Victoria Court Registry
Orders Issued in Divorce and Matrimonial Causes, 1877-1931
Volume 4


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Vol. 4 Pages 001, 55 Petitioner: husband
Chetham Leonard D. and Revsbeck Minnie
Married 29 Jun 1898 at Yale, BC Dissolved: 20 Dec 1920
Co-respondent(s): Norman Pearson
Remarks: MR: Leonard Dickinson Chetham, 28, r.North Bend, b.ENG, CE, yeoman, s.o. John & Mary mar Minnie Revsbeck, 22, r.Yale, b.NS, CE, d.o.Andrew & Jessie, 29 Jun 1898, Yale District.
MR: Leonard Dickson Chetham, C.P.R. agent, div, 54, CE, r.1103 Langley St, Victoria, b.Matlock, ENG, s.o. John Baldwinch, b.ENG & Mary, b.ENG mar Jessie Gertrude Maria De La Haye, spin., 43, CE, b.Toronto Apts, Victoria, b.Hawkhurst, KEN, ENG, d.o. George De La Haye, b.YKS, ENG & Jessie Willia, b.IND, 28 Feb 1924, Victoria.
DRI: Leonard Dickinson Chetham, 15 Apr 1937, 67, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 002, 42 Petitioner: wife
Lloyd Farquhar Celylin and Malet Hilda Mary Jeanne
Married 3 Apr 1900 at Chelsea, London, ENG Dissolved: 25 Oct 1920
Remarks: MR: John Trafford Joule (d.2, p.11, l.20), military, bach., 28, CE, r. & b. Victoria, s.o. Alfred Joule, b.ENG & Hellan, b.ENG mar Hilda Mary Jeanne Lloyd, div, 31, CE, r.Victoria, b.ENG, d.o. William Malet, b.ENG & Hallen, b.ENG, 6 Nov 1920, Victoria.
MR: Farquhar Celynin Lloyd, farmer, wid, 40, CE, r.Crofton, b.ENG, s.o.Albert Lloyd, b.ENG & Emily, b.ENG mar Teresa Elizebeth Parsons, spin., 25, RC, r.Crofton, b.ENG, d.o. James Parsons, b.ENG & Ellen, b.ENG, 14 Dec 1920, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 009 Petitioner: husband
Sargison Reginald and Croft Agnes June
Married 12 Aug 1913 at Vancouver, BC
Co-respondent(s): Thomas Bayley
Remarks: Filed 10 Jun 1920.
MR: Reginald Sargeson, 22, r.Victoria, b.Tacoma, WA, USA, bach., clerk, Meth, s.o. A.G. Sargison & Fannie Jackson mar Agnes June Craft, 23, r. & b.Bellingham, WA, USA, spin, d.o. Samuel Gourley Craft & Lillian Wells, 12 Aug 1913, Vancouver.

Vol. 4 Pages 012, 20, 138, 141, 146 Petitioner: husband
Brown Charles and Brukman Annie Gertrude
Married 24 Apr 1912 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 28 Feb 1923
Co-respondent(s): Leon J. Camsusa & Herbert Allyn
Remarks: 1901CEN: Victoria, Charley Brown, d.11, p.12, l.32.
MR: Charles Brown, 22, r.Pembroke St, Victoria, b.Montreal, QC, bach., plumber, CE, s.o. Robert Brown & Mary Gordon mar Annie Gertrude Brukman, 18, r.Phoenix St, Victoria West, b.Victoria, spin., CE, d.o. Martin Brukman & Mary Young, 24 Apr 1912, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 014, 18, 24, 53 Petitioner: husband
Axon James Henry and --- Ann Ellen
Married 7 Sep 1901 at Blackburn, LAN, ENG Dissolved: 17 Dec 1920
Co-respondent(s): Chris Nilsen
Remarks: Infant children: Barbery; Dennis Rivers & James Alfred.
MR: James Henry Axon, engineer, div, 43, CE, r.423 Cook St, Victoria, b.ENG, s.o. Henry Axon, b.ENG & Barbara Taylor, b.ENG mar Emmie Hawthorne, spin., 41, CE, r.516 Victoria Ave, Victoria, b.Wolverhampton, ENG, d.o. Henry Hawthorne, b.Wolverhampton, ENG & Susannah Carrington, b.Wolverhampton, ENG, 25 Dec 1921, Victoria.
DR: James Henry Axon, 51, b.CHS, ENG, 7 Mar 1878, d.Oak Bay, 14 Mar 1929, r.516 Victoria Ave, Oak Bay, h.o.Emmie Axon, s.o.Mr. Axon, b.ENG & Barbara Taylor, b.SCT.

Vol. 4 Pages 019, 28, 38 Petitioner: husband
Gill John Oswald and Christiano Victoria
Married 24 Dec 1917 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 14 Oct 1920
Co-respondent(s): D. Masilotti
Remarks: MR: Daniel Masiloto, 22, b.ITL, r.1007 Odlum Dr, Vancouver, plasterer, RC, s.o. William Masiloto & Jane Christiano mar Victoria Christiano, 17, b.ITL, r. 1375 Gravely St, Vancouver, RC, d.o. Francis Christiano & Rose Vedabella, 8 Oct 1911, Vancouver.
MR: John Oswald Gill, 24, b.ON, rancher, r.Murrayville, BC, Psb, s.o. John Gill, retired & Jessie Thompson mar Victoria Masilotti, 23, b.ITL, divorced, laundress, RC, r.Scott & 13th E., Vancouver, Christian, d.o. Frank Christian, laborer & Rosann Fanelene, 24 Dec 1917, Vancouver.
MR: John Oswald Gill, barrister-at-law, div, 27, Psb, r.817 Cambie St, Vancouver, b.Port Elgin, Bruce Co, ON, s.o.John Gill, b.Fergus, ON & Jenny Thornton, b.Listowell, ON mar Ethel Jean MacPherson, spin., 27, Psb, r.Blundell Station, Eburne P.O., BC b.Springhill, NS, d.o. Andrew MacPherson, b.Springhill, NS & Jessie Isabel Stuart, b.New Glasgow, NS, 5 Sep 1921, West Point Grey, Vancouver.
DRI: John Oswald Gill, 5 Nov 1966, 71, Vancouver.

Vol. 4 Pages 025, 33, 95 Petitioner: husband
Nicol William Baxter and Nancarrow Marion
Married 21 Sep 1906 at Blackpool, LAN, ENG Dissolved: 20 Sep 1920 Absolute: 29 Apr 1921
Co-respondent(s): F. G. Armstrong
Remarks: Children: William Lester; Arnold Hector & Cecil Douglas.
MR: Henry Sinclere Ewing, plumber, bach., 41, Meth, r.428 Graham Ave, Seattle, WA, USA, b.Boottle, LAN, ENG, s.o. Henry Sinclere Ewing, b.Dundee, SCT & Sarah Janet Clark, Chester, CHS, ENG mar Marianne Nicol, div, 38, Meth, r.1215 Carlyle St, Esquimalt, b.Stafford, ENG, d.o. John Nancarrow, b.CON, ENG & Sarah Elizabeth Goodwin, b.CHS, ENG, 29 Jul 1921, Esquimalt.

Vol. 4 Pages 026, 36, 71 Petitioner: husband
Sturgeon Benjamin Howard and Flesh Wilhelmena
Married 19 Dec 1910 at Happy Valley, Metchosin, BC Dissolved: 28 Sep 1920 Absolute: 1 Apr 1921
Co-respondent(s): William F. Herd
Remarks: Children: Howard Charles & Kenneth Cecil.
1901CEN: Williamina Flesh, d.14, p.2, l.32.
MR: Benjamin Howard Sturgeon, 29, r.Victoria, b.Fredericton, NB, bach., foreman labourer, Psb, s.o. James & Barbara mar Wilhelmina Flesh, 18, r.Happy Valley, Metchosin, b.Salt Spring Island, spin, CE, d.o. Charles Sherman & Martha Ada, 17 Dec 1910, Victoria.
MR: Axel Abbol Carlson, carpenter, 31, r.444 Gore Ave, Vancouver, b.FIN, bach., Lu, s.o. Carl Henrick Abbol, b.FIN & Wilhelmina, b.FIN mar Wilhelmina Sturgeon, housekeeper, divorced, 27, r.52 Hastings E., Vancouver, b.Victoria, CE, d.o. Charles Sherman Flesh, b.USA & Martha Flesh,b.Victoria, 5 Apr 1921, Vancouver.
MR: Evan Brett Anderson McMillan, 30, r.151 Hastings E., Vancouver, b.SCT, bach., machinist, Prot, s.o. Colin Campbell McMillan, b.SCT & Beatrice Anderson, b.SCT mar Wilhelmina Flesh, 30, r.169 Pender W., Vancouver, b.Victoria, spin, Prot, d.o. Charles Flesh, b.OH, USA & Martha Sampson, b.Victoria, 8 May 1924, Vancouver. Notedd added: Marriage dissolved at Vancouver, 21 May 1942.
DRI: Benjamin Howard Sturgeon, 5 Sep 1957, 80, Comox.

Vol. 4 Pages 027, 44 Petitioner: wife
Chalmers John Scrymageour and Grant Frances
Married 16 Jul 1913 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 23 Oct 1920
Remarks: ……Rems: MR: John Scrymageour Chalmers, 26, bach., reporter, r.Victoria, b.Hawick, religion - n/g, s.o. Thomas Chalmers, merchant & Helen Davidson mar Frances Willard Grant, 20, spin., r. & b.Victoria, CE, d.o. Gordon Fraser Grant, master mariner & Maria Heathfield Collard, 16 Jul 1913, Victoria.
WWI Attestation: John Scrymageour Chalmers, b.Edinburgh, SCT, 21 May 1887, r.Olympic Club, San Francisco, CA, USA, journalist. NOK: Frances Chalmers, wife, Matsonia Apts, San Francisco, CA, USA,. Papers signed: 19 May 1917, Vancouver.
MR: Kenneth Barr, lumber broker, 41, CE, r.Waterloo St, Vancouver, b.SSX, ENG, s.o. Harry Barr, b.SSX, ENG & Ellen Saunders, b.YKS, ENG mar Frances Willard Chalmers, stenographer, div, 26, CE, r. & b.Victoria, d.o. Gordon Fraser Grant, b.NS & Mariah Pollard, b.CAN, Grant, 19 Nov 1920, Vancouver. 

Vol. 4 Pages 029, 47 Petitioner: wife
Little Herbert and --- Sarah
Married 5 Mar 1910 at Workington, CUL, ENG Dissolved: 29 Oct 1920
Remarks: Child: Hodgson.

Vol. 4 Pages 032, 43 Petitioner: wife
Meighen Reginald Arthur and --- Mary Hurst
Married 23 Apr 1910 at Peterborough, ON Dissolved: 28 Oct 1920
Remarks: WWI Attestation: Reginald Arthur Meighen, b.Perth, ON, 16 Aug 1884, r.Perth, ON, cook. NOK: Mary Meighen 2653 Graham St, Victoria, wife; scratched out and Julia T. Meighen, Perth, ON, mother, added. Papers signed: 9 Oct 1917, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 035, 82, 100 Petitioner: husband
Good Read James and Raftis Ruby
Married 3 Sep 1912 at Courtenay, BC Dissolved: 15 Jun 1921
Remarks: Her name was entered as Ruby Good, falsely called Ruby Hoffman, now Ruby Pock. She was reported to have admitted to a witness that she had previously married to Nick Raftis on 2 Apr 1912 at Oregon City under the name Minnie Hoffman. Her right name was Ruby Minnie May Hoffman, was 18 y and had her fathers consent but not her mothers. Nick Raftis was alive and still married to Raftis on 3 Sep 1912 when she married Good.
MRI: Read James Good mar Ruby Hoffman, 3 Sep 1912, Cumberland (not filmed).
WWI Attestation: Read James Good, b.Woodstock, NB, 25 Dec 1887, r.17 Salisbury Dr, Vancouver, mechanic, single. NOK: Mrs H. Good, same address, mother. Papers signed: 17 Aug 1917, Vancouver.
MR: Read James Good, engineer, bach., 34, Bapt, r.Headquarters, BC, b.Woodstock, NB, s.o. Hiram Good, b.ON & Eliza Harrington, b.Melville, NS mar Annie Beckinsell, spin., 22, Ang, r. & b.Comox, d.o. Thomas Beckinsell, b.ENG & Alice Beauchamp, b.ENG, 11 Jun 1923, Courtenay.
DRI: Read James Good, 12 May 1947, 59, Essondale.

Vol. 4 Pages 037, 54, 81 Petitioner: wife
Boona George and --- Irene Elizabeth
Remarks: This marriage was ordered null and void, 15 Apr 1921, as George Boona had been previously married and his wife was still living.

Vol. 4 Pages 041 Petitioner: wife
Campbell Stuart and --- Grace Mildred
Remarks: Notice was sent to him at the Panama Canal Zone and copies to Daniel Campbell, 1929 Ash St, Victoria. Filed 25 Oct 1920.
1901CEN: Stewart Campbell, d.A1, p.8, l.6.
DR: Stuart Campbell, b.Victoria, 25 Apr 1894, d.Essondale, BC, 22 Nov 1957, r.378 Notre Dame Ave, Essondale, logger, h.o. Nash, Mildred Grace, parents n/k.

Vol. 4 Pages 045, 91, 133, 151, 241, 242 Petitioner: wife
Mair John (otherwise Ian) and Hutchison Janet Forster
Married 17 Nov 1906 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 20 Dec 1921
Remarks: Children: John & Olaf.
MRI: John Mair mar Janet Forster Hutchison, 17 Nov 1906, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 046, 67 (note there were 2 pg. 46's) Petitioner: husband
Tunbridge Alexander Richard Tuear-Sly and --- Norah
Married 10 Dec 1913 at London, ENG Dissolved: 22 Feb 1921
Co-respondent(s): Thomas Aitken
Remarks: MR: Alexander Richard Tuear-Sly Tunbridge, lawyer, div, 33, Ang, r.Courtenay, b.ENG s.o. Thomas Tuear-Sly Tunbridge, b.ENG & Mary Proctor, b.ENG mar Adelaide Sarah Monahan, div, 35, Ang, r.Courtenay, b.Comox, d.o. William Harold Machin, b.ENG & Mary Graham, b.Toronto, ON, 14 Mar 1921, Cumberland.

Vol. 4 Pages 046, 68, 96, 101 Petitioner: husband
Winningham Joseph Daniel and Murrant Lucy
Married 5 Dec 1899 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 15 Jun 1921
Co-respondent(s): Sergeant Runels
Remarks: 1901CEN: Winningham family, d.17, p.14, l.9-11
1901CEN: Victoria Johnson St Ward, d.1, fam.405: Marant: John, 48, labourer, NF; Susan, 45; Richard, 12; Lucy, 11, NF; Mary, 9, NF & Lea, 5, NF.
MR: Joseph O. Winningham, 24, r.Victoria, b.Haley, ID, USA, bach., employee Driard Hotel, Bapt, s.o. Pleasant & Adeline mar Lucy Edith Murrant, 19, r.19 Pioneer St, Victoria, b. St. Johns, NF, spin., CE, d.o. John & Susan, 16 Dec 1899, Victoria.
MR: Joseph Daniel Winningham, div, 47, Ang, r.Courtenay, b.ID, USA, s.o. Pleasant Winningham, b.USA & Adaline Cowan, b.USA mar Arabell Rudd, div, 42, Ang, r. & b.Victoria, d.o. James Hood, b.ENG & Emma Rapson, b.Stockton, CA, USA, 4 Apr 1922, Victoria. (see her divorce v.4, p.40)
DRI: Joseph Daniel Winningham, 12 May 1923, 49, Comox.

Vol. 4 Pages 048, 56 Petitioner: husband
Woodruff Woodruff Arthur Ernest and Brown Jemima
Married 22 Dec 1914 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 8 Dec 1920
Co-respondent(s): Louis Morell
Remarks: See her first divorce v.2, p.152. See his second divorce v.5, p.125.
1901CEN: Arthur Woodruff; d.D1, p.6, l.2.
MR: Arthur Ernest Woodruff, 22, bach., teamster, r. & b.Victoria, Meth, s.o. George Woodruff, stonemason & Mary Turpin mar Jemima Brown, 23, spin, r.Victoria, b.East Sooke, d.o. Charles Brown, occ. n/g & Susan Hughes, 22 Dec 1914, Victoria.
DRI: Arthur Ernest Woodruff, 20 Oct 1952, 59, Metchosin.

Vol. 4 Pages 049, 88 Petitioner: husband
Ward Walter and --- Marion Louisa
Married 11 Mar 1906 at Toronto, ON Dissolved: 5 May 1921
Co-respondent(s): George Larsen
Remarks: MR: Walter Ward, merchant, divorced, CE, 45, r.Victoria, b.ENG, s.o. William Ward, b.ENG & Esther Mary Ann Lees mar Lucy Medley, spin, 46, CE, r.Victoria, b.ENG, d.o. Edward Medley, b.ENG & Marth Medley, b.ENG, 11 Jul 1925, Victoria.
MR: Holger Jorgen Georgen Lassen, longshoreman, bach., 37, religion - P., r.33 Simcoe St, Victoria, b.DEN, s.o. Guns Lassen, b.SWE & Hansins Sghorth, b.DEN mar Marion Lousa Ward, div, 37, Ang, same address, b.London, ENG, Thomas Long, b.ENG & Martha -----, b.n/k, 25 Jan 1926, Victoria.




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