Victoria Court Registry
Orders Issued in Divorce and Matrimonial Causes, 1877-1931
Volume 5


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Vol. 5 Pages 101 Petitioner: husband
Snider Proctor Stuart and --- Annie
Co-respondent(s): Howard Taylor
Remarks: Filed 20 Oct 1925.

Vol. 5 Pages 102, 109, 110 Petitioner: wife
Higgs William Miller and Flowerdew Charlotte Audrey Emma
Married 20 Feb 1911 at Ashcroft, BC Dissolved: 21 Dec 1925
Remarks: MR: William Miller Higgs, 32, Walhachin, BC, b.Kensington, London, ENG, bach., farmer, religion - none, s.o. William & Charlotte Elizabeth mar Charlotte Andrea Emma Flowerdew, 27, r.Walhachin, b.Billingford, NFK, ENG, spin., CE, d.o. Arthur John Bloomfield Flowerdew & Hannah Flowerdew, 20 Feb 1911, Ashcroft.
WWI Attestation: William Miller Higgs, b.Kennington London, ENG, 23 May 1878, r.889 Transit Rd, Oak Bay, BC, contracting engineer. NOK: Charlotte Audrey Emma Higgs, wife, same address. Papers signed: 17 Jun 1918, Victoria.
MR: William Miller Higgs, farmer, div, 48, CE, r.Galiano Island, b.Kensington, London, ENG, s.o. William Higgs, b.Stockwell, CON, ENG & Charlotte Elizabeth Miller, b.Ramsgate, KEN, ENG mar Evelyn Mary Locke, spin., 35, CE, r.Galiano Island, b.Sutton, SRY, ENG, d.o. Edward Locke, b. n/g & Jessie Locke, b.Nailsworth, GLS, ENG, 7 Jan 1926, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 107,111 Petitioner: wife
Manning Frederick William and Willcox Elizabeth
Married 23 Jul 1921 at Victoria, BC
Remarks: Filed 9 Dec 1925; last entry 21 Dec 1925.
MR: Frederick William Manning, physician & surgeon, divorced, 38, Meth, r.Sidney, BC, b.Peterborough, ON, s.o. Thomas Manning, b.Bradford, ON & Johanna Doane, b.Newmarket, ON mar Elizabeth Willcox, spin., 22, Ang, r.Courtenay, b.Haydow Bridge, NBL, ENG, d.o. John Henry Wilcox, b.DOR, ENG & Hannah Willey, b.DUR, ENG, 23 Jul 1921, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 108, 113 Petitioner: wife
Davy Ernest Harold and McAllister Margaret Isabelle
Married 18 Nov 1914 at Nanaimo, BC Dissolved: 22 Dec 1925
Remarks: MR: Ernest Harold Davy (d.20, p.13, l.11), 23, bach., locomotive fireman, r. & b. Victoria, s.o. John Davy, hostler & Mary Crocker mar Margaret Isabella McAllister, 19, spin., r.Nanaimo, b.Pictou Co, NS, CE, d.o. John McAllister, miner & Elizabeth Porter, 18 Nov 1914, Nanaimo.
DRI: Ernest Harold Davy, 7 Dec 1969, 74, Saanich.

Vol. 5 Pages 112, 140 Petitioner: wife
Sherwood George Leonard and Pinchback Ethel May
Married 21 Aug 1921 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 9 Jun 1926
Remarks: MR: George Leonard Sherwood (d.11, p.10, l.34), checker, bach., 21, Bapt, r.1268 Pembroke, Victoria, b.Victoria, s.o. George Sherwood, b.ON & Sarah Olivia Sullivan, b.ON mar Ethel May Pinchback, spin., 21, Bapt, r.Victoria, b.Winnipeg, MB, d.o. Frederick William Pinchback, b.ENG & Eleanor Freguson, b.ENG, 31 Aug 1921, Victoria. MR: John Harold Freeson, engineer, bach., 26, Psb, r.Cowichan Lake, b.Winnipeg, MB, s.o. Jacob Freeson, b.USA & Mary Clausen, USA mar Ethel May Sherwood, div, 26, Psb, r.3524 Quebec St, Vancouver, b.Winnipeg, MB, d.o. Fred Pinchback, b.ENG & Eleanor Ferguson Wornes, b.ENG, 14 Jun 1926, Vancouver.

Vol. 5 Pages 115, 117, 124 Petitioner: wife
Gibbons Charles Henry and Coleman Sarah Agnes
Married 7 Aug 1890 at Victoria, BC
Co-respondent(s): Lillian Peacock
Remarks: Filed 22 Jan 1926; last entry 23 Feb 1926.
1891CEN: Victoria James Bay Ward, d.1, fam.131: Gibbons: Charles, 23, newspaper publisher, ON & Agnes, 20, newspaper publisher, BC.
MR: Charles Harrison Gibbons, 21, r.Victoria, b.St. Thomas, bach., newspaper reporter, Ang, s.o. William Henry Gibbons mar Agnes Sarah Coleman, 19, r. & b.Victoria, Ang, spin., d.o. George Coleman, 7 Aug 1890, Victoria.
WWI Attestation: Charles Harrison Gibbons, b.St. Thomas, ON, 9 May 1869, r.60 Beechwood, Ave, Victoria, journalist. NOK: Agnes S. Gibbons, wife, Tillicum P.O., Victoria. Papers signed: 27 Jan 1917, Victoria.
DR: Sarah Gibbons, b.Victoria, 4 Nov 1870, d.Victoria, 11 Feb 1964, r.1155 Rockland Ave, Victoria, divorced from Charles Harrison Gibbons, d.o.George Elijah Coleman, b.ENG & Elizabeth Bignell, b.ENG.

Vol. 5 Pages 116, 150 Petitioner: wife
Daly William Henry and Smith Florence Annie
Married 2 Apr 1921 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 12 Aug 1926
Remarks: Child: Betty Alice.
1901CEN: d.14, p.4, l.26.
WWI Attestation: William Henry Daly, b.Victoria, 24 Sep 1899, r.1132 Empress Ave, Victoria, single, CE. NOK: James Arthur Daly, father, same address. Papers signed: 24 Jan 1916, Victoria.
MR: William Henry Daly, mechanic, 21, bach., CE, r. & b.Victoria, s.o. James Arthur Daly, b.NB & Amy ----, b.San Juan Island mar Florence Annie Smith, spin., 17, CE, r.Victoria, b.Winnipeg, MB, d.o. Albert Edward Smith, b.ENG & Alice ---, b.ENG, 2 Apr 1921, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 120 Petitioner: husband
Smith Frederick John and Fairall Phyllis
Married 25 Oct 1918 at Victoria, BC
Co-respondent(s): Robert Shortread
Remarks: Filed 11 Mar 1926. Children: Lillian Ann; Frederick William James & Patricia. They were under the care of, Annie Rose Elizabeth Smith, 107 Pine St, Victoria, the sister of Frederick John Smith.
MR: Frederick John Smith, 19, bach, fireman, r.427 Kingston St, Victoria, b.London, ENG, CE, s.o. William James Smith, labourer & Julia Ann Denham mar Phyllis Fairall, 17, spin, r.Victoria West, b.Victoria, CE, d.o. James Fairall, shipwright & Lillian Annie Brown, 25 Oct 1918, Victoria. Note: added in 1953 - marriage dissolved at Victoria, 29 Jun 1953.

Vol. 5 Pages 121 Petitioner: wife
Smith Edwin Charley and McKerns Jessie Louie
Married 29 Mar 1924 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 22 Dec 1925
Remarks: MR: Edwin Charley Smith, mariner, bach., 27, CE, r.Victoria, b.South Africa, s.o.William Smith, b.ENG & Annie Smith, b.South Africa mar Jessie Louie McKerns, miliner, spin., 21, CE, r.Victoria, b.ENG, d.o.John McKearns, b.SCT & Christina McFlores, b.South Africa, 29 Mar 1924, Victoria.
MR: Raymond Isaac Grice (d.14, p.20, l.23), seaman, bach., 29, UCC, r.2109 Vancouver St, Victoria, b.Victoria, s.o. John E. Grice, LIN, ENG & Josephine Victoria Walsh, b.Victoria mar Jessie Louie Smith, div, 23, Ang, r.817 Penwell St, Victoria, b.ENG, d.o. John McKerns, b.SCT & Christina Atkinson, b.South Africa, 14 Jul 1926, Victoria. DRI: Jessie Louie Grice, 2 Apr 1946, 44, Victoria.
DRI: Jessie Louie Grice, 2 Apr 1946, 44, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 122 Petitioner: husband
Kirby Henry John and Andrews Nellie Elizabeth
Married 2 Jan 1915 Dissolved: 15 Mar 1926
Co-respondent(s): George A. Frawley
Remarks: Her name was entered as Nellie Elizabeth Kirby otherwise known as Nellie Elizabeth Frawley.
BRI: May Victoria Cummins, 2 May 1901, Victoria.
MR: Henry John Kirby, 23, bach., engineer, r.Otter Point, BC, b.Tacoma, WA, USA, CE, s.o. Henry John Kirby, wood worker & Annie Topper mar Nellie Verhonick, 21, wid, r.Sooke, b.Bellingham, WA, USA, Psb, d.o.Franklin Pearce Andrews, Supt. City Water Works & Elizabeth C. Driscoll, 2 Jan 1915, Victoria.
MR: Henry John Kirby, 35, divorced, engineer & stage driver, r.Cecil Hotel, Victoria, b.Tacoma, WA, USA, CE, s.o. Henry John Kirby, Glouster City, GLS, ENG & Annie L. Tucker, Bishop Nympton, DEV, ENG mar May Victoria Murray, divorced, 25, CE, r.2813 Blackwood St, Victoria, b.Victoria, d.o. James Cummins, b.DOW, IRL & Janet MacDonald, DNB, SCT, 9 Mar 1927, Victoria.
DRI: Henry John Kirby, 28 Sep 1962, 70, Saanich.

Vol. 5 Pages 123, 145, 149 Petitioner: wife
Irving Edward Bruce and Spalding Beatrice Josephine
Married 2 Feb 1914 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 30 Jun 1926
Remarks: Children: Lilies Hope, 4 y & Wymond Bruce, 10.
MR: Edward Bruce Irving, 28, bach., student-at-law, r. & b.Victoria, CE, s.o. Paulus Aemillus Irving, Justice & Diana mar Beatrice Josephine Spalding, 21, spin, r.South Pender, BC, b.Victoria, CE, d.o. Arthur Reed Spalding, farmer & Lilias, 2 Feb 1914, Sidney.
WWI Attestation: Edward Bruce Irving, b.Victoria, 9 Apr 1885, student at law. NOK: Beatrice Irving, wife, r.South Pender Island, BC. Papers signed: 17 Nov 1914, Victoria.
MR: Edward Bruce Irving, barrister, div, 41, CE, r. & b.Victoria, s.o. fether n/g, b.Hamilton, ON & Diana Hambley, b.Victoria mar Kathleen Mildred Appleton, office work, 28, CE, r. & b.Victoria, d.o. Francis Appleton, b.ENG & Katherine Appleton, 26 Nov 1926, Victoria.
DRI: Edward Bruce Irving, 17 Jan 1962, 76, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 125 Petitioner: wife
Woodruff Woodruff Arthur Ernest and Stewart Lillian Marjorie Kathleen
Married 16 Mar 1921 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 24 Mar 1926
Remarks: See his first divorce v.4, p.48. Child: Thelma Mary Ruth.
1901CEN: Arthur Woodruff; d.D1, p.6, l.2.
MR: Arthur Ernest Woodruff, 22, bach., teamster, r. & b.Victoria, Meth, s.o. George Woodruff, stonemason & Mary Turpin mar Jemima Brown, 23, spin, r.Victoria, b.East Sooke, d.o. Charles Brown, occ. n/g & Susan Hughes, 22 Dec 1914, Victoria.
MR: Arthur Ernest Woodruff, mechanic, wid, 29, CE, r.Victoria, b.ENG, s.o.George Woodruff, b.ENG & Mary, b.ENG mar Lillian Marjorie Kathleen Stewart, spin, 21, CE, r.Victoria, b.ENG, parents n/g, 16 Mar 1921, Victoria.
DRI: Arthur Ernest Woodruff, 20 Oct 1952, 59, Metchosin.

Vol. 5 Pages 126, 165 Petitioner: husband
Berrow Leland and Hughes Jennie Lind
Married 16 Sep 1911 at Cedar, Nanaimo District, BC Dissolved: 15 Nov 1926
Remarks: She was entered as a r.o. Los Angeles, CA, USA.
MR: Leland Berrow, 23, r.Westholme, b.San Francisco, CA, USA, bach., logger, CE, s.o. Ambrose Alexander & Jessie mar Jennie Lind Hughes, 19, r. Westholme, b.Tacoma, WA, USA, spin., Bapt, d.o. Asa & Mary Ann, 16 Sep 1911, Nanaimo District.
MR: Leland Berrow, logger, div, 38, Ang, r.Victoria, b.CA, USA, s.o. Ambrose Alexander Berrow, b.ENG & Jessie S. Hamilton, b.ENG mar Winnifred Weeks, domestic, spin., 20, Ang, r. & b. Cowichan Station, d.o. Wilfred Weeks, b.ENG & Constnce L. Blake, b.ENG, 21 Dec 1926, Nanaimo.
DRI: Leland Stanford Berrow, 29 Aug 1944, 56, Cowichan Station.

Vol. 5 Pages 127 Petitioner: wife
Whidden Robert Wallace and Kent Julia Valentine
Married 25 Sep 1918 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 28 Apr 1926
Remarks: Child: Julia Rosanna Kent.
MR: Robert Wallace Whidden, 19, bach., gunner, R.C.G.A., r.805 Linden Ave, b.Duncan, Meth, s.o. Robert Henry Whidden, wheelwright & Robie McNeil mar Julia Valentine Kent (d.2, p.25, l.43), 19, spin., r.805 Linden Ave, b.Victoria, CE, d.o. Arthur Edward Kent, contractor & Rosanna Lucy Sophia Jeeves, 25 Sep 1918, Victoria.
MN: Times, 26 Sep 1918: Signaller Robert Wallace Whidden, s.o. Mr & Mrs Whidden, Duncan mar Julia Valentine Kent, only d.o. Mr & Mrs A.E. Kent, 805 Linden Ave, 25 Sep 1918, Victoria.
DRI: Robert Wallace Whidden, 8 Jun 1980, 81, Mission.

Vol. 5 Pages 128, 129, 130, 134, 141 Petitioner: wife
Mowat Andrew Neilson and --- Ethel Winifred
Co-respondent(s): E.W. Thomas
Remarks: Court refused to grant her a judicial separation or to grant him a divorce.
WWI Attestation: Andrew Neilson Mowat, b.Falkirk, SCT, 29 Jun 1887, r.Grand Folks, BC, publisher, single. NOK: Mrs Mowat, mother, 2 P. of Wales Apts, Oldfield Ave, Montreal, QC. Papers signed: 26 Jan 1916, Grand Forks.
DR: Andrew Neilson Mowat, 85, b.Falkirk, SCT, 29 Jun 1880, d.Vancouver, 20 Jul 1965, r.211 Blackman St, New Westminster, printer, wid of Betty Whiting, s.o. William Wlike Mowat & Angew Neilson.

Vol. 5 Pages 133, 137 Petitioner: wife
Wood James William and Levers Williammen Annabella
Married 12 May 1912 at Vancouver, BC Dissolved: 26 May 1926
Remarks: Children: Margaret Jane, b.7 Feb 1913; Jean, 2 Aug 1914; James Andrew, 4 Dec 1916; Frances Georgine, 13 Aug 1921 & Bernard Robert Baldwin, 9 Dec 1923.
MR: James William Davidson Wood, 19, r. & b. Victoria, bach., teamster, Psb, s.o. Andrew Wood & Margaret Davis mar Williameen Annabelle Levirs, 19, r.Vancouver, b.Montreal, QC, spin., Psb, d.o. William James Levirs & Jean Gray, 11 May 1912, Vancouver.
MR: Bernard Francis Baldwin, sawier, bach., 45, RC, r.Victoria, b.NB, s.o. Henry Baldwin, b.NB & Mary Baldwin, b.NB mar Williameen Annabelle Wood, div, 33, Psb, r.Victoria, b.Montreal, QC, d.o. William Levirs, b.Boston, MA, USA & Jean Gray, b.SCT, 2 Jun 1926, Victoria.
MR: James William Davidson Wood, deck officer, div, 35, Psb, r.135 Kingston St, Victoria, b.Victoria, s.o. Andrew Wood, b.SCT & Margaret Davidson, b.SCT mar Beatrice Jessie Beaumont, saleslady, spin., 34, CE, r.Vancouver, b.London, ENG, d.o. Charles Beaumont, b.ENG & Kate Rolls, b.ENG, 28 Feb 1927, Vancouver.
DRI: James William D. Wood, 29 Oct 1961, 68, Saanich.

Vol. 5 Pages 135, 148 Petitioner: husband
Stoney Edward Bowes and --- Kathleen
Married 10 Nov 1910 at Dublin, IRl Dissolved: 30 Jun 1926
Co-respondent(s): William Stanton
Remarks: Children: George Edward Bowes & Gerald Percy Robert Johnston.
WWI Attestation: Edward Bowes Stoney, b.Cloughjordan, Templeharry, Kings, IRL, 30 Mar 1886, medical student, married. NOK: Kathleen Mary Stoney, general delivery Calgary, AB. Papers signed: 15 Feb 1915, Pincher Creek, AB. and a second
WWI Attestation: Edward Bowes Stoney, b.Cloughjordan, Kings, IRL, 30 Mar 1886, medical student, married. NOK: Mrs Johnstone Stoney, Emell, Cloughjordan, IRL. Papers signed: 31 May 1916, Bramshott (UK).
DR: Gerald Percy Robert Johnston Stoney, b.Lethbridge, AB, 11 Nov 1914, d.Victoria, 19 Oct 1962, r.1260 Fort St, Victoria, h.o.Margaret Dulcinca Wake, s.o. Edward Bowes Stoney, b.IRL, mother n/k.
DR: Edward Bowes Stoney, 76, b.IRL, 30 Mar 1888, d.Saanich, 7 Nov 1965, r.2559 Lincoln Rd, Oak Bay, h.o.Elsie Lillian Cookson, b.IRL, parents n/k.

Vol. 5 Pages 136 Petitioner: husband
Scott Adam and John McGrath Alice
Married 1 Apr 1912 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 26 May 1926
Remarks: 1901CEN: Adam Scott, d.11, p.19, l.17.
MR: Adam Scott, 23, r. & b.Victoria, bach., moulder, CE, s.o.Adam Scott & Mary E. Schroder mar Alice McGrath, 22, r.Victoria, b.Liverpool, ENG, spin., RC, d.o. John McGrath & Mary Ann McGrath, 1 Apr 1912, Victoria.
RBCR: Scott, Adam, 61 y, 26 Oct 1949 at Vancouver, b.Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 138 Petitioner: wife
Vinall Frank Robert and Symons Edith Lillian
Married 24 Feb 1920 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 26 May 1926
Remarks: Children: Raymond Gordon, b.2 Aug 1922 & Lillian Victoria, b.24 May 1921.
MR: Frank Vinall, 23, bach., piano polisher, r.973 Caledonia Ave, Victoria, b.Winnipeg, MB, CE, s.o. Ebinezer William Vinall, piano polisher & Caroline Pacy mar Edith Lillian Symons (d.8, p.11, l.33), 20, spin., telephone operator, r.1732 Bank St, Victoria, b.Victoria, CE, d.o. William Symons, contractor & Eliza Lawley Poynton, 25 Feb 1920, Oak Bay.
MR: Frank Vinall, rancher, div, 29, r.Lillooet, b.Winnipeg, MB, CE, s.o. Ebenezer William Vinall, b.Brighton, ENG & Caroline Pacey, b.Brighton, ENG mar Alice Ostrander, spin., 25, RC, r. & b. Lillooet, d.o. Ernest Ostrander, b.MN, USA & Margaret Featherstone, b.Lillooet, 29 Oct 1926, Ashcroft.
DRI: Frank Vinall, 23 Dec 1929, 58, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 139, 144 Petitioner: husband
Verdier Francis and St. Louis Ilene Emelie
Married 31 Jul 1897 at Victoria, BC
Co-respondent(s): William Penn Johnson & Arthur William Lutner
Remarks: Filed 7 Jun 1926, last entry 11 Jun 1926. See his second divorce v.5, p.308.
1891CEN: Saanich North & Saanich South, fam.92: Verdier: Stephan, 59, farmer, FRA; Hanoro?, 49, IRL; Frank, 26, farmer, BC; Joseph, 21, farmer, BC; Thomas, 20, farmer, BC & George, 13, BC.
MR: Francis Verdier, 32, RC, r.Shawnigan Lake, b.Saanich, bach., farmer, s.o. Etienne Verdier & Anny Chilroy? mar Anna St Louis, 19, RC, r.Shawnigan Lake, b.Little Shute, WI, USA, d.o. John B. St. Louis & Josephine Skinner, 31 Jul 1897, Victoria.
MR: Arthur William Lutner, 30, wid, salesman, r.Vancouver, b.Lethbridge, AB, Psb, s.o.Peter Lutner, mining & Augusta Anderson mar Elene Emelie Verdier, 32, wid, house keeper, Union Cong., r.Everett, WA, USA, b.Littleshoot, WA, d.o. John B. St. Louis, millwright & J.J. Skinner, 5 Jun 1918, Penticton.
MR: Francis Verdier, retired, divorced, 61, RC, r. & b.Saanich, s.o. ---- Verdier, b.FRA & Norah ----, b.IRL mar Julia Michell, wid, 42, CE, r.Victoria, b.QC, d.o. Frank Michell, b.ENG & Catherine ----, b.ENG, 20 Jan 1927, Victoria.
DR: Francis Verdier, r.West Saanich Rd, b.Saanich, 2 Apr 1865, d.Victoria, 25 Sep 1947, timber cruiser, wid, s.o.Stephen Ettiene Verdier, b.FRA & Honorah Killey, b.IRL.

Vol. 5 Pages 142, 154, 162, 171 Petitioner: wife
Goodenough Frederick George and Peach Charlotte Clara
Remarks: A judicial separation was ordered 15 Nov 1926. Children: Ruth Winnifred; Catherine Pearl; Horace Edgar & Frederick George.
DR: Charlotte Clara Goodenough, b.Flat Islands, NF, 4 Dec 1889, d.Victoria, 22 May 1969, r.1160 Richardson St, Victoria, wid Frederick George Goodenough, d.o. Charles Peach, b.NF & Margaret Lockwood, b.NF.
DR: Frederick George Goodenough (the son), r.102 - 1020 Esquimalt Rd, Esquimalt, b.Halifax, NS, 5 Mar 1918, d.Victoria, 26 Aug 1977, auditor Strathcona Hotel, h.o.Leslie Pearl Bravender, s.o. Frederick George Goodenough, b.ENG & Charlotte Peach, b.NF.

Vol. 5 Pages 146, 153 Petitioner: husband
Randy Attilio Jean Baptist and Blanloeil Zelia
Married 12 Sep 1916 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 28 Sep 1926
Co-respondent(s): Eugene Robelin
Remarks: MR: Attilio Jean Baptist Randy, 30, bach., nurseryman, RC, r.Cloverdale, Saanich, b.Padua, ITL, s.o. Eugene Randy, nurseryman & Maria Cestari mar Zelie Blanloeil, 28, spin., r. & b.Nantes, FRA, RC, d.o. Pierre Blanloeil, dec. & Zelie Baudry, 12 Sep 1916, Victoria.
DRI: Attilio John B. Randy, 24 Jul 1973, 87, North Saanich.

Vol. 5 Pages 147 Petitioner: wife
Freer John Richard and Halton Ella
Married 15 Jul 1916 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 29 Jun 1926
Remarks: MR: John Richard Freer, 24, bach., receiving clerk, r.Victoria, b.Brighton, ENG, religion - New Thought, s.o. Harry, postman & Elizabeth mar Ella Mabel Halton, 21, spin., hair dresser, r.Victoria, b.Liverpool, ENG, New Thought, d.o. John , tailor & Margaret, 15 Jul 1916, Victoria.
DRI: John Richard Freer, 28 Aug 1973, 81, Victoria.



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