James Goudie ( 1809 - April 23, 1887)
  Goudie, James
Born: 18 Sep 1808; Stromness, Orkney, Scotland
Christened: September 25, 1808; Stromness, Orkney, Scotland
Death : 23 APR 1887 Victoria, Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada
Interred: Ross Bay Cemetery, Victoria, Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada BLK H Plot 69 E 21A
Father: Goudie, Peter
Mother: Goudie, Sally
Marriage: 1835
Catherine (Tribal affiliation: Nez Perce)
Birth : abt. 1814 Kettle Falls aka Fort Colvile First Nations placename: Schwenetekoo "Keep Sounding Water"
Death : 29 NOV 1853 Victoria, Vancouver Island, B.C.
Gender: Female
Goudie, Sarah
Goudie, Mira
Goudie, Jane
Gender: Female
Goudie, Mary
Death : 1848
Gender: Female
Goudie, John
Goudie, James
Birth : 1837
Death : 30 APR 1864 Bute Inlet Massacre
Gender: Male
Goudie, Margaret


Fydler, Jane
Birth : 1814
Death : 1888
Gender: Female
James Goudie (Sr.) sailed from the Hebrides  then came to the Pacific coast with Capt. McNeil on the Lima in the early 1830's.  He went to the Hudson's Bay Company at Fort Vancouver.

Later, working at Fort Colvile, he met Catherine, and began to court her. He brought her father an iron knife he had made, and many visits followed. They were married at the Fort, and children came, one after the other. With the Oregon Treaty, the Goudies like so many others relocated to the British territory, and James, Catherine and the children made a new home in Fort Victoria.

In the diary of Robert Melrose, Victoria, Tuesday Nov. 29, 1853: "James Goudie's wife died - Catherine."

The Goudie family have had a great impact on South Vancouver Island history. In the Sooke area, it has been the family of their eldest son John through his marriage to Mary Ann Vautrin, that has been an ongoing presence. Born in 1836, his parents still at Colvile, he is believed to have been employed by a telegraph company when they received the wire from Oregon that President Lincoln was shot--April 15, 1865, according to grandson James.

Married in 1866, John went to fall timber at Texada Island. He pre-empted Section 23 at Muir Creek, where many of the couple's children were born. He helped put in the government telegraph line to Carmanah light, and went on patrol to keep the line open, a monumental undertaking.


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ISBN 0-9694942-2-X
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Hudson's Bay Company Service: 1820 - Signs contract with Hudson's bay Company for an annuity of twenty-six pounds and ten shillings Sterling.  His contract was for his skills as a Blacksmith 1829 to 1851 in the Columbia District. General Charges+ 1829 - 1837.1837 - 1851 as Blacksmith & Miller. Retired 1851. James Goudie's legacy is remembered in the Pioneer Square bricks in recognition of his contribution to Ft. Victoria. He resided in the area which is now known as Parson's Bridge.