landscapes: Thompson/Okanagan - Past Present and Future A Royal British Columbia Museum and Okanagan University College project featuring the human and natural history of this region. Includes articles, historic photographs, census databases, HBC Post Journals and maps.

Memorial to the Coal Miners of Michel, Natal & Sparwood, BC Working in the mines was quite dangerous with men losing their lives in almost every year for the first half of the century. As you can see from the list, the majority of the fatalities occurred in the years up to 1970.

Prince George Oral History A collection of the memories and studies of those who "lived the history" of this area.

St Mary's, Metchosin A History of St Mary's Church, and information on Metchosin history and pioneers. The Metchosin pioneers section features biographies on different pioneer families.

The Homeroom A gateway to resources and information relating to the history of schools and the development of education systems in British Columbia.

Who Killed William Robinson? A rich social history of the Blacks, Aboriginal People, Kanakas (Hawaiians) and Whites of many national backgrounds who settled Salt Spring Island. Their stories tell us much about the settlement of British Columbia, Canada.

Northwest Territories

Arctic Circle: History and Culture Seeking the Past: An Archaeological Journey, Arctic Exploration - Euro-American portrayals, indigenous views, ethnographic portraits, Arctic Circle Museum of Art, Photography and Anthropology.


Arctic and Northern Culture Information on both Yukon and Alaska history as well as weekly articles.

Canadian Heroes of the Klondike Gold Rush Listed by their native province.

Ghosts of the Gold Rush History of the gold rush in the Klondike and Alaska; includes searchable database of names of individual who were in the Yukon at the time. A brief history of the Klondike Gold Rush, stories of Klondike stampeders.

Golden Dreams: The Quest for the Klondike Retraces the path to the Klondike Gold Fields from Washington State in 1897 and 1898 through the eyes and lens of a photographer.

Links, etc.

History Net Where history lives on the net. Articles, interactive features, and quizzes.


Nunavut Land Claims Agreement Act An Act respecting an Agreement between the Inuit of the Nunavut Settlement Area and Her Majesty the Queen in right of Canada.

Nunavut Planning Commission In the Inuit language of Inuktitut, Nunavut means "Our Land". It is the name given to the ancestral home of the Inuit of the central and eastern Arctic, and to the Territory of Nunavut in Canada's Eastern Arctic which came into bring in 1999.