Victoria Court Registry
Orders Issued in Divorce and Matrimonial Causes, 1877-1931
Volume 5


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Vol. 5 Pages 151, 152, 155, 157 Petitioner: both
Frumento David and --- Harriet Louisa
Married 30 Sep 1916 at London, ENG Dissolved: 18 Oct 1926
Co-respondent(s): A. Domingo Ordano
Remarks: Her petition was the basis for the divorce. Children: Lily Marie Antionette, b.2 Sep 1918; Pasquale Albano, b.3 Oct 1920 & Joseph David, b.3 Feb 1922.

Vol. 5 Pages 156 Petitioner: husband
Codville Francis Hilary MacDonnell and Browne Marguerite
Married 29 Jan 1916 at Sturgeon Creek, MB Dissolved: 18 Oct 1926
Co-respondent(s): John Francis Dymore Tanqueray
Remarks: Child: James Francis.
WWI Attestation: Francis Hilary MacDonnell Codville, b.Ottawa, ON, 14 Jun 1889, soldier, single. NOK: J.J. Codville, father, 443 Daly Ave, Ottawa, ON. Papers signed: 24 Sep 1914, Valcartier, QC.
MR: John Francis Dymoke Tanqueray, civil engineer, 33, CE, r.Victoria, b.London, ENG, s.o.Alfred Dymoke Tanqueray, b.WLS & Fanny Sarah Wilson, b.London, ENG mar Marguerite Codville, divorced, 30, CE, r.USA, b.Victoria, d.o. James ----- ington Browne, b.SCT & Mary Scott, b.MD, USA, 19 Oct 1926, Victoria.
MR: Francis Hilary MacDonnell Codville, retired army officer (Lt.-Col., PPCLI), divorced (obtained Victoria, 18 Oct 1926), 37, CE, r.Esquimalt, b.Ottawa, ON, s.o. John James Codville, b.Quebec, QC & Edith Anna Lorrine MacDonnell, b.Ottawa mar Icel Irene Smith, school teacher, spin., 25, Bapt, r.2071 Charles St, Vancouver, b.CA, USA, d.o. George C. Smith, b.MO, USA & Icel Pearl Burchard, b.WA, USA, 30 Nov 1926, Vancouver.
DR: Francis Hiliary MacDonnell Codville, 81, b.Ottawa, ON, d.North Cowichan, 14 Jul 1970, r.Maple Bay Rd, Duncan, retired army officer, Canadian Army, h.o.Icel Irene South, s.o. ---- Codville, b.ON & ---- MacDonnell, b.CAN.
DR: Icel Irene Codville, 75, b.Kendall, WA, USA, 2 Nov 1901, d.Duncan, 6 Oct 1977, wid of Francis Hilary MacDonnell Codville, d.o. George Cleveland South, b.USA & Icel Pearl Birchard, b.USA.

Vol. 5 Pages 158, 175 Petitioner: wife
Pitt Alfred Reginald and Dermott Margaret
Married 4 Dec 1920 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 25 Oct 1926
Remarks: Child: Margaret Naida.
MR: Alfred Reginald Pitt, soldier, RCASC, 21, CE, r.Work Point Barracks, b.Coventry, ENG, s.o. Albert Pitt, b.Coventry, ENG & Mary Parks, b.Great Bridge, ENG mar Margaret Dermott, B.C. telephone operator, 21, CE, r.840 Burdette, Victoria, b,WOR, ENG, d.o. John Dermott, b.IRL & Elizabeth Fishm b.LAN, ENG, 4 Dec 1920, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 159, 160, 168 Petitioner: wife
Mecredy Thomas Tighe and Myers Mina Ellen
Married 26 Oct 1921 at Oak Bay, BC Dissolved: 23 Nov 1926
Remarks: Child: Thomas Tighe.
MR: Thomas Tighe Mecredy, dancing master, bach., 27, CE, r.3429 'S' St, Victoria, b.Dublin, IRL, s.o. Thomas Tighe Mecredy, b.Dublin, IRL & Christina Ganley, b.Lucan, Dublin, IRL mar Mina Ellen Myers, spin., 23, CE, r.3429 'S' St, Victoria, b. Halifax, NS, d.o. Collin Peter Myers, b.Fildore, NS & Levinia Ann Burgess, b.Halifax, NS, 26 Oct 1921, Oak Bay.
DRI: Mina Ellen Mecredy, 15 Oct 1976, 83, Richmond.
DRI: Thomas Tighe Mecredy, 10 Jul 1979, 85, Place Unknown.

Vol. 5 Pages 161, 166 Petitioner: wife
Laurence Arthur Basil and Gillespie Jennie Christina Winnaretta
Married 15 Jun 1906 at Okanogon Falls, BC Dissolved: 28 Oct 1926
Co-respondent(s): Beatrice C. McAdam
Remarks: Children: Thelma Dorothea, b.5 Dec 1907 & Muriel Evelyn, b.15 Mar 1913.
MR: Arthur Basil Laurence, 26, r.Penticton, b.Blackheatle, ENG, bach., rancher, CE, s.o. John Philip & Evelyn mar Jennie Chrixtena Winnaretta Gillespie, 19, Penticton, b.Merlin, Kent Co., ON, spin., d.o. Dogal & Jane Elizabeth, 15 Jun 1906, Vernon District.
DRI: Arthur Basil Laurence, 24 Apr 1948, 68, Vancouver.

Vol. 5 Pages 163, 174 Petitioner: wife
Kenning Gordon Edward and Bromley Eva Pearl
Married 15 Oct 1919 at Victoria, BC
Remarks: The petition for divorce was refused and dismissed, 21 Dec 1926.
1901CEN: Bromley family, d.18, p.4, l.27-32.
MR: Gordon Edward Kenning, 23, bach., clerk, r.Victoria, b.Vancouver, Psb, s.o. James Alexander, gentleman & Catherine mar Eva Pearl Bromley, 18, spin., r. & b.Victoria, Meth, d.o. George & Theresa, 15 Oct 1919, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 164 Petitioner: husband
Hall Hubert Charles and Barnes Margaret
Married 11 Oct 1911 at Revelstoke, BC Dissolved: 10 Nov 1926
Co-respondent(s): Gordon Trevor Rant
Remarks: Children: Margaret, 14 & James Lister Merrick, 11.
MR: Hubert Charles Hall, 27, r.Revelstoke, b.Monmouth, ENG, bach., surveyor, CE, s.o. James & Annie Margaret mar Margaret Barnes, 23, r.Revelstoke, b.Christchurch, ---, ENG, 11 Oct 1911, Revelstoke.
DR: James Lister Merrick Hall, b.Victoria, 28 Oct 1915, d.Nanaimo, 19 Feb 1977, r.204 Marks Ave, Parksville, h.o. Margaret Brindley, s.o. Herbert Merrick Hall, b.ENG & Margaret Barnes, b.ENG.

Vol. 5 Pages 167, 178 Petitioner: wife
Aldridge William Horwood and Seymour Laura Mildred
Married 6 Jan 1914 at Fulford Harbour, Salt Spring Island, BC
Remarks: This marriage was ordered null and void, 25 Jan 1927, by reason of impotence of William Horwood Aldridge.
MR: William Horwood Aldridge, 40, bach., gentleman, r.Pender Island, b.Chorley, LAN, ENG, CE, s.o. Edward Henry Aldridge, clerk in Holy Orders & Letitia Sophia mar Laura Mildred Seymour, 19, spin., r.Ganges, Salt Spring Island, b.Westborne, MB, CE, d.o. Edward John Seymour, gentleman & Margaret Isabella Garrioch, 6 Jan 1914, Fulford Harbour.
DR: William Horwood Aldridge, 86, b.ENG, 8 May 1865, d.Nanaimo, 5 Aug 1952, r.1228 Stewart Ave, Nanaimo, retired labourer, wid, parents n/k.

Vol. 5 Pages 172 Petitioner: wife
Boulden Ernest Arthur and --- Agnes Lucy
Married 20 May 1915 at Seattle, WA, USA Dissolved: 23 Dec 1926
Remarks: DR: Ernest Arthur Boulden, 68, b.ENG, 2 Sep 1875, d.Vancouver, 9 Nov 1943, r.3829 W 31st Ave, Vancouver, decorator & painter, wid, parents n/k.

Vol. 5 Pages 173, 219, 245 Petitioner: wife
Woodmass Montague George Erskine and Hobson Katherine Angel
Married 19 Sep 1908 at Kelowna, BC Dissolved: 11 Apr 1928
Remarks: Children: Alice Jessamy; Katherine Mary & George Barbary.
MR: Montague George Erskine Woodmass, 36, r.South Okanagan, b.Coupstall, CHS, ENG, bach., rancher, CE, s.o. Montague & Edith Alice mar Katherine Angel Hobson, 30, r.South Okanagan, b.IOM, spin., CE, d.o. William Thomas & Eliza Ann, 19 Sep 1908, Kelowna.

Vol. 5 Pages 176, 196 Petitioner: wife
Hughes William Robert and Mortimer Evelyn Mae
Married 3 Dec 1923 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 26 May 1927
Remarks: A copy of the citation was sent to William Robert Hughes at the BC Penitentiary, New Westminster.
MR: William Robert Hughes, mechanic, bach., Psb, 26, r.Victoria, b.SCT, s.o. James, b.SCT & Isabell, b.SCT mar Evelyn May Mortimer, 18, spin., Psb, r. & b.Victoria, d.o. Joseph, b.ENG & Mary, b.NS, 3 Dec 1923, Victoria.
MR: Frederick Joseph Zarelli, painter, bach., 22, RC, r. & b.Victoria, s.o. Antonio Zarelli, b.ITL & Maria, b.ITL mar Evelyn May Mortimer, div, 22, CE, r. & b. Victoria, d.o. Henry Mortimer, b.ENG & Mary, b.NS, 1 Jun 1927, Oak Bay.
DRI: Evelyn May Zarelli, 23 Mar 1971, 66, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 177, 182, 228 Petitioner: wife
Wise Joseph Richard and Richter Gertrude Martha
Married 31 Aug 1922 Dissolved: 15 Feb 1928
Remarks: Child: Robert Charles.
MR: Joseph Richard Wise, mechanic, bach, 21, RC, r.New Westminster, b. n/g, s.o. Joseph Wise, b.Waterton, WI, USA & Sadie Goodall, b.Chesterfield, ENG mar Gertrude Martha Richter, spin., 22, RC, r.Fraser Mills, BC, b. n/g, d.o. Charles Richter, b.WI, USA & Lina Baker, WI, USA, 2 Aug 1922, Maillardville.

Vol. 5 Pages 179, 180 Petitioner: wife
White Arthur A. and Smith Dorothy Dwight
Married 19 Mar 1925 at Sidney, BC
Remarks: MR: Arthur Alfred White, clerk, bach., 26, Ang, r. & b.Victoria, s.o. Henry Arthur White, b.NF & Sarah Jane Dearden, b.RI, USA mar Dorothy Dwight Smith, spin, 19, Psb, r.Sidney, BC, b.Victoria, d.o. Frank E.W. Smith, b.Victoria & Mary Hastings, b.Vancouver, 19 Mar 1925, Sidney.
DRI: Arthur Alfred White, 22 Nov 1968, 64, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 181, 187 Petitioner: husband
Youson Frank and Rowe Charlotte Amelia Annie
Married 29 May 1911 Dissolved: 30 Mar 1927
Co-respondent(s): William Brown
Remarks: MR: Frank Youson, 24, r.Esquimalt, b.Burton-on-Trent, ENG, bach., teamster, Meth, s.o. James Youson & Mary Ann Locklet Youson mar Charlotte Amelia Amelia Rowe, 16, r.Ladysmith, b.Vancouver, spin., Epis, d.o. James Rowe & Charlotte Thorne Rowe, 29 May 1911, Ladysmith.
MRI: Frank Youson mar Elizabeth Isabel Davidson, 23 Jul 1927, Victoria.
DRI: Frank Youson, 15 Aug 1955, 67, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 183, 186 Petitioner: wife
Gilmer George Robert Edward and Hogg Azale Alberta
Married 9 May 1925
Remarks: This marriage was ordered annulled on 31 Mar 1927. Child: Robert Alexander.
MRI: George Robert E. Gilmer mar Azalea Alberta Hogg, 9 May 1925, Victoria.
DRI: Azalea Alberta Watt, 3 Jul 1975, 70, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 184 Petitioner: wife
Timothy Griffith and Haskins Edith May
Married 21 Jan 1909 at Ladysmith, BC Dissolved: 18 Mar 1927
Remarks: Children: Edward Allen, Edith May & Griffith.
MR: Griffith Timothy, 19, r.Ladysmith, b.Pittsburg, USA, bach., brakeman, Ang, s.o. Griffith Timothy, mother n/g mar Edith May Haskins, 16, r.Ladysmith, b.KS, USA, spin., Meth, d.o. A.L. Haskins, mother n/g, 22 Jan 1909, Ladysmith.
DRI: Griffith Timothy, 2 Apr 1931, 76, Ladysmith.

Vol. 5 Pages 185, 190 Petitioner: wife
McKerns Robert Ewart and Hutchinson Beatrice Annie
Married 14 Dec 1921 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 19 Apr 1927
Remarks: See v.3, p.239 for his first divorce.
MR: Robert Ewart McKerns, driver, div, 27, CE, r.Victoria, b.London, ENG, s.o. John Mackie McKerns, b.Kilmarnock, SCt & Hannah Atkinson, b.Mauritius mar Beatrice Annie Hutchinson, spin., 18, CE, r.Victoria, b.Nottingham, ENG, d.o.John Henry Hutchinson, b.ENG & Beatrice Annie Turton, b.Nottingham, ENG, 14 Dec 1921, Victoria.
DRI: Robert Ewart McKerns, 3 Feb 1954, 64, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 188 Petitioner: wife
Love Robert Alexander and Brown Constance Esther
Married 3 Mar 1926 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 24 Mar 1927
Remarks: Her name was entered as Constance Esther Love (petition by her guardian Alice Esther Brown).
MR: Robert Alexander Love, navy, bach., 20, CE, r.Victoria, b.SCT, s.o. Robert Love, b.SCT & Christina Love, b.SCT mar Constance Esther Brown, spin, 20, CE, r.Victoria, b.SCT, d.o. Harry Brown, b.ENG & Esther Brown, b.ENG, 3 Mar 1926, Victoria.
DRI: Robert Alexander Love, 25 Jul 1958, 51, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 189, 195 Petitioner: husband
Atchison Andrew Johnston and Klein Florence
Married 28 Jun 1916 at New Westminster, BC Dissolved: 17 May 1927
Co-respondent(s): James Lyman
Remarks: MR: Andrew Johnston Atchison, 21, bach., engineer, r.Newton, BC, b.Restoule, ON, Psb, s.o. John Atchison, farmer & Lillian Tennant mar Florence Virginia Klein, 19, spin., r.Newton, b.Ladner, Psb, d.o. Frederick C. Klein, farmer & Martina Bonart, 28 Jun 1916, New Westminster.
DRI: Andrew Johnston Atchison, 19 Jun 1977, 82, North Cowichan.

Vol. 5 Pages 191, 246 Petitioner: husband
Michell John Ralph and Humber Zella Maud Louise
Married 2 Jun 1923 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 2 Jun 1927
Co-respondent(s): Ford Kaye
Remarks: Child: Laurel Edna.
1901CEN: not named Michell, b.12 Mar 1901, d.3, p.17, l.1.
BR: John Ralph Michell, b.Victoria, 12 Mar 1901, s.o. George Thomas Michell, machinist, 85 Superior St, Victoria & Eliza Penington McGraw.
WWI Attestation: John Ralph Michell, b.Victoria, 5 Oct 1886, r.Kamloops, clerk, Meth, single. NOK: John Ralph Michell, sr, 17 Hill St, Kamloops, father. Papers signed: 12 Oct 1917, Kamloops.
MR: John Ralph Michell, merchant, bach., 22, CE, r.212 Jessie St, Victoria, b.Victoria, s.o. George Thomas Michell, b.Saanich & Eliza Bennington, b.ENG mar Zella Maude Louise Humber, saleslady, spin., 20, Meth, r.740 Topaz St, Victoria, b.Victoria, d.o. Morris Luke Humber, b.Beaumanville, ON & Annie Lauretta O'Brien, b.Napa City, CA, USA (d.15, p.26, l.37-8), 2 Jun 1923, Victoria.
MR: Stanley William Gorrington Ford-Kaye, registrar, wid, 35, CE, r.Dominion Hotel, Victoria, b.Boston, MA, USA, s.o. William Ford-Kaye, b.NY, USA & Marie Lagood, b.FRA mar Zella Maude Louise Michell, div, 25, CE, r. 740 Topaz Ave, Victoria, b.Victoria, d.o. Maurice Humber, b.Bowmanville, ON & Annie O'Brien, b.Napa, CA, USA, 29 Apr 1927, Victoria.
DRI: John Ralph Michell, 4 Oct 1947, 86, Kamloops.

Vol. 5 Pages 192, 194, 212 Petitioner: husband
Marrison James Francis Edward and Simons Ellen Ruth
Married 1 Dec 1915 at Epsom, ENG Dissolved: 29 Sep 1927
Remarks: 1901CEN: Ottaway family, d.4, p.2, p.47-50.
WWI Attestation: James Francis Edward Marrison, b.Oldham, LAN, ENG, 4 Apr 1890, rancher, single. NOK: Mrs E. Marrison, mother, Columbia Gardens, BC. Papers signed: 20 Nov 1914, Quebec, QC.
MR: James Francis Edwin Morrison, bach., 36, Bible Christian, r.3366 Oak St, Victoria, b.Oldham, LAN, ENG, s.o. William Marrison, b.Leeds, YKS, ENG & Emma Murray, b.ENG mar Flora Eugene Victoria Waldegrove Ottaway, spin., 21, Bible Student, r.151 Lotus St, Victoria, d.o. William Ottaway, b.Dover, KEN, ENG & Floria Victoria Ross, b.Victoria, 29 Sep 1927, Victoria.
MR: Donald McLeod, labourer, bach., 42, Psb, r.2680 McGill St, Vancouver, b.SUT, SCT, s.o.Mary McLeod, b.SUT, SCT mar Ellen Ruth Marrison, divorced, 36, Psb, r.2680 McGill St, Vancouver, b.Portsmouth, ENG, d.o. Henry Simons, b.ESS, ENG & Ellen Johnson, b.Portsmouth, ENG, 22 Nov 1927, Vancouver.
DR: James Francis Edwin Marrison, 64, b.ENG, 22 Feb 1866, d.North Vancouver, 25 Feb 1930, r.2874 Fromme, Lynn Valley, electricial engineer, married, s.o. Edwin Marrison, b.ENG, mother n/k.
DR: Ellen Ruth Mcleod, 84, b.Portsmouth, ENG, 5 Jun 1891, d.New Westminster, 14 Feb 1976, r.7550 Rosewood, Burnaby, wid of Donald McLeod, d.o. Henry Walter Simons, b.ESS, ENG & Helen Rebecca Johnson, b.ENG.

Vol. 5 Pages 193, 217 Petitioner: husband
Glenny Percy Augustus and Everard Mabel
Married 17 Aug 1908 at Brandon, MB Dissolved: 18 May 1927
Co-respondent(s): Harry Patrick Hayes
Remarks: Children: Beretram Robert Everert; Percy Watson & Kathleen Edith.
DR: Mabel Glenny, 49, b.ENG, 8 Jun 1891, d.Victoria, 3 Dec 1940, divorced, d.o. Percival Everard, b.ENG, mother n/k.
DRI: Percy Augustus Glenny, 13 Dec 1961, 80, Saanich.

Vol. 5 Pages 197, 244 Petitioner: wife
Spurrier William Henry and Churton Florence M.E.M.
Married 28 Sep 1899 Dissolved: 24 Apr 1928
Remarks: 1901CEN: Spurrier, d.6, p.29, l.3-4.
MR: George(?) Henry Spurrier, 26, r.62 Humbolt St, Victoria, b.Epsom, SRY, ENG, bach., clerk in Parliament buildings, CE, s.o. William Henry & Elizabeth Jane mar Flora Mary Elizabeth Matilda Churton, 21, r.62 Humbolt St, CE, b.Victoria, spin, d.o. Arthur Stanley & Minnie, 28 Sep 1899, Victoria.
DRI: Florence Spurrier, d.21 Sep 1965, age 87, at Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 198, 203 Petitioner: wife
Kirkham Henry Oliver and Freeman Hannah Collins
Married 11 Jul 1904 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 28 Jun 1927
Remarks: Children: Iris Noel & Harold Beverley.
1881CEN: Bruce, Bruce North, ON, d.2, p.15: FREEMAN: John, 34, SCT, labourer; Margret, 35, ON; John, 12, ON; Catherine, 8, ON; Esibella, 6, ON; Hanah, 5, ON; Hector, 3, ON & Elizebeth, 1, ON. All Baptist.
MRI: Henry Oliver Kirkham mar Hannah Collins Freeman, 11 Jul 1904, Victoria.
WWI Attestation: Henry Kirkham, b.Preston, ENG, 10 Mar 1879, r.2627 Rose St, Victoria, BC, labourer. NOK: Mrs Alice Kirkham, same address, wife. Papers signed: 11 Jan 1916, Victoria.
DRI: Henry Oliver Kirkham, 7 Jan 1958, 79, Vancouver.

Vol. 5 Pages 199, 200 Petitioner: husband
Paul Percy Samuel and Copley Edna Mary
Married 30 Jan 1925 at Vancouver, BC Dissolved: 23 Jun 1927
Co-respondent(s): John Antrobus
Remarks: MR: Percy Samuel Paul, cook, bach., 40, CE, r.Ioco, BC, b.London, ENG, s.o. Alfred William Paul, b.London, ENG & Mary Paul, b.London, ENG mar Edna Mary Copley, spin., 22, Psb, r. & b. Shawnigan Lake, d.o. William Joseph Copley, b.NV, USA & Mary Graham, b.ON, 30 Jan 1925, Vancouver.



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