Victoria Court Registry
Orders Issued in Divorce and Matrimonial Causes, 1877-1931
Volume 5


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Vol. 5 Pages 351, 356 Petitioner: wife
Fairweather David Andrew and --- Martha Gemmell
Married 6 Mar 1919 at Winnipeg, MB Dissolved: 26 Feb 1930
Remarks: DR: David Andrew Fairweather, 55, b.Montrose, SCT, 12 Sep 1887, d.Essondale, 23 Nov 1942, r.Victoria, divorced, druggist, s.o. David Arthur Fairweather, b.SCT, mother n/g.

Vol. 5 Pages 353 Petitioner: wife
Aldred Edgar and --- Ellen
Married 15 Sep 1928 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 18 Feb 1930
Remarks: MN: Times, 30 Oct 1933, p.6: Catherine, 2nd d.o. Mr & Mrs C.M. Law, Princess Ave mar Edgar G. Aldred; will live at 'The Gables', Fort St.

Vol. 5 Pages 354 Petitioner: husband
Beasley Harry Burkholder and Keating Gertrude
Married 15 Jan 1915 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 18 Feb 1930
Co-respondent(s): Adrian Jacob Sem Van Alphen
Remarks: Child: Gladwyn Helen.
MR: Harry Burkholder Beasley, 22, bach., braker, r.943 St. Charles St, Victoria, b.Donald, BC, Ang, s.o. Harry Exeter Beasley, General Supt., of E. & N.R.R. & Catherine Griffith mar Gertrude Keating, 21, spin, housekeeper, r.1015 Carberry Gardens, b.Toronto, ON, RC, d.o. Frank Keating, dec. & Catherine O'Brien, 5 Jan 1915, Victoria.
DRI: Harry Burkholder Beasley, 26 Nov 1972, 79, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 355 Petitioner: wife
Robilliard John Isaac and Lyons Charlotte Annie
Married 21 Feb 1920 at Vancouver, BC Dissolved: 20 Feb 1930
Remarks: MR: John Isaac Robilliard, 27, bach., vulcanizer, r.1121 Keefer St, Vancouver, b.Alert Bay, BC, Meth, s.o. John Robilliard, fisherman & Matilda Cartwright mar Charlotte Annie Lyons, 23, spin., r.Vancouver, b.London, ENG, CE, d.o. Edwin Henry Lyons, builder & Elizabeth Jones, 21 Feb 1920, Vancouver.
DRI: John Isaac Robilliard, 12 Jun 1957, 64, Nanaimo.

Vol. 5 Pages 357 Petitioner: wife
Jensen Neils Lund and --- Frances Cruikshanks
Married 5 Dec 1921 at Calgary, AB Dissolved: 26 Feb 1930
Remarks: Child: Earl Austin.

Vol. 5 Pages 358 Petitioner: wife
Brill Benjamin and --- Mary
Married 23 Aug 1916 at Winnipeg, MB Dissolved: 26 Feb 1930
Remarks: DR: Mary Brill, b.RUS, 15 Deb 1893, d.Victoria, 23 Jun 1973, r.1115 Richardson St, Victoria, divorced from Benjamin Brill, parents n/k.

Vol. 5 Pages 359 Petitioner: husband
Rose Ernest Warwick and Dobbie Hannah Elizabeth
Married 5 Oct 1927 Dissolved: 11 Mar 1930
Co-respondent(s): Charles Allison
Remarks: DR: Hannah Elizabeth Rose, b.ENG, 24 Sep 1897, d.Victoria, 7 Apr 1952, r.1281 Debman St, Victoria, divorced from Ernest Warwick Rose, d.o. ---- Dobbie, b.ENG, mother n/k.

Vol. 5 Pages 360, 363, 369 Petitioner: husband
Ballam Charles and Crichton Maud Gladys
Married 23 Nov 1922 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 26 Mar 1930
Co-respondent(s): John M. Sloan
Remarks: See his first divorce v.4, p.120.
WWI Attestation: Charles Ballam, b.Liverpool, ENG, 25 Dec 1885, mechanic, single. NOK: Richard Ballam, Chief of Police, Liverpool, ENG, father. Papers signed: 5 Feb 1915, Victoria.
MR: Charles Ballam, plumber, divorced, 36, free thinker, r.127 Bushby St, Victoria, b.Liverpool, ENG, s.o. Richard Ballam, b.CAV, IRL & Frances Seaman, b.CAV, IRL mar Maud Gladys Crichton, cashier in business house, 26, free thinker, r.Victoria, b.London, ENG, d.o. William Frederick Crichton, b.Plymouth, ENG & Ellen Carter, b.London, ENG, 23 Nov 1922, Victoria.
DRI: Charles Ballam, 80, b.Liverpool, ENG, 25 Dec 1885, d.Saanich, 4 Feb 1966, r.1133 Goodwin St, Oak Bay, retired plumber, h.o. Ellen Petticrew, s.o. Richard Ballam, b.IRL & Frances Seaman, b.IRL.

Vol. 5 Pages 361, 368, 373 Petitioner: wife
Pimm Thomas William and Rudling Alice Annie
Married 3 Mar 1917 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 19 Mar 1930
Remarks: Children: Edith Mary, b.22 Sep 1919 & Robert Edward, b.6 Jun 1922.
MR: Thomas William Pimm, 33, bach., steward, r.Victoria, b.ENG, Ang, s.o. John W. Pimm, engineer & Mary Ann Kamp mar Annie Alice Rudling, 33, spin, r.Victoria, b.ENG, Ang, d.o. John Rudling, painter & Martha Saunders, 3 Feb 1917, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 362 Petitioner: wife
Bland Francis Christopher and Thomas Mary Martha
Married 5 Oct 1912 at Vancouver, BC Dissolved: 19 Mar 1930
Remarks: Children: Frank Walter, 17 y; Mary Irene, 16; Dorothy Kay, 7 & June Flora, 3.
MR: Francis Christopher Bland, 22, r.Victoria, b.BC, bach., engineer, Ang, s.o. Henry Joseph Bland & Mary Frances Ryan mar Mary Martha Thomas, 21, r.Victoria, b.BC, spin., Ang, d.o. William James Thomas & Mary Ellen Waterhouse, 5 Oct 1912, Vancouver.

Vol. 5 Pages 364 Petitioner: wife
D'Arcy James Christopher and --- Nellie Ellen
Married 23 Jul 1928 Dissolved: 24 Mar 1930
Remarks: DR: James D'Arcy, b.IRL, Aug 1906, d.Victoria, 26 Jan 1935, r.816 Kings Rd, Victoria, single, laborer, s.o. James D'Arcy, b.IRL & Mary O'Conner, b.IRL.
DN, Times, 8 Jan 1935, p.9: James D'Arcy, 28, s.o. Mr & Mrs James D'Arcy, r.816 Kings Rd, b.Dublin, IRL, d.Victoria, in Victoria 24 y, leaves parents; sis: Miss Madeline, Mrs H. Mercer & Mrs R. Simpson, Victoria;
BR: Christopher, Seattle, WA, USA.

Vol. 5 Pages 365 Petitioner: wife
Birnie Charles Henry and Schofield Hilda
Married 17 Jul 1920 at Seattle, WA, USA Dissolved: 27 May 1930
Remarks: See his first divorce, v.4, p.131. Her name was entered as Hilda Schofield, otherwise known as Hilda Birnie. He was already married to Ethel May Hand when he married Hilda Schofield. Children: Charles Henry Johnathan, b.11 Feb 1920 & Vincent Sibbald, b.26 Jan 1921.
DR: Vincent Sibbal Birnie, 11, b.Seattle, WA. USA, 26 Jan 1921, d.Saanich, 9 Feb 1932, r.931 Inverness St, Saanich, s.o.Charles Henry Birnie, b.ON & Hilda Graves, b.ENG.
WWI Attestation: Charles Henry Birnie, b.Simcoe Co, ON, 2 Sep 1886, painter. NOK: Ethel May Birnie, wife, 1348 Grant St, Victoria. Papers signed: 21 Aug 1918, Vernon, BC.
MR: Percival Charles Richards, reporter, bach., 21, Meth, r.1048 1/2 Pandora Ave, Victoria, b.Bristol, ENG, s.o. Frederick W. Richards, b.ENG & Emily Healey, b.ENG mar Hilda Schofield, spin, 21, Meth, r.1142 Caledonia Ave, Victoria, b.Victoria, d.o. Charles Schofield, b.ENG & Hannah McKinlay, b.ENG, 20 May 1925, Victoria.
DR: Charles Birnie, b.ON, 2 Sep 1886, d.Vancouver, 25 Jan 1875, r.2548 Pandora St, Vancouver, retired, h.o. Edith Selene Waterfield, s.o. James David Birnie, b.ON & Janet ----, b.ON.

Vol. 5 Pages 366 Petitioner: husband
Okell George Arthur and --- Norma A.
Married 20 Aug 1928 at Seattle, WA, USA Dissolved: 31 May 1930
Co-respondent(s): Homer H. Craver, Sr.
RBCR: Okell, George Arthur, 83 y, 10 Feb 1962 BC, b.ENG.
DR: George Arthur Okell, b.ENG, 21 Mar 1878, d.Victoria, 10 Feb 1962, r.2829 Lake End Rd, Langford, retired city assessor & collector, h.o. Mabel Mary Essler, s.o. Samuel Mosscrop Okell, b.ENG & Mary Elizabeth Holland, b.ENG.

Vol. 5 Pages 367 Petitioner: wife
Little Louis Archibald and --- Dorothy Beatrice
Married 15 Apr 1929 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 17 Apr 1930
Remarks: See his first divorce v.5, p.333.

Vol. 5 Pages 370 Petitioner: wife
Pownall Harry Graham and Bellew Gladys Proctor
Married 28 Apr 1920 at Vancouver Dissolved: 12 May 1930
Remarks: MR: Harry Graham Pownall, 36, bach., civil engineer, r.Victoria, b.Montreal, QC, CE, s.o. Robert Pownall, insurance agent & Margaret Diamond mar Gladys Procter Bellew, 25, spin, r. & b.Liverpool, ENG, CE, d.o. Henry Bellew, optician & Helen Rebecca Dodds, 28 Apr 1920, Vancouver.
DR: Harry Graham Pownall, b.Montreal, QC, 3 Feb 1881, d.Vancouver, 10 Feb 1950, r.1125 Granville St, Vancouver, wid of Gladys Proctor Bellew, s.o. Robert Pownall, b.ENG & Mary Margaret Diamond, b.ENG.

Vol. 5 Pages 371 Petitioner: husband
Kaltenbach Reginald Frederick and Hill Elizabeth
Married 10 Jun 1922 at Vancouver, BC Dissolved: 29 May 1930
Co-respondent(s): Edward Montgomery
Remarks: Children: Frederick Reginald; Rose Cleofina; Emily & Mary Rita.
MR: Reginald Frederick Kaltenbach, jeweler, bach., 19, RC, r.1956 Albart St, Vancouver, b.Cardiff, WLS, s.o. Frederick Kaltenbach, b.Cardiff, WLS & Emily Harrison, b.Cardiff, WLS mar Elizabeth Esther Hill, spin, 15, RC, r.930 Harvey St, Vancouver, b.Manchester, ENG, d.o.John Hill, b.ENG & Agnes Andrew, b.Glasgow, SCT, 10 Jun 1922, Vancouver.

Vol. 5 Pages 372, 390 Petitioner: husband
Abbott Charles William and Carloss Susan Harriett
Married 25 Mar 1926 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 23 Dec 1930
Co-respondent(s): Andrew Vernon Hart
Remarks: MR: Charles William Abbott, general work, bach., 24, CE, r.Saanich, b.Victoria, s.o. John, b.ENG & Ada, b.ENG (d.12, p.17, l.17-8) mar Susan Carloss, spin, 22, CE, r. & b.Victoria, d.o. Daniel, b.ENG & Harriett, b.ENG, 22 Mar 1926, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 374, 381 Petitioner: husband
Ross Reginald Carew and Bevan Mary Maud
Married 27 Feb 1930 at Bellingham, WA, USA Dissolved: 2 Oct 1930
Remarks: Her name was entered as Mary Maud Ross (otherwise Bevan). Both were entered as 'of Victoria'. This marriage was annulled - no reason was given.
DR: Reginald Carew Ross, 78, b.Edinburgh, SCT, 5 Jun 1876, d.Saanich, 19 Apr 1955, r.Union Club, Victoria, wid of Ethel Thomas, s.o. William Ross, b.Edinburgh, SCT & Ellen Gibson, b.Edinburgh, SCT.

Vol. 5 Pages 376, 382 Petitioner: husband
Leason Roy and Vasheresse Angeline
Married 8 Aug 1927 at Seattle, WA, USA Dissolved: 14 Oct 1930
Co-respondent(s): Alexander Wilkinson & Charles Cave
Remarks: DR: Angelina Josephina Leason, b.Nanaimo, 14 Feb 1909, d.Chemainus, 7 Feb 1981, w.o. Roy Leason, d.o. Albert Vasheresse, b.FRA & Philomine Day, b.BEL.

Vol. 5 Pages 377 Petitioner: wife
Witty John Frederick and Smith Sarah Queenie
Married 2 Oct 1922 at Victoria, BC
Remarks: Filed 2 Oct 1922.
MR: John Frederick Witty, bach., 25, Meth, r & b.Victoria, s.o. John Witty, b.Victoria & Emily Davis, b.Victoria mar Queenie Sarah Smith, spin, 18, CE, r.Victoria, b.ENG, d.o. William Smith, b.ENG & Jemima? Smith, b.ENG, 2 Oct 1922, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 378, 380 Petitioner: wife
Crouch Philip Gordon Chester and --- Bessie Belmont
Married 25 Sep 1907 at Battleford, SK Dissolved: 23 Sep 1930
Remarks: Children: Phyllis, Cecil & Maureen.
WWI Attestation: Philip Gordon Chester Crouch, b.Bibsagel, IND, 10 Apr 1885, r.816 Dunsmuir Rd, Esquimalt, mechanical engineer, married with 4 children. NOK: Bessie Belmont Crouch, 816 Dunsmuir Rd, Esquimalt, wife. Papers signed: 13 Jun 1916, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 379, 383, 385 Petitioner: husband
Wilson James and Wederell Gladys Edith
Co-respondent(s): William Howard Carnes McGregor (d.13, p.1, l.12)
Remarks: This petition for divorce was dismissed, 10 Nov 1930.
DR: Gladys Edith Wilson, b.ESS, ENG, 18 Dec 1885, d.Coquitlam, 17 Sep 1972, r.Port Coquitlam, wid of James Wilson, d.o. Arthur Hugh Wederell, b.ENG & Edith Allen, b.ENG.

Vol. 5 Pages 384 Petitioner: husband
Pullen John Cecil and Gallaway Edith May
Married 17 Mar 1927 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 12 Nov 1930
Co-respondent(s): L.A. Baker
Remarks: Child: Beatrice Constance.
MR: John Cecil Pullen, electrician, bach, 25, CE, r.649 Admirals, Victoria, b.JSY, CI, s.o. George Herbert Pullen, b.CON, ENG & Lilly Elizabeth Whitt, b.Fording Bridge, SOM, ENG mar Edith May Gallaway, cashier, spin, 21, Psb, r.218 Beverley Apts, Victoria, b.Fort Ruge, Winnipeg, MB, d.o. George Gallaway, b.Cremore, ON & Elenor Winson, b.Manchester, ENG, 17 Mar 1927, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 386 Petitioner: husband
Philbrook Harold Gordon and France Mabel
Married 9 Jun 1920 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 27 Nov 1930
Co-respondent(s): Sidney Ware
Remarks: MR: Harold Gordon Philbrook, 23, bach., clerk, r.Vicoria, b.ENG, CE, s.o. George, gentleman & Esther mar Mabel France, 21, spin., r.Victoria, b.ENG, CE, d.o. Herbert, gentleman & Emily, 9 Jun 1920, Victoria.
DRI: Harold Gordon Philbrook, 18 Nov 1966, 69, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 387, 389 Petitioner: husband
Newman John Nelson and Luthe Mary Frances
Married 5 Dec 1913 at Saskatoon, SK Dissolved: 23 Dec 1930
Co-respondent(s): William Alexander Gardiner
Remarks: DR: John Nelson Newman, b.Lennox, ON, 13 Jul 1883, d.Victoria, 16 Mar 1948, r.999 Burdette Ave, Victoria, retired steam engineer, divorced from Mary Frances Luthe, s.o. ---- Newman, b.Bedford, ENG, mother n/k.

Vol. 5 Pages 388 Petitioner: wife
Edmunds Thomas Morgan and Dopping-Hepenstal Juanita Irene
Married 2 Nov 1926 at Vancouver, BC Dissolved: 19 Dec 1930
Remarks: Child: Diana Dopping.
MR: Thomas Morgan Edmunds, paper mill employee, bach., 27, CE, r.Powell River, b.Nanaimo, s.o. William Edmunds, b.Cardiff, WLS & Mary Hurst, b.Bolton, LAN, ENG mar Juanita Irene Dopping-Hepenstal, nurse, spin., 21, CE, r.Duncan, b.Brownsburg, QC, d.o. Ralph, 2 Nov 1926, Vancouver.
DRI: Thomas Morgan Edmunds, Dopping-Hepenstal, b.LOG, IRL & Ruby Thompson, b.Montreal, QC, 21 Nov 1942, 43, Nanaimo.

Vol. 5 Pages 391 Petitioner: husband
Connor Martin and Campbell Mary
Married 13 Nov 1927 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 23 Dec 1930
Co-respondent(s): Archie Ward
Remarks: MR: Martin Connor, seaman, bach., 24, RC, r.2640 Rose St, Victoria, b.ENG, s.o. James Connor, b.ENG & Elizabeth Metcalf, b.ENG mar Mary Campbell, spin., 21, Psb, r.409 Simcoe St, Victoria, parents n/g, 13 Nov 1927, Victoria.
DRI: Martin Connor, 22 Mar 1969, 65, Saanich.

Vol. 5 Pages 392, 396 Petitioner: wife
Hanley Kenneth Martin and Green Annie
Married 9 Sep 1918 at Vancouver, BC Dissolved: 23 Feb 1931
Remarks: WWI Attestation: Kenneth Martin Hanley, b.Glengarry, ON, 2 Jul 1886, r.464 Gorge Rd, Victoria, carpenter. NOK: Annie Hanley, wife (married 10 Jan 1910), same address. Papers signed: 1 Oct 1918, Vancouver.
MR: Kenneth Martin Hanley, 23, r.Michel, BC, b.Greenfield, Glengarry, ON, bach, carpenter, Psb, s.o. Alexander Hanley & Annie Urquhart mar Frances Agnes Kay, r.Michel, BC, b.DFS, SCT, Psb, wid, d.o. William Kay & Mary Stewart, 10 Jan 1910, Cranbrook.
MR: Kenneth Martin Hanley, 39, divorced, carpenter, r.139 Cordon? St, Vancouver, b.Glengarry, ON, Psb, s.o. Alexander Hanley, farmer & Annie Urquhart mar Annie Green, 36, spin., waitress, r.Victoria, b.ENG, d.o.Walter Green, dead & Rosella Lawton, 9 Sep 1918, Vancouver.

Vol. 5 Pages 397 Petitioner: husband
Handley Oswald Henry and Hine Olive Winifred
Married 25 Mar 1930
Remarks: This marriage was ordered null and void, 24 Feb 1931, by reason of an existing marriage between Olive Winifred Handley and Walter John Duncalfe.(see v.5, p.398)
MR: Oswald Henry Handley, 22, bach., engineer, r.Vancouver, b.ENG, Psb, s.o. Philip Handley, farmer & Julia Elizabeth Edwards mar Sarah Fields Fairley, 21, spin, waitress, r.Vancouver, b.SCT, Psb, d.o. Henry Fairley, baker & Margaret Fields, 25 Nov 1914, Vancouver.
WWI Attestation: Oswald Henry Handley, b.9 Mar 1892, r.1033 Howe St, Vancouver, locomotive engineer. NOK: Sarah Fields Handley, wife same address. Papers signed: 5 Jul 1916, Vancouver.
MR: Henry Johnston Archibald, 32, divorced, clerk, New Westminster, b.Brisbane, AUS, Bapt, s.o. David Johnston Archibald, engineer & Margaret Dixon mar Sarah Field Handley, 22, divorced, housekeeper, r.Vancouver, b.Broxham?, SCT, Psb, d.o. Henry Handley (as entered - should be Fairley), baker & Margaret Fields, 8 Jan 1920, New Westminster.
DRI: Henry Oswald Handley, 25 Jul 1978, 86, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 398 Petitioner: wife
Duncalfe Walter John and Hine Olive Winifred Bennet
Married 22 Mar 1909 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 24 Feb 1931
Remarks: Children: Walter John & Eleanor Olive. See also v.5, p.398 for her other matrimonial dispute.
1901CEN: Walter Duncalf, d.19, p.1, l.30.
MR: Walter John Duncalfe, 21, r.Victoria, b.Winnipeg, MB, bach., street car conductor, CE, s.o. Walter John Duncalfe, mother n/g mar Olive Winifred Brunet Hine, 17, r.Victoria, b.ENG, CE, spin, d.o. Charles & Annie Hine, 22 Mar 1909, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 399, 408; v.6, p.93, 94 Petitioner: wife
Syrja Jacob and Hartman Elina Sofia
Married 2 Jun 1909 at Seattle, WA, USA Dissolved: 10 Feb 1931
Co-respondent(s): John Hill
Remarks: DR: Elina Syrja, 81, b.Elina Syrja, b.Helsinki, FIN, 26 Sep 1884, d.Chase River, 29 Jul 1966, r.Chase River, BC, divorced from Jacob Syrja, d.o. ---- Hartman, b.FIN, mother n/k.
DRI: Jacob Syrja, 88, b.Lappa, FIN, d.Nanaimo, 20 Jul 1970, r. Chase River, BC, retired, h.o. Hilme Mackie, parents n/k.

Vol. 5 Pages 400; v.6, p.244 Petitioner: wife
Sandy Henry Rupert and Ruscoe Agnes Victoria
Married 21 Apr 1925 Dissolved: 23 Feb 1931
Remarks: Child: Margaret Gwenyth. On 25 Sep 1935 she was entered as Margaret Gwenyth, 9 1/2 y.
MR: Henry Rupert Sandy, salesman, bach., 22, RC, r.4 Menzies St, Victoria, b.Stafford, STS, ENG, s.o.William Edward Sandy, b.Stafford, STS, ENG & Euphemia Jane Reading, Cheltenham, ENG mar Agnes Victoria Ruscoe, wid, 27, r.435 Bay St, Victoria, b.Campbellton, NB, d.o. Allan J. Pr-------, b.St. John, NB & Agnes Collumbe, St. John, NB, 21 Apr 1925, Victoria.



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