Victoria Court Registry
Orders Issued in Divorce and Matrimonial Causes, 1877-1931
Volume 4


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Vol. 4 Pages 152, 161 Petitioner: husband
Le Mare Percy and Hardy Sarah Kathleen
Married 19 Aug 1914 at Kamloops, BC Dissolved: 9 Jun 1922
Co-respondent(s): Samuel Cowan
Remarks: Child: Philip Hardy.
MR: Percy Lamartine Le Mare, 35, bach., district forester, r.Lillooet, b.Belgaum, IND, CE, s.o. Ebenezer Le Mare & Sarah Jane Hawer mar Sarah Kathleen Hardy, 24, spin., r.Chuchua, b.Alvastone, DBY, ENG, CE, d.o. Henry Hardy & Sarah W. Furniss, 19 Aug 1914, Kamloops.
MR: Samuel Cowan, rancher, bach., 32, Ang, r.Hammond, BC, b.Cork, Henry Cowan, b.IRl & Hester Greenleigh, b.ENG mar Sarah Kathleen Le Mare, div. 32, Ang, r.Hammond, b.Alvaston, DBY, ENG, d.o. Henry Hardy, b.Alveston & Sarah Furniss, b.Matlock, ENG, 24 Oct 1922, Vancouver.
DRI: Percy Lamartine Lemare, 5 Feb 1962, 83, Comox.
DRI: Sarah Kathleen Cowan, 24 Nov 1974, 83, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 153, 170, 173 Petitioner: wife
Johnson Cecil Wilson and Frean Margaret
Married 2 Sep 1913 at Hurlingham, near Gateway, East Kootenay, BC Dissolved: 21 Sep 1922
Remarks: A copy of the citation was sent to Cecil Wilson's brother, Mr Evelyn Johnson, 'Bourne', Ashover, near Chesterfield, DBY, ENG.
MR: Cecil Wilson Johnson, 32, bach., rancher, r.Gateway, b.ENG, CE, s.o. Rev. Henry R.A. Johnson, clergyman & Mrs Henry Johnson mar Margaret Frean, 26, spin., r.Gateway, b.AUS, CE, d.o. George Moore Frean, ----- cutter & Emily Sophia Kemp, 20 Sep 1913, Gateway.
DRI: Cecil Wilson Johnson, 11 Feb 1948, 66, Saanich.

Vol. 4 Pages 154, 182 Petitioner: wife
Gray Albert James and Neal Christina Aurora Nunelly
Married 6 Mar 1918 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 15 Nov 1922
Remarks: See his first divorce v.3, p.51, 53, 54.
MR: Albert James Gray, 40, wid, clerk, r. & b.Victoria, Meth, s.o. Edward James Gray, contractor & Hattie Gay mar Christine Aurora Nunelly Neal, 22, r.Victoria, b.AR, USA, Christian Church, d.o.Paul B. Neal, lawyer & Ella K. Nunelly, 6 Mar 1918, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 155 Petitioner: wife
Raymur James Arnold and McCabe Catherine Ellen
Married 31 Jan 1912 at Victoria, BC
Remarks: 1901CEN: Arnold Raymur, d.5, p.6, l.11 & Kate C. McCabe, d.6, p.14, l.44.
BRI: James Arnold Raymur, 28 Nov 1886, Victoria.
MR: James Arnold Raymur, 26, r.Keating, b.Victoria, bach, farmer, Ang, s.o. James Lawson Raymur & Elizabeth Higgins mar Catherine Ellen McCabe, 21, r.Victoria, b.Brenard,
MN, USA, spin, RC, d.o. Matthew Hugh McCabe & Margaret Ellen O'Brien, 31 Jan 1912, Victoria.
DN, Times, 24 Apr 1939, p.11: Arnold Raymur, 53, b.Victoria, 1886, d.Seattle, WA, USA, 23 Apr 1939, s.o. Mr & Mrs James L. Raymur, grandson of the late Hon. D.W. Higgins, leaves wid & an adopted son in Seattle, WA, USA;
BR: Kenneth Raymur, Vancouver; uncles: Frank Higgins, Victoria & Dr. Paul Higgins, CA, USA.

Vol. 4 Pages 157, 185, 195 Petitioner: wife
Gordon Stuart H. and Gray Alice Cameron
Married 10 Jan 1910 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 1 Feb 1923
Remarks: Stuart H. Gordon was living at Anchorage, Alaska.
MR: Stuart Hugh Gordon, 20, r.Victoria, b.New Westminster, bach., eletrician, CE, s.o. John ----? & Louisa Emily mar Alice Cameron Gray, 20, r.Victoria, b.Winnipeg, MB, spin, Cong, d.o. Thomas & Maroley, 10 Jan 1910, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 160, 176, 178 Petitioner: wife
Earp John Wilfred and --- Kate
Married 21 Jun 1918 at Vancouver, BC Dissolved: 17 Oct 1922
Remarks: John Wilfred Earp was living at NTT, ENG, 1922.
MR: John Wilfred Earp, 37, wid, gardener, r.730 Princess Ave, Victoria, b.DBY, ENG, CE, s.o. John Earp, butcher & Sarah Barber mar Kate Keating, 35, wid, r.Field Apts, Victoria, b.Nottingham, ENG, d.o. William Gough, bottle dealer & Mary Gannon, 21 Jun 1918, Vancouver.

Vol. 4 Pages 166, 168 Petitioner: wife
MacDonald John Stuart and --- Annie Elizabeth
Married 7 Mar 1912 at Seattle, WA, USA Dissolved: 30 Jun 1922
Remarks: MR: Kenneth Spence, civil engineer, bach., 36, Psb, r.Blackstone Mine, AB, b.Missanabie, ON, s.o. Gilbert Spence mar Annie Elizabeth MacDonald, divorced, 27, Psb, r.Vancouver, b.Tottenham, ON, d.o. D.C. Fisher, b.Glengarry, SCT & Annie E. Yeaman, b.DEV, ENG, 16 Aug 1922, Vancouver.
DR: John Stuart MacDonald, 52, b.MB, 14 Sep 1885, d.Vancouver, 22 Dec 1937, r.3850 W 25th Ave, Vancouver, oil salesman, h.o. Ursula M. MacDonald, s.o. Alex MacDonald, b.ON & Emma MacMillan, b.ON.

Vol. 4 Pages 167, 177 Petitioner: husband
Locke James Eben and Bishop Margaret
Married 28 Oct 1910 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 12 Oct 1922
Co-respondent(s): George W. Burney
Remarks: MR: James Eben Locke (d.6, p.23, p.18), 22, r.Victoria, b.Antwep, BEL, assistant purser, CE, s.o. Leonard Pye & Emily Locke mar Margaret Nesbitt Bishop (d.17, p.6, l.31), 21, r. & b.Victoria, CE, d.o. George & Helen Bishop, 28 Oct 1910, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 171, 172 Petitioner: wife
Gilchrist George Lansdell and Johnson Gladys Ruby Patti
Married 22 Mar 1911 at Nelson, BC Dissolved: 21 Sep 1922
Remarks: Children: Irene & Montague.
MR: George Lansdell Gilchrist, 25, r.Nelson, b.Brandon, MB, bach., post office clerk, CE, s.o. George Nichol Gilchrist & Emily Payne mar Gladys Ruby Patti Johnson, 19, r.Nelson, b.Eastville, Bristol, ENG, spin., CE, d.o. Constantine Gledhill Johnson & Evangeline Hughes, 22 Mar 1911, Nelson.
MR: Walter Bowden Smith (d.3, p.15, l.14), merchant, bach., 47, Epis, r.Marguerite, BC, b.Victoria, s.o. James McBraire Smith, Prownal, BC & Eliza Amelia Bowden, b.Bradford, ENG mar Gladys Ruby Patti Gilchrist, telephone operator, div, 36, CE, r.Victoria, b.Bristol, ENG, d.o. Constantine Gledhill Johnson, b.Halifax, YKS, ENG & Evangeline Hughes, b.WOR, ENG, 22 Feb 1927, Quesnel.

Vol. 4 Pages 175, 179 Petitioner: husband
Phair Arthur William Armit and Purchase Edith Mary
Married 13 Oct 1912 at Lillooet, BC Dissolved: 17 Oct 1922
Co-respondent(s): Vernon Runyon
Remarks: Children: Harold Eyn Armit & Muriel.
MR: Arthur William Armit Phair, 32, r. & b.Lillooet, bach., merchant, CE, s.o. Caspar & Cerise Armit Phair mar Edith Mary Purchase, 28, r. Lillooet, b. Bath, SOM, ENG, spin., CE, d.William & Elizabeth Purchase, 13 Oct 1912, Lillooet.
MR: Vernon Runyan, telephone, bach., 43, Bapt, r.Victoria, b.USA, s.o. Oscar Runyan, b.MI, USA & Frances McCabe, b.USA mar Edith Mary Phair, div, 32, CE, r.Victoria, b.ENG, d.o. William Purchase, b.ENG & Eliza Jane Mountjoy, b.ENG, 16 Feb 1924, Vancouver.
DRI: Edith Mary Runyan, 20 Feb 1966, 75, Vancouver.
DRI: Arthur William A. Phair, 22 Sep 1967, 87, Vancouver.

Vol. 4 Pages 180, 200, 205 Petitioner: husband
Allen Frederick John and Rudd Mary Alice
Married 25 Sep 1919 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 29 Mar 1923
Co-respondent(s): Jack Smith
Remarks: Child: Mary Doreen.
MR: Frederick John Allen, 22, wood merchant, r.Victoria, b.London, ENG, Ang, s.o.Harry Octavis Allen, carpenter & Edith Bushell mar Mary Alice Rudd, 19, r.Victoria, b.ENG, Ang, d.o. Robert Rudd, laborer & Alice Whiston, 25 Sep 1919, Victoria.
DRI: Frederick John Allen, 1 Sep 1956, 77, Vancouver.

Vol. 4 Pages 181 Petitioner: wife
Ryan John Denis Patrick and --- Elizabeth Jane
Remarks: The citation for John Denis Patrick Ryan was to be published in newspapers in Chelsea, ENG. Filed 8 Nov 1922.

Vol. 4 Pages 183 Petitioner: husband
Tresierra Peter Paul and Yorkey Josephine
Married 6 Oct 1915 at Chimney Creek, BC
Co-respondent(s): Spencer Fields
Remarks: Filed 10 Nov 1922.
MR: Peter Tresierra, 24, bach., labourer, r. & b.Chimney Creek, RC, s.o. Pablo Tresierra, rancher & Hortense Ismardy? mar Josephine Johnny Brown, nee Yorkey, 36, wid, house keeper, r.Chimney Creek, b.Bonaparte, RC, d.o. ----- Yorkey, blacksmith & Celestine ----?, 6 Oct 1915, Chimney Creek.
DRI: Peter Paul Tresierra, 9 Nov 1943, 52, Pea Vine Spring.

Vol. 4 Pages 184, 219, 220, 235 Petitioner: husband
Andrews William James and --- Daisy Edith
Married 23 Nov 1905 at London, ENG Dissolved: 30 Oct 1923
Co-respondent(s): Fred Weaver
Remarks: MR: William James Andrews, poultry farmer (plaintiff), 43 1/2, CE, r.Grand View Lodge, Sandwick, BC, b.London, ENG, s.o. John George Andrews, b.SCT & Rebecca Anne Umfreville, b.London, ENG mar Helena Beatrice Griffiths, housekeeper, spin, 40 5/12, CE, r.Grand View Lodge, Sandwick, BC, b.Wolverhampton, ENG, d.o. John Griffiths, b.Wolverhampton, ENG & Betsy Francis, b.Wolverhampton, ENG, , 6 Dec 1923, Vancouver.

Vol. 4 Pages 187, 206 Petitioner: husband
Gordon William Imray and --- Albina
Co-respondent(s): Hugo Schumaker
Remarks: Filed 15 Dec 1922; last entry 29 Mar 1923.
DN, Times, 16 Jul 1931, p.13: William Emery Gordon, 67, b.SCT, d.Victoria, 16 Jul 1931, r.1152 Pembroke St.
DR: William Imray Gordon, 67, b.SCT, 1864, d.Victoria, 16 Jul 1931, r.1152 Pembroke St, Victoria, salesman, wid, parents n/g.

Vol. 4 Pages 188 Petitioner: wife
Marson John Edwin and --- Rhoda
Remarks: Filed 22 Dec 1922. John Edwin was entered as a r.o. Seattle, WA, USA.

Vol. 4 Pages 190, 214, 243 Petitioner: husband
Loggie Elmer James and Peebles Agnes Bella Catherine
Married 16 Mar 1921 at Vancouver, BC Dissolved: 29 May 1923
Remarks: The citation was sent to Agnes Bella Catherine at Gretna, DFS, SCT.
WWI Attestation: Elmer James Loggie, b.Loggieville, NB, 3 Aug 1884, r.Courtenay, BC, sawmill carpenter, single. NOK: Harry Loggie, Courtenay, brother. Papers signed: 27 Jul 1916, Courtenay.
MR: Elmer James Loggie, carpenter, wid, 39, Psb, r.Courtenay, b.Loggieville, NB, s.o. Philip H. Loggie, b.Loggieville, NB & Elizabeth Morrison, b.Burnt Church, NB mar Catherine Agnes Bella Peebles, school teacher, wid, 30, CE, r.Netherby St, Longtown, ENG, b.Longtown, ENG, d.o. John Mosscrop, b.Hunter's Holme, ENG & Agness Ross, b.Kirk Mahoe Parish, SCT, 16 Mar 1921, Vancouver.
MR: Elmer James Loggie, carpenter, wid, 40, Psb, r.Courtenay, b.Loggieville, NB, s.o. Phillip H. Loggie, b.Loggieville, NB & Elizabeth Marjorie Morrison, b.Burnt Church, NB mar Nellie Matthew Forbes, spin, 27, Psb, r. & b.Portsay, BAN, SCT, d.o. Gordon Forbes, b.Inverurie, ABD, SCT & Annabella Matther, b.Portsay, BAN, SCT, 16 May 1925, Nanaimo.

Vol. 4 Pages 192, 197, 204 Petitioner: husband
Brown Sydney George and Chandler Catherine Mary
Married 22 Nov 1912 at Nelson, BC Dissolved: 26 Mar 1923
Co-respondent(s): John A. Siddall
Remarks: MR: Sydney George Brown, 30, r.Nelson, b.Shanghai, CHN, bach., clerk, CE, s.o. Thomas Brown & Alice Campbell mar Catharine Mary Chandler, 25, r.Nelson, b.London, ENG, spin., CE, d.o. John Thomas Chandler & Mary Peachey, 22 Nov 1912, Nelson.
WWI Attestation: Sydney George Brown, b.Shanghai, CHN, 21 Jul 1882, r.Mountview Apts, Fairview, Victoria, BC, book keeper, single. NOK: Brown, father, LaRoque, Overton Rd, Sutton, SRY, ENG. Papers signed: 27 Mar 1916, Victoria.
MR: Sydney George Brown, b.Shanghai, CHN, retired, divorced, 40, Ang, r.Langford, s.o. Thomas Brown, b.ENG & Alice Campbell, b.ENG mar Alice Elizabeth Taylor, 44, divorced, Ang, r.Langford, b.WLS, d.o. John Thomas, b.WLS & Sarah Jane Mugford, b.ENG, 4 Apr 1923, Victoria. (see v.4, p.111 for her first marriage)

Vol. 4 Pages 193, 194 Petitioner: wife
Petticrew John Campbell and Coley Annie Rosina
Married 23 Feb 1910 at Victoria, BC
Remarks: Filed 29 Jan 1923, last entry 24 Jan 1923.
1901CEN: Annie R. Coley, d.15, p.22, l.11.
MR: John Campbell Petticrew, 26, r.Victoria, b.Kilmarnock, SCT, bach., printer, Psb, parents n/g mar Annie Rosina Coley, 21, r. & b. Victoria, spin, Psb, d.o. Edward Coley & Mary Burrows, 23 Feb 1910, Victoria.
DRI: John Campbell Petticrew, 2 Feb 1963, 78, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 196, 212, 230, 232, 233 Petitioner: wife
McConnell John Pollock and Elkins Annie Ethel Clark
Married 11 Aug 1914 at Balsam, Kerrisdale, Point Grey, BC Dissolved: 29 Oct 1923
Co-respondent(s): Bessie ----
Remarks: MR: John Pollock McConnell, 42, div (obtained 8 May 1912), journalist, r.Vancouver, b.Riversdale, Bruce Co, ON, Psb, s.o. David McConnell, manufacturer & Mary Dorcas Pollack mar Annie Ethel Clarke Elkins, 31, div (obtained 24 Apr 1914), r.Victoria, b. Southsea, HAM, ENG, Ang, d.o. Robert Clark, naval surgeon & Amy Alicia Worgan, 11 Aug 1914, Point Grey.

Vol. 4 Pages 198, 234 Petitioner: wife
MacGovern Thomas and Campbell Marion
Married 11 Nov 1916 Dissolved: 30 Oct 1923
Remarks: MR: Thomas MacGovern, 34, bach., prospector, r.Victoria, b.Oro, ON, Psb, s.o. Myles MacGovern, gentleman & Martha MacGregor mar Marion Campbell, 40, spin., r.Victoria, b.Edinburgh, SCT, Psb, d.o. Archibald Campbell, gentleman & Elizabeth Strand, 11 Nov 1916, Victoria.
DR: Marion MacGovern, 71, b. Guthrie, ON, 12 Feb 1876, d.Victoria, 2 Sep 1947, r.3147 Quadra St, Victoria, divorced from Thomas MacGovern, d.o. Archibald Campbell, b.CAN & Elizabeth Heard, b.ENG.

Vol. 4 Pages 199, 203; v.5, p.32 Petitioner: wife
McKay John George and Frizzell Hannah
Married 11 Nov 1891 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 18 May 1923
Co-respondent(s): Nellie Booth
Remarks: Child: Alma Lillian. See v.4, p.202 for associated divorce.
1901CEN: G. John & Hannah McKay & family, d.I1, p.3, l.1-7.
MR: John George McKay, 23, r.Victoria, b.Grey Co., ON, motorneer, Meth, s.o. Neil & Mary mar Hannah Frizzell, 23, r.Victoria, b.Grey Co., ON, Meth, d.o. Robert & Mary, 11 Nov 1891, Victoria.
MR: John George McKay, farmer, bach., 55, Psb, r.Keatings, b.Sydney Mines, ON, s.o.Neil McKay, b.SCT & Mary Gunn, b.SCT mar Ella Tiderington Booth, divorced, 48, Meth, r.7243 Culloden St, South Vancouver, b.Brighton, ON, d.o. Archibald Tiderington, b.Bronto, ON & Elizabeth Smith, b.SCT, 31 May 1923, Collingwood.
DN, Times, 11 Mar 1930, p.13, Mrs Ella Booth McKay, 55, b.Bradshaw, ON, f.r.o. Detroit, MI, USA & Calgary, AB, to Victoria 2 y ago, leaves sons: Ronald Booth, Victoria & Eldon Ellis Booth, Los Angeles, CA, USA; daus: Juanita Booth, Vancouver & Myrtle Booth, Los Angeles.
DR: John George McKay, r.2008 Chambers St, Victoria, masseur, divorced from Hannah Frizzell, b.Owen Sound, ON, 8 Apr 1868, d.Victoria, 13 Jul 1952, s.o. Robert McKay, b.SCT & ----- Gunn, b.SCT.



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