No Gowen individuals appeared in the marriage records of Hawaii prior to 1910.


H. H. Gowan was mentioned in the August 30, 1892 edition of "Hawaiian Gazette."


"The Journal of John N. Colford" mentioned that John Gowen, 2nd mate under Capt. Wm. H. Davis, remained on the islands to collect Sandalwood; furnished information to Captain Bouchard.


George D. Gown applied for a retail license at Lahaina, Maui August 12, 1852, according to Interior Department records.


The following Gowans were listed in the 1925 Hawaiian directories:


Gowans, Louis L, salesman, Honolulu Gas Co, 717 15th Ave.

Gowans, Marion L, mgr, Brewer & Co, bldgs, 15th Avenue.






Everett S. Goin married Gladys L. Callaway on April 15, 1915 in Boise, according to marriage id 84426, volume 12, page 33.


John R. Goin married Rose Neal on June 9, 1918 in Boise, according to marriage id 87939, volume 14, page 90.


Gowen J. Brennan was listed as residing at Franklin and 12th in the 1891 Boise city directory.


Arthur L. Gowen was married January 1, 1926 to Mrs. Lillie M. Harrison at Mountain Home, Idaho, according to Ada County Marriage Book 19, page 444. Children born to Arthur L. Gowen and Lillie M. Harrison Gowen are unknown.


Reverend L. W. Gowen was listed as the pastor for the First Baptist Church residing at 900 Idaho in the 1891 Boise city directory.




Frank Goin married Angelo Omabeiti on April 20, 1913 in   Pocatello, according to marriage id 97960, volume 5, page 521.


Hugh J. Gowans married Bes Beckstead on September 6, 1916 according to marriage id 101048, volume 7, and page 277.




Marjorie Gowans, who was married to Harry W. Bennett, re­ceived a B.S. degree from Columbia University, New York City in 1921.  In 1932 Marjorie Gowans Bennett received her mail at Chevrolet Auto Agency, Twin Falls, Idaho.


Gold had been discovered in the Boise City area in 1862, bringing a large influx of prospectors.  W. C. Gowan and M. G. Gowin, were included in the first poll tax list of voters who voted in an election held "in and for Centerville Precinct, Boise County, Idaho Territory, Saturday, October 31, 1863 for the election of members of council, house of Representatives and delegate to Congress," according to "Idaho Genealogical Society Quarterly," Volume II, March 1959.




Ray Goyen married Barbara Ellen Leiman according to Bonneville County Marriage Records.




Marion Goin married Martha Martinat on February 25, 1924   in Caldwell, Idaho, according to marriage id 102322, volume 12, page 137.


Paul W. Goin married Laura Frank on October 27, 1918 in Caldwell, according to marriage id 92553, volume 9, page 362.


Arthur Lewis Gowen, white male, was born August 20, 1874 in Canyon County, Idaho according to WWI Civilian Draft Registration records. Arthur L. Gowen married Celia Morden on November 20, 1898 according to marriage id 1913, volume 1, page 83.


Freeman W. Gowen married Bernice M. Collins on September 11, 1921 in Canyon County according to Marriage Volume 11, page 68.


Raymond N. Gowen married Lillian M. Gowen on January 4, 1930 in Canyon County according to marriage id 110126, volume 14, page 522.


Ray N. Gowen, a resident of Nampa, Idaho died in July 1982 and was buried there, according to Dick Gowen of Westminster, California, a kinsman.


William Wasmer Gowen, white male, was born October 17, 1891 in Ogden, Utah according to WWI Civilian Draft Registration records.  He was living in Canyon County, Idaho at the time of service.




John D. Goin married Maud May Stalmaker on October 22, 1921 in Teakean, Idaho, according to marriage id 66890, volume 1 page 321.


Thomas Goin married Opal Brown on February 26, 1921 in Teakean, according to marriage id 66846, volume 1, page 270.




James Edgar Goin married Feoretta Lemoan Casner on September 6, 1928 according to marriage id 68967, volume 2 page 444.




Charles H. Goan was married to Mabel L. Allen on January 1, 1905 in Grangeville, according to marriage id 72266, volume 2, page 348.


Charles H. Goan was re-married to Araminta Schmadeka on April 27, 1925 in Grangeville, according to marriage id 74202, volume 3, page 519.


James Arthur Goan, white, who was born July 23, 1894, in Mt. Idaho, Idaho, registered for the World War I draft in Idaho County.


Jim A. Goan married Jessie O’Kelley on March 16, 1924 in Grangeville, according to marriage id 74148, volume 3, page 494.


Ralph Everett Goan, white, who was born December 9, 1891 in Lebanon, Oregon, registered for he World War I draft in Idaho County.


Robert Virgil Goan, white, who was born November 24, 1888 at John Day, Oregon, registered for the World War I draft in Idaho County.


Wally Goin was born September 10, 1936 in Grangeville, Idaho in Idaho County,  He was married about 1959 to Gwendolyn L. Van Sickle.  The Goin family was living in the Lewiston, Idaho area in the early 1900s, according to Karen Grinolds of San Antonio, Texas who identified Eva Goin as her great-grandmother.  Wally Goin died May 4, 1989 in Lewiston.  Children born to Wally Goin and Gwendolyn L. Van Sickle Goin are unknown.


William Gowan Hanson, white, who was born July 25, 1873, was registered for the World War I draft in Idaho County.




Edward Paris Goin, white, who was born February 21, 1881 registered for the World War 1 draft in Lewis County.




Horace Claborn Goin, white, who was born May 3, 1886, was registered for the World War I draft in Nez Perce County.


William W. Goin married Anna Clugston on December 5, 1906 in Steele, Idaho, according to marriage id 138368, volume 3, page 357.


Mullon A. Gowing married Jesse A. Williams in Nez Perce County, date unknown.




Merl Gowans married Alice Ratcliffe in Oneida County on November 8, 1927, according to Marriage No. 52486, Volume 2, page 383.




John R. Goin, white, who was born October 9, 1891 in Armour, Nebraska, was registered for the draft during World War I in Shoshone County.




James Marion Head, white, was born October 16, 1882, probably at Goin, Tennessee.  He had relatives there when he was registered for the World War I draft in Twin Falls County.





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