Victoria Court Registry
Orders Issued in Divorce and Matrimonial Causes, 1877-1931
Volume 3


Vol. 3 Pages 203, 206; v.4, p.8 Petitioner: husband
Holman Ernest and Hardwick Lottie Annie
Married 1 Nov 1909 at Vancouver, BC Dissolved: 4 Jun 1920
Co-respondent(s): William F. Harvey
Remarks: MR: Ernest Holman, 35, r.Vancouver, b.Portsmouth, ENG, restaurant proprietor, Epis, s.o.James William Holman & Elizabeth Ann Veal mar Lottie Annie Hardwick, 21, r.Vancouver, b.HEF, ENG, Epis, d.o. John Hardwick & Elizabeth Jane Truff, 1 Nov 1909, Vancouver.
WWI Attestation: Ernest Holman, b.Portsmouth, ENG, 31 Mar 1876, r.Nanaimo, cook. NOK: Mrs Lottie Annie Holman, wife, c/o Thompson, 217 Kenney St, Nanaimo. Papers signed: 29 Feb 1916, Nanaimo.
MR: William Francis Harvey, 29, bach., clerk, r.Victoria, b.IRL, CE, s.o. James Harvey, gentleman & Nora Rogan mar Lottie Annie Holman, 30, 'wid (D)', r.Victoria, b.ENG, Bapt, d.o. John Hardwick, gentleman & Elizabeth Trupp, 4 Jun 1920, Victoria.
MR: Ernest Holman, merchant, divorced, 48, r.Duncan, b. ENG, Epis, s.o.James Holman, b.ENG & Elizabeth Ann, b.ENG mar Alice Cook, 37, CE, r.Duncan, spin, b.ENG, d.o.Richard Cook, b.ENG & Rosa, b.ENG, 3 Jul 1922, Victoria.
DRI: Lottie Annie Harvey, 32, Victoria, 23 Mar 1922.
DN, Times, 23 Mar 1922, p.2: Mrs Lottie Annie Harvey, 32, w.o. William F. Harvey, r.2209 Lydia St, d.22 Mar 1922.
DRI: William Francis Harvey, 25 Mar 1922, 28, Victoria.
DN, Times, 27 Mar 1922, p.4: William Francis Harvey, d.25 Mar 1922. Mr Holman, first husband of Lottie Annie, was to take the 3 children from their marriage; the 2 children from the marriage to Harvey were to go to the orphanage as no relatives could be found.

Vol. 3 Pages 204 Petitioner: husband
Kelly Inglis Hastie and Buckmaster Lizzie
Married 6 Jul 1913 at Barkerville, BC
Co-respondent(s): Frank Murphy
Remarks: Filed 6 Feb 1920.
MR: Inglis Hastie Kelly, 31, bach, miner, r. & b.Barkerville, Psb, s.o. Andrew Kelly, retired hotel keeper & Ella Hastie mar Lizzie Buckmaster, 36, r. & b. Barkerville, spin, Meth, d.o. Henry Brown, dec. (saloon keeper) & Mary Catherine -----, 6 Jul 1913, Barkerville.
MR: Inglis Hastie Kelly, rancher, divorced, 38, Psb, r.Nightwood Ranch, Savona, BC, b.Barkerville, s.o. Andrew Kelly, b.SCT & Elizabeth Hastie, b.SCT mar Hattie Virginia McPhee, divorced, 29, CE, b.WA, USA, d.o. Martin Luther Carter, b.VA, USA & Francis Daniels, b.WY, USA, 13 Jul 1920, Victoria.
DRI: Inglis Hastie Kelly, 25 Jan 1954, 71, Kamloops.

Vol. 3 Pages 207, 227; v.4, p.10 Petitioner: wife
Bores Bores John and Julia
Remarks: A judicial separation was ordered 28 May 1920. They had 6 children. Julia lived at Ladysmith at this time.

Vol. 3 Pages 208, 212, 230, 249; v.4, p.6, 13 Petitioner: wife
Hewlett Ernest Edward and Brown Gladys
Married 3 Sep 1917 at North Vancouver, BC Dissolved: 30 Jun 1920
Remarks: MR: Ernest Edward Hewlett, 26, bach., horticulturalist, r.Vernon, b.Broughton, HAM, ENG, CE, s.o. Athur Hewlet, grocer & Annie Brown mar Gladys Brown, 25, spin., CE, r.256 10th St E., North Vancouver, b.Cardiff, WLS, d.o. Lwellin Brown, blacksmith & Mary A. Williams, 3 Dec 1917, North Vancouver.
WWI Attestation: Ernest Edward Hewlett, b.Broughton, HAM, ENG, 31 May 1892, r.256 10th St E., North Vancouver, CE, baker. NOK: Mrs Gladys Hewlett, wife, same address. Papers signed: 14 Jan 1918, Victoria.
MR: Harold Arthur Pocket Francis, clerk, bach, 25, Meth, r.1625 Nelson St, Vancouver, b.Southampton, ENG, s.o. George Francis, b.London, ENG & Louise Elizabeth Newman, b.Reading, ENG mar Gladys Mary Hewlett, divorced, 28, CE, r.256 - 10th St, North Vancouver, b.Cardiff, WLS, d.o.Llewlyn Brown, b.WLS & Mary Ann Williams, b.WLS, 9 Aug 1920, North Vancouver.
MR: Ernest Edward Hewlett, orchardist, div, 31, Ang, r.East Kelowna, b.HAM, ENG, s.o. Arthur Hewlett, b.ENG & Annie Brown, b.? mar Gertrude Munday, spin., 32, Ang, r.East Kelowna, b.London, ENG, d.o. Phillip Munday, b.ENG & Kate Hickman, b.London, ENG, 27 May 1922, Kelowna.
DRI: Ernest Edward Hewlett, 8 Jul 1962, 69, Victoria.

Vol. 3 Pages 209, 210, 222; v.4, p.31 Petitioner: husband
McNaughton Alfred Bruce and Miller Myrtle Rose
Married 10 Apr 1905 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 12 Mar 1920
Co-respondent(s): Philip Leslie Williams
Remarks: 1901CEN: Bruce McNaughten, d.19, p.3, l.41.
BR: Alfred Bruce McNaughton, b.8 Nov 1882, New Westminster, s.o.Charles Musgrave McNaughton, jeweller & Sarah Ward (nee Oldershaw). Informant: Sarah Ward, mother, Vic West, late registration 16 Aug 1900.
MR: Alfred Bruce McNaughton, 24, r.Victoria, b.CAN, bach., laborer, Bapt, s.o. Charles & Sarah mar Myrtle Rose Miller, 23, r.Victoria, b.USA, spin, Meth, d.o. Luther & Rose, 10 Apr 1905, Victoria.
DRI: Alfred Bruce McNaughton, 28 Nov 1950, 67, Colwood.

Vol. 3 Pages 216, 244 Petitioner: wife
McBain Hubert Blake and Clute Doris Leslie
Married 12 Apr 1910 at New Westminster, BC Dissolved: 26 Mar 1920
Remarks: Child: Charles Hubert.
MR: Hubert Blake McBain, 28, r.Vancouver, b.Peterboro, ON, bach., real estate agent, Psb, s.o. John James & Margaret Jane McBain mar Doris Leslie Clute, 19, r.Vancouver, b.New Westminster, spin., CE, d.o. John Stilwell & Jane Clute, 12 Apr 1910, New Westminster.
WWI Attestation: Hubert Blake McBain, b.Peterborough, ON, 14 Feb 1882, r.248 York St, Vancouver, insurance broker. NOK: Doris L. McBain, 948 Esquimalt Rd, Victoria, wife. Papers signed: 13 Dec 1915, Victoria.
MR: Hubert Blake McBain, 36, insurance broker, r.Vancouver, b.Peterboro, ON, bach., Psb, s.o. John James McBain & Margaret Jane McPherson mar Doris Abbott, 22, spin., bank clerk, r.Vancouver, b.Haigh, ENG, CE, d.o. H. Stanley Abbott, cashier & Fanny Clara Humphries, 21 Apr 1920, Vancouver.
MR: Templin Morris Powers Potts, engineer, Ang, 38, CE, r.Victoria, b.Washington, DC, s.o. Templin Morse Potts, b.USA & Anna Powers Cash, b.USA mar Dorris Leslie McBain, clerk, div, 32, CE, r.Victoria, b.New Westminster, d.o. John Stilwell Clute, b.Picton, ON & Jane Clarkson, b.Oshawa, ON, 17 Sep 1922, Victoria.
DRI: Doris Leslie Powers Potts, 10 Feb 1953, 62, Victoria.

Vol. 3 Pages 217, 218, 223, 225 Petitioner: husband
Chevalley Frank Cecil William and --- Sylvia Ermintrude
Married 4 Apr 1912 at Fulham, ENG
Remarks: The marriage was ordered null & void, 31 Mar 1920, by reason of frigidity & impotency of Sylvia Ermintrude. Filed 19 Mar 1920.
WWI Attestation: Frank Chevalley, b.Gospwith, HAM, ENG, 28 Oct 1885, farmer. NOK: Mrs S. Chevalley, 'wife', Royal Oak, . Papers signed: 3 Sep 1915, Victoria.
DR: Frank Cecil William Chevalley, 64, b.Fort Grange, Southampton, ENG, 28 Oct 1882, d.Saanich, approx. 27 Mar 1947, soldier, divorced, s.o. Francis Chevalley, b.ENG & Margaret Frances Hereford, b.ENG; informant: J.W. ------, brother-in-law, 2170 Lafayette St, Victoria.

Vol. 3 Pages 221, 235 Petitioner: husband
Bayliss Eli and Mills Louisa Ellen Nora
Dissolved: 19 Apr 1920
Co-respondent(s): Thad Battison
Remarks: MR: Eli Bayliss, 53, wid, machinist, r.Victoria, b.ON, Meth, s.o.William, gentleman & Isabella mar Frances Lily Harris, 35, spin., r.Victoria, b.ENG, CE, d.o. Charles, gentleman & Enid, 23 Apr 1920, Victoria.
DR: Louisa Ellen Noah Bayliss, 74, b.Jamestown, ON, d.Victoria, 27 Mar 1944, r.2717 Belmont Ave, Victoria, divorced from Eli Bayliss, d.o. James Mills, b.KEN, ENG & Mary Thomas Manuel, b.CON, ENG; informant: Mrs L. Mattison, dau, same address.

Vol. 3 Pages 226; v.4, p.23, 66 Petitioner: husband
Alsen Gustave Oscar and --- Lillian Susan
Married 6 Jun 1906 at Church of St. Paul's, Knightsbridge, London, ENG Dissolved: 3 Sep 1920 Absolute: 8 Mar 1921
Remarks: WWI Attestation: Gustave Oscar Alsen, b.London, ENG, 1 Jan 1884, chauffeur. NOK: Lilian Alsen, wife, 3590 18th Ave W., Vancouver. Papers signed: 13 Dec 1915, Vancouver.
DRI: Lillian Susan Alsen, 12 Mar 1953, 72, New Westminster.

Vol. 3 Pages 234; v.4, p.5 Petitioner: wife
Martin Charles Alex and Logan Sarah Elizabeth
Married 20 Mar 1915 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 25 May 1920
Remarks: BRI: Sarah Elizabeth C. Logan, 14 Dec 1899, Clo-oose.
MR: Charles Alexander Martin, 22, bach., mechanic, b. & r.Nanaimo, Psb, s.o. Charles Martin & Mary Collins mar Sarah Elizabeth Logan, 18, spin., r. & b.Clo-oose, Psb, d.o. David Logan & S.J. Usher, 20 Mar 1915, Victoria. They divorced in 1920.

Vol. 3 Pages 237, v.4, p.3 Petitioner: husband
Riddle Walter and Norris Kathleen Julia
Married 16 Mar 1914 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 25 May 1920
Co-respondent(s): Louis Pichon
Remarks: Child: Miles Walter.
MR: Walter Riddle, 24, nurseryman, r.Saanich, b.Winnipeg, MB, CE, s.o. John Riddle, retired & Phoebe Barrett mar Katherine Julia Norris, 20, r.Victoria, b.Rossland, d.o. Miles Norris, florist & Flora Noseda, no rel., 16 Mar 1914, Victoria. Note: in 1920, the name of the bride was corrected to Kathleen Julia Norris.
MR: Walter Riddle, 34, nurseryman, divorced, r.Victoria, b.Winnipeg, MB, CE, s.o. John Riddle, b.NTH, ENG & Phoebe Barrett, b.NOR, ENG mar Annie Hilda Purdey, dressmaker, CE, 30, r.Victoria, b.Moosomin, SK, d.o. Thomas Richard Purdy, b.Nulford, SRY, ENG & Annie Bird, b.Huntington, ENG, 3 Jul 1924, Victoria.

Vol. 3 Pages 238 Petitioner: husband
Churton Arthur Stanley and Ridley Rose Hannah
Married 19 Jan 1904 at Chilliwack, BC
Co-respondent(s): Jack Davis
Remarks: Filed 29 Sep 1919; the last entry was 18 Oct 1921. The place of the trial was to be changed from Revelstoke to Vancouver.
1901CEN: Victoria, Arthur Stanley Churton, d.6, p.31, l.7.
MR: Arthur Stanley Churton, 24, r.Victoria, b.New Westminster, bach., baker, CE, s.o. Arthur Wesley & Wilhimena mar Rose Hannah Ridley, 19, r.Chilliwack, b.ENG, spin., CE, d.o. David & Mary Jane, 19 Jan 1904, Chilliwack.
MR: Arthur Stanley Churton, labour foreman, div, 47, REpis, r.1890 Balmoral St, Edmonds, BC, b.New Westminster, s.o. Arthur Wellesbury Churton, b.London, ENG & ----- Corwic, PRU mar Laura Annie Livery, spin, 27, Mormon, r.122 7th St, New Westminster, b.Bay, St. Paul, MB, d.o. Eugene H. Livery, b.Montreal & Mary Brenner, St. Charles, MB, 18 Feb 1925, New Westminster.
DRI: Arthur Stanley Churton, 22 Feb 1965, 72, New Westminster.
DRI: Anna Laura Churton, 25 Apr 1978, 80, Burnaby.

Vol. 3 Pages 239; v.4, p.16 Petitioner: husband
McKerns Robert Ewart and Sleaper Sybil Nellie Evelyn
Married 27 May 1911 at London, ENG Dissolved: 29 Jun 1920
Co-respondent(s): Pete Pallantieri
Remarks: Child: Barbara Sybil. See v.5, p.185 for his second divorce.
MR: Pasqual Pallantiri, miner, bach., 36, RC, r.Nanaimo, b.ITL, s.o. Caso Pallantiri & Marie Pasqual, b.ITL mar mar Sybil Evelyn Nellie McKerns, divorced, 30, Ang, r.2111 Ida St, Victoria, b.London, ENG, d.o. ----- Sleaper, b. n/k & Francesca Sleaper, b. n/k, 28 Feb 1921, Victoria.
MR: Robert Ewart McKerns, driver, div, 27, CE, r.Victoria, b.London, ENG, s.o. John Mackie McKerns, b.Kilmarnock, SCt & Hannah Atkinson, b.Mauritius mar Beatrice Annie Hutchinson, spin., 18, CE, r.Victoria, b.Nottingham, ENG, d.o.John Henry Hutchinson, b.ENG & Beatrice Annie Turton, b.Nottingham, ENG, 14 Dec 1921, Victoria.
DRI: Robert Ewart McKerns, 3 Feb 1954, 64, Victoria.
DR: Cilestina Pallantieri, 32, b.ITL, date n/g, d.Victoria, 4 Aug 1919, married, r.219 Superior St, Victoria, d.o.Andrew Narmi, b.ITL , mother n/k.
DR: Pasquale Pallantieri, 79, b.ITL, 20 Nov 1881, d.North Vancouver, 16 Mar 1961, retired labourer, r.252 E. 15th St, North Vancouver, h.o. Assunta de Marco, s.o.Cesare Pallantieri, b.ITL & Maria Domanica.

Vol. 3 Pages 240 Petitioner: husband
Smith Charles Coxon and Towsley Anita Elliott
Married 1 Jun 1913 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 26 Apr 1920
Co-respondent(s): Ebert Brown
Remarks: BRI: Charles Coxon Smith, 5 Mar 1877, Victoria.
MR: Charles Coxon Smith, 36, bach., contractor & builder, r.169 Joseph St, Victoria, b.Victoria, Meth, s.o. Henry Smith, farmer & Agnes Moorley (d.4, p.1, l.48-9) mar Anita Towsley, 22, wid, r.Seattle, WA, USA, b.MEX, Meth, d.o. Charles Elliott, druggist & Emma Booth, 1 Jun 1913, Victoria.
MR: Ebert Brown, fireman, bach., 22, Meth, r.Charleston Apts, Victoria, b.Nanaimo, Alma Roy Brown, b.USA & Elizabeth Bradburn, b.ENG mar Anita Elliott Smith, waitress, div, 26, Meth, r.Charleston Apts, Victoria, b. ?, ----? Elliott, b.USA & Emma Booth, b.USA, Elliott, 20 Jan 1921, Victoria.
RBCR: Charles Coxen Smith, 62 y 4 m, 12 Jul 1939, b. & d.Victoria.

Vol. 3 Pages 243; v.4, p.7, 15 Petitioner: wife
Goodacre Samuel William Sketchley and --- Mary Helen
Married 5 Nov 1910 at Stillwater,
MN, USA Dissolved: 23 Jun 1920
Remarks: 1901CEN: D.12, p.1, l.4.
BRI: Samuel William S. Goodacre, 16 Aug 1883, Victoria.
DRI: Samuel William S. Goodacre, 13 Aug 1951, 67, Victoria.

Vol. 3 Pages 246 Petitioner: wife
Wise Ernest Singleton and --- Madeline Amelia
Remarks: Filed 5 May 1920. See also their other petition for divorce, V.5, p.283.

Vol. 3 Pages 250 Petitioner: wife
Robertson George Edward Livingston and Connors Mabel Johanna
Married 15 Feb 1906 at Vancouver, BC
Remarks: Filed 23 Apr 1920. See other petition for divorce v.5, p.016.
MR: George Edward Livingstone Robertson, 33, r.Victoria, b.Dundas, SCT, bach., master mariner, Epis, s.o. Horatio John Robertson & Wilhelmina Agnes Livingstone mar Mabel Johanna Connors, 19, r.Vancouver, b.Denver, CO, USA, Psb, d.o. William James Connors & Marie Johanna Wulston, 15 Feb 1906, Vancouver.
MR: William Edward Gardner, mariner, div, 53, Meth, r.Victoria, b.NS, s.o. William E. Gardner, b.NS & Elvena Gardner, b.NS mar Mabel Johana Robertson, div, 38, Psb, r.Victoria, b.USA, d.o. William Connors, b.USA & Marie Connors, b.GER, 2 May 1924, Victoria.
DRI: Mabel Johanna Gardner, 9 Nov 1968, 81, Victoria.



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