Victoria Court Registry
Orders Issued in Divorce and Matrimonial Causes, 1877-1931
Volume 2
Vol. 2 Pages 002, 8, 9 Petitioner: husband
Preston James and Wilson Ruth
Married 3 Dec 1895 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 8 May 1902 Absolute: 20 Nov 1902
Co-respondent(s): Guy G. Broughton
Remarks: see her petition for judicial separation from Guy Broughton v.3, p.5.
1901CEN, Victoria d.C2, p.9, l.1 & 2. Guy G. Broughton
1901CEN: Victoria, d.C2, p.9, l.35.
MR: James Preston, 32, r.Cadboro Bay, Victoria, b.Wellington Co, ON, pottery maker, Psb, s.o.Charles & Elizabeth mar Ruth Wilson, 35, r.Cadboro Bay, b.Wabash Co,
MN, USA, wid, Meth, d.o.Benjamin & Sarah Evans (d.C2, p.8, l.50), 3 Dec 1895, Victoria.
DR: James Preston, b.ON, 23 Dec 1858, d.Victoria, 2 Jun 1937, r.130 Menzies St, powder manufacturer, wid, parents n/k, informant: Elizabeth Evans, sister-in-law, 1531 Jubilee Ave, Victoria.

Vol. 2 Pages 005, 11 Petitioner: husband
Westwood Cicere C. and --- Della
Married 9 Jan 1892 at Toronto, ON Dissolved: 4 Mar 1902 Absolute: 3 Nov 1902
Co-respondent(s): Ivan Terry
Remarks: 1891CEN: Mountain & South Wellington, fam.239: Westwood: Fannie, 64, ENG, wid; Novello, 36, tinsmith, married, USA: Ceciro, 32, farmer, USA: Milton, 28, farmer, USA: George, 26, Student, BC; William, 25, farmer, married, BC; Joseph, 22, farmer, BC; Beullah, 2, BC; Genevieve, 1, BC & Beulah, 27, USA, married.
BR: (son): Cicero Cepriel Westwood, c.o. Cicero Westwood, farmer & Della Garrison, b.19 Apr 1893, Comox.
1901CEN: Victoria, d.15, p.16, l.29, Cicro C. Westwood.
DR: Cicero Cepral Westwood, 75, b.CA, USA, date n/g, d.Comox, 23 Dec 1933, r.1528 Charles St, Vancouver, blacksmith (retired), div, s.o. William Westwood, b.ENG & Fannie Tillie, b.ENG; informant: G.W.J. Westwood, brother, same address.
Times, May 28, 1902, pg 3: A private despatch received here contained the information that a warrant had been issued in San Francisco for the arrest of Thomas Deasy, former chief of the Victoria Fire dept, he being charged with mis-conduct with a woman, Mrs. Della Westwood, formerly of Nanaimo, and now residing at 236 Sutter St. San Francisco, CA. Mr. Deasy indignantly denies the charge. It was also said in SF that Mr. Deasy had deserted his wife, who is now in this city. This is untrue and the ex-chief’s many Victoria friends are confident that the other charge is equally foundation less. He left Victoria with the view of placing a patent fire escape, which he invented, with the fire depts of the larger American cities. Mrs. Westwood’s husband resides in Nanaimo. He some time ago instituted a suit for divorce against her, and it is now before the Supreme court in this city.

Vol. 2 Pages 007, 10 Petitioner: husband
Thom Andrew and --- Edith
Married 17 Nov 1887 Dissolved: 9 May 1902 Absolute: 14 Nov 1902
Co-respondent(s): Alexander Bertram Murray
Remarks: They had one child Robert Thom.
DN, Times, 11 Jul 1923, p.2: Andrew Thom, 75, b.Glasgow, SCT, leaves wid, Victoria; son: Robert, MT, USA.
DR: Andrew Thom, b.Glasgow, SCT, 10 Apr 1848, d.Victoria, 10 Jul 1923, r.2624 Victor St, Victoria, blacksmith, married, s.o. Robert Thom, b.SCT, mother, n/k.

Vol. 2 Pages 012 Petitioner: husband
Keepaymilt Samuel and --- Lizzie
Co-respondent(s): Joe Gain & Samuel James
Remarks: Filed 18 Feb 1903 - the petition was dismissed.

Vol. 2 Pages 013, 15 Petitioner: wife
Devlin Joseph C. and Rowbotham, nee Sutherland Lucy E.
Married 12 Oct 1898 at Victoria, BC
Remarks: Filed 31 Jul 1903 and a second session on 27 Nov 1903, no further action was recorded.
1891CEN: Victoria Johnson St Ward, d.4, fam.264: Devlin: Joseph C 42, ON; Carry, 32, ON; Joseph C., 4, BC; Edward 3, BC; Reberta 10, BC; Ethel 8, ON & Maud 0, BC.
1901CEN: Victoria, Joseph C. Devlin, d.15, p.19, l.9.; his wife is entered as Elizabeth.
MR: Joseph C. Devlin, 49, r.Victoria, b.Oshawa, ON, wid, commercial traveller, Meth, s.o. William & Eleanor mar Lucy E. Rowbotham, 33, r.Victoria, b.Brussels, BEL, wid, Meth, d.o. Arthur G. & Mary M. Sutherland, 12 Oct 1898, Victoria.
DR: Lucy Elizabeth Rowbotham, r.Vancouver, b.BEL, 19 Aug 1860, d.Point Grey, 28 Mar 1924, wid, d.o.Arthur Sutherland, b.ENG, mother n/k; informant: Charles James Rowbotham, son, Vancouver.
DR: Joseph C. Devlin, r.Kilkerran, BC, b.Oshawa, ON, 28 Oct 1848, d.Kilkerran, 11 Mar 1927, wid, parents n/k; informant: Joseph C. Devlin, jr, son, r.Kilkerran.

Vol. 2 Pages 014 Petitioner: both
Potter Thomas and Marshall Georgina
Married 14 May 1903 at Victoria, BC
Co-respondent(s): Reginald J. McDonnell, alias Etheridge
Remarks: Filed 11 Nov 1903 both parties were petitioning for divorce. The petition of Thomas Potter mentioned the co-respondent.
MR: Thomas Potter, 78, r.Victoria, b.Grantham, LIN, ENG, bachelor, hotel keeper, Prot, s.o.James & Ma--- mar Georgina Marshall, 29, r.Victoria, b.Boston, USA, RC, parents n/g, 14 May 1903, Victoria.
RBCR: Potter, Thomas, 92 y, 19 Jan 1917 at Vic, b.ENG.
DR: Thomas Potter, b.ENG, 92, d.Victoria, 19 Jan 1917, retired hotel keeper, wid, r.Chambers St, Victoria.

Vol. 2 Pages 016, 19, 26 Petitioner: husband
McLeod Dougald and Patterson Lulu Isabel
Married 26 Jun 1896 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 2 Feb 1904 Absolute: 14 Oct 1904
Remarks: MR: Dougald McLeod, 21, r. & b.Victoria, bach., blacksmith, Psb, s.o. Alexander & Mary Ann mar Lulu Isabel Patterson, 18, r.Victoria, b.Milton, OR, USA, spin., Bapt, d.o. Mic---- & Ida, 26 Jun 1896, Victoria.
MR: Dougald McLeod, 30, r.Humboldt St, Victoria, b.Victoria, wid, mail checker, Psb, s.o. A. & M.A. mar Elizabeth Maud Duncan, 23, r. & b. Victoria, spin., RC, d.o. J.S. & J.F. Clarke, 25 Sep 1905, Victoria.
DRI: Dougald McLeod, 6 Nov 1955, 80, Victoria.

Vol. 2 Pages 017, 20 Petitioner: wife
Allen John and McFaun Sarah
Dissolved: 8 Jan 1904 Absolute: 2 Feb 1904
Remarks: Children: Maud, George Edward, John, Elizabeth Steele, Roberta, Annabel & Nora.
BR: Norah Allen, b.Springfield Ave, Victoria West, 9 Mar 1898, d.o. John Allen, engine driver & Sarah McFaun.
1901CEN: Victoria, d.19, p.9, l.22-31.
DN, Times, 26 Dec 1935, p.13: Mrs Sarah Allen, r.1120 Fort St, Victoria, leaves sons: William & John; daus: Mrs E.J. Bird, Wellington; Mrs F.P. Clark, Nanaimo; Mrs A. Simpson, Stranger, AB; Mrs B. Armstrong, San Francisco, CA, USA & Mrs Lex Turner, San Diego, CA, USA.
DR: Sarah Allen, b.SCT, 12 Aug 1856, d.Victoria, 24 Dec 1935, r.1124 Fort St, Victoria, wid, d.o. ---- Kennedy, b.SCT & Isabell ---, b.SCT; informant: William Allen, son, r.1023 Colwood Rd.

Vol. 2 Pages 018, 29, 43, 44 Petitioner: husband
Dean McIntyre Daniel and Walker Edith
Married 11 Aug 1897 at Victoria, BC
Co-respondent(s): Edward Sager & Henry Alexander
Remarks: Filed 21 Jan 1904; last entry 29 Jul 1905. Edith's address was 124 Stewart St, Seattle, WA, USA.
1891CEN: Saanich North & Saanich South, fam.76: Dean: McIntyre, 23, farmer, BC.
MR: McIntyre Daniel Dean, 28, r.Saanich, b.Victoria, bach., farmer, CE, s.o.Solomon & Sarah mar Edith Olive Walker, 17, r.Saanich, b.JSY, CI, spin., CE, d.o.William Joseph & Edith Mary, 11 Aug 1897, Victoria.
DRI: McIntyre Dean, 17 Mar 1942, 76, Saanich.
MR: William E. Springstun, agent, wid, 46, Psb, r.Seattle, WA, USA, b.IN, USA mar Edith Olive Dean, wid, 40, CE, r.Seattle, WA, USA, d.o. Joseph William Walker, b.ENG & Edith Mary, b.ENG, 12 May 1921, Saanichton.

Vol. 2 Pages 021, 22, 30, 35, 41 Petitioner: husband
Oddy Benjamin Scarfe and Moody Florence Watson
Married 31 Mar 1898 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 7 Dec 1904 Absolute: 23 Jun 1905
Co-respondent(s): Edward Cole
Remarks: 1901CEN: Victoria, d.2, p.14, l.19-21.
MR: Edward Booth Tuohy, 23, r.Victoria, b.Chicago, IL, USA, bach., newspaper writer, RC, s.o. James D. & Margaret mar Florence Watson Moody, 19, r. & b.Victoria, Psb, d.o. Sewell Prescott & Janette, 30 May 1891, Victoria.
MR: Benjamin Scarfe Oddy, 44, r.Victoria, b.Bradford, YKS, ENG, bach, real estate agent, CE, s.o. Charles & Anne mar Florence Watson Moody, 26, spin., r.Foul Bay Rd, b.Victoria, Psb, d.o. Sewell Prescott & Janet McCausland Moody, 31 Mar 1898, Victoria.
DRI: Benjamin S. Oddy, 21 Nov 1925, 70, Victoria.
Obit Search: Oddy, Benjamin S., 21 Nov 1925, 70, Victoria.

Vol. 2 Pages 023, 25, 28, 40 Petitioner: wife
Ward William Arthur and Davie Isabel Maud
Married 5 Apr 1893 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 1 Nov 1904 Absolute: 2 May 1905
Remarks: MR: William Arthur Ward, 25, r. & b.Victoria, bach., merchant, CE, s.o. William Curtis & Lydia mar Isabel Maud Davie, 23, r. & b.Victoria, spin, CE, d.o. John Chapman & Kate, 5 Apr 1893, Victoria.

Vol. 2 Pages 024, 27, 37 Petitioner: husband
Kelly Frank and Smith Annie
Married 20 Jun 1900 at Rossland, BC Dissolved: 6 Dec 1904
Remarks: Filed 21 Oct 1904; last entry 6 Dec 1904.
MR: Frank Kelly, 24, r.Rossland, b.San Francisco, CA, USA, bach., miner, Meth, s.o. Patrick Kelly & Margaret Kerns mar Annie Smith, 18, r.Rossland, b.Bismark, ND, USA, spin, Salvationist, d.o. William Smith & Mary Carrol, 20 Jun 1900, Rossland.

Vol. 2 Pages 031, 33, 42 Petitioner: husband
Sinclair William Peter and Wilson Violet
Married 11 Jun 1901 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 6 Dec 1904 Absolute: 13 Jul 1905
Remarks: MR: William Peter Sinclair, 24, r. & b.Cadboro Bay, milkman, Psb, s.o. John & Ellen mar Violet Wilson, 19, r.'The Willows'. Cadboro Bay, b.Whatcom, WA, USA, Psb, d.o. John & Mart, 11 Jun 1901, Victoria.
MR: William Peter Sinclair, 32, r.Victoria, b.Cadboro Bay, dairyman, Psb, s.o. John & Mary Ellen mar Janet Brown, 26, r.Victoria, b.Leeds, ENG, Meth, d.o. William & Mary Elizabeth, 8 Dec 1909, Victoria.
RBCR: Sinclair, Janet, 30, 22 Jan 1914 at Victoria, b.YKS, ENG.
MR: William Peter Sinclair, farmer, 43, wid, Psb, r.1256 Fairfield Rd, Victoria, b.Cadboro Bay, s.o. John Sinclair, b.Glasgow, SCT & Helen McKay, b.Edinburgh, SCT mar Jessie Annie Clark, wid, 34, CE, r.1748 Lee Ave, b.Red Hill, Sry, ENG, d.o. William Huggett, b.E. Greenstad, SSX, ENG & Eleanor Kelsey, b.Chichester, SSX, ENG, 20 Oct 1920, Oak Bay.
DRI: William Peter Sinclair, 12 Apr 1936, 59, Victoria.

Vol. 2 Pages 032, 36 Petitioner: wife
Hall Herbert Ernest and Herd Elizabeth
Married 1 Jun 1886 at Victoria, BC
Remarks: The notice of petition was sent to Herbert Ernest Hall at Great Falls, MT, USA. Filed 3 Dec 1904; last reference 20 Jan 1905.
MR: Herbert Ernest Hall, 21, r.Chemainus, b.Glouchester, ON, bach., farmer, Meth, s.o. Louis & Elizabeth mar Elizabeth Herd, 20, r.Somenos, b.Perth, SCT, spin., Meth, d.o. Thomas & Isabella, 1 Jun 1886, Victoria.
1891CEN: Nanaimo City,South Ward, d.3, fam.340: Hall: Herbert, 26, dentist, ON; Elizabeth 25, SCT; Earnest 3, BC; Sydney 1, BC & George, 22, dentist, ON.

Vol. 2 Pages 037, 38, 39, 46 Petitioner: husband
Marpole Richard and Roach Emmeline
Dissolved: 13 Mar 1905 Absolute: 14 Sep 1905
Co-respondent(s): Arthur Griffin & James Dixon Townley
Remarks: They had separated 12 May 1899. Child: Richard Frederick Marpole.
1881CEN: Barrie, ON, d.1, p.78: MARPOLE: Richard, 31, WLS, station master; Emmeline, 27, ENG; John H., 6, ON; Clarence M., 3, ON & Dalton, 1, ON. All CE.
BRI: Richard F. Marpole, 27 Sep 1887, Kamloops.
DR: Richard Frederick Marpole, b.Kamloops, 26 Sep 1887, d.Vancouver, 30 Mar 1937, r.801 West Georgia St, Vancouver, retired merchant, h.o. Joy Marpole, s.o. Richard Marpole, b.WLS & Emmeline Roach, b.ENG.
1901CEN: Victoria, Emmeline Marpole, d.10, p.8, l.42.
MR: Richard Marpole, 53, r.Vancouver, b.MGY, WLS, divorced, railway official, C.P.R., CE, s.o. Richard & Eleanor mar Anna Isabel Holmes, 26, r.Victoria, b.Kingston, ON, spin., CE, d.o. Josiah Greenwood Holmes & Elizabeth Holmes, 16 Sep 1905, Victoria.
DRI: Richard Marpole, 8 Jun 1920, 69, Vancouver.
DR: Emmeline Marpole, b.ENG, 19 Apr 1854, d.Vancouver, 26 Nov 1933, r.2812 Yukon St, Vancouver, wid, d.o. John Roach, b.ENG & ---- Evans, b.ENG.

Vol. 2 Pages 045, 49, 50, 59 Petitioner: wife
Paxton Bertram and Crawford Jean Davidson
Married 30 Jul 1904 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 4 Nov 1905 Absolute: 14 May 1906
Remarks: MR: Bertram Paxton, 40, r.Victoria, b.Edinburgh, SCT, bach., storekeeper, Bapt, s.o. William Paxton & Elizabeth Bertram mar Jean Davidson Crawford, 25, r.Victoria, b.Edinburgh, SCT, spin., Bapt, d.o. William Crawford & Jane Davidson, 30 Jul 1904, Victoria.
DRI: Bertram Paxton, 1 May 1941, 77, Lynn Valley.

Vol. 2 Pages 047, 207, 226 Petitioner: wife
MacDonald Maynard Forbs and Robinson Minnie Edith
Married 9 Dec 1904 at Dominion Hotel, Victoria, BC Absolute: 30 Oct 1914
Remarks: The notice of petition was sent to Herbert Ernest Hall at Great Falls, MT, USA.
1901CEN: Victoria, Maynard F. MacDonald - d.8, p.11, l.4.
MR: Maynard Forbs MacDonald, r.Victoria, b.Seattle, WA, USA, bach., electrician, RC, s.o. James F. & E.J. mar Minnie Robinson, 20, r. & b.Nanaimo, spin., RC, C.H. & M.J., 8 Dec 1904, Victoria.
MR: Maynard Forbes MacDonald, 33, divorced, mechanic, r.Victoria, b.Seattle, WA, USA, Psb, s.o. James Forbes MacDonald, mechanic & Emma Jane Maynard mar Marjorie Kathleen Gordon, 29, spin., r.Victoria, b.ESS, ENG, CE, d.o.John Aberdeen Gordon, accountant & Louisa Emily Walker, 30 Oct 1915, Victoria.
DRI: Maynard Forbes MacDonald, 24 Apr 1936, 53, Victoria.
RBCR: MacDonald, Maynard F., 53 y 10 m d.24 Apr 1936 at Victoria, b.Seattle, WA, USA.

Vol. 2 Pages 048, 53, 68, 70 Petitioner: wife
Cotterham William Frederick and Watts Gerta
Married 20 Sep 1901 at Nanaimo, BC Dissolved: 5 Dec 1905 Absolute: 10 Dec 1906
Remarks: MR: William Frederick Cotterham, 26, r.Chemainus, b.London, ENG, bach., teamster, CE, s.o. William & Sarah mar Gertrude Watts, 19, r.Englishman River, b.SCT, spin., Psb, d.o. James & Mary, 20 Sep 1901, Nanaimo.



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