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      Surname Index
      Recollections and Anecdotes
      Burial Sites of Extended Family
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      Gitga'at History
      Victoria Divorces

 Hudson's Bay Company Forts & Customs

     Ó la fašon du pays
     Fort Nisqually: Legend and Reconstruction
     Fraser River History
 Fur Posts of the Pacific Northwest
     Fur Trading Posts in the Okanagan and Similkameen
     The Hudson's Bay Company's Fort Shepherd in 1860 or 1861
     Ft. Colvile circa 1860
     Reproduction of an old map
     The Hudson's Bay Company's Fort Shepherd in 1860 or 1861 from another angle
     St. Paul's Roman Catholic Mission at Fort Colvile in 1858
     The confluence of the Okanagan River (on left) and the Columbia
     The town at Rock Creek, Senaket-ville, on the Newhoialpitku (Kettle) River in 1860 or 1861
     Hudson's Bay Company - Fort Colvile as it is at this time


     Why Photos?
     Genealogical Resources of British Columbia
     Access Bishops' Transcripts
     Ancient Occupations
     BC Microfilm Collection
     Canadian Genealogical Resources
     Canadian Records of BMD
     Cemeteries Across Canada
     Canadian Census
     Catholic Church Records of the Pacific Northwest
     Checklist of Sources
     Diseases - Genetic
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     Genealogy Sites - List
     Goudie - Original Meaning
     Goudie Online
     Guide to UK Based Genealogy
     What can You do to help?
     Special Help and Tips for Beginning Genealogists
     Canadian Genealogy and History Links - History
     Family Members Who Were Part of Footnotes in History of British Columbia, Oregon, Washington
     How to purchase a birth certificate for Ireland
     Important Dates in British Columbia and Northwestern U.S.A. History
     Interesting Sites To Visit
     International Researchers List
     Irish surnames
     Land Claims Information Index
     Link to IGI International Genealogical Index with Explanations
     Naming Procedures for Surnames
     Oregon State Archives-Genealogy
     Organizations and Societies
     Manitoba - Genealogical Guide - Genealogical Resources
     Personal - Genealogy Web Sites - British Columbia
     Porlier Pass Lighthouse
     Porlier Pass History
     Relationship Calculator for Living Family Members
     Researchers in Canada
     Genealogy - Family History what is the difference?
   Search for Land Titles and Land Patents
     Vancouver Island Settlers
     Surname Variants - How do they come to be?
     Tracing Name Origins in Victoria
     Tracing your Scottish Ancestry
     Transferring Microfiche to Digital - Solutions
     List of British Isles Genealogy Look-up Sites on the Internet
     Ulster Scots
     Unsorted Links
     1790 USA Facts
     USA Resources
     Vancouver Island Cemeteries 
     Various Denominations of Churches
     Map of Southern Vancouver Island

 Historical Facts Which Impact Our Family

  Chilcotin War Newspaper Articles
  Grand Ronde History
  Catholic Church Records of the Pacific Northwest
  Bute Inlet Massacre
  Who Killed William Robinson
  Black Canadian History
  Pre 1900 Years - Canadian
  Sooke - Woodside

 Matriarchs & Patriarchs

   James Goudie [1809-1887] Scotland to British Columbia
   Granddaughter of Joseph Poirier - Lily Michelsen
   Grandmother of the West
   James Goudie Jr. 1836-1864 Bute Inlet Massacre

 Individual Land Claims

 Jean Baptiste Brule's Oregon Land Claim
 Jean Baptiste Brule's 2nd Oregon Land Claim
 Joseph Brule, Yamhill, Oregon, land claim research

 Photo Albums (in progress)

 Now and Then Photo Album
 Now and Then Photo Album 2
 Photos - Mary Ann Goudie nee Vautrin, Lily Goudie Haywood nee Michelsen; Alf Haywood, Fred Zarelli, Herb Blythe, Art Pedneault, Laurence Laberge


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