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The Descendents and Ancestors ofFerdinand Eugene Grand
Revised: January 28, 2013 - www.grandfamily.com
Compiled by David Grand with assistance from Jason Barton, Eugene Ferdinand Grand, and John Grand.


Life of Grand / Rieu / Fauroux

Events during the time period or sources of info

1780 Mathieu Grand is born to Jean Grand and Jeanne Cousinet  in Bédeille, Ariege, France The Marriage record of Mathieu Grand and Rose Estrad list Mathieu's parents and his age.  The Marriage record also states where he was born.
1810 Feb 10th, Mathieu Grand and Rose Estrad marry in Bédeille, Ariege, France.  
Mathieu is 30 years old at this time (b: 1780) and Rose is about 24 years old.  Rose is from Fabas, Ariege, France.
Per the actual marriage record as microfilmed and stored at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.
1830 July 24th, Jean Marie Grand is born to Mathieu Grand and Rose Estrad in Bédeille, Ariege, France. A bit more about  Bédeille Per the actual birth record as microfilmed and stored at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.
1856 Aug 5th, Jean Marie Grand marries Jeanne Marie Fauroux.  Bédeille, Ariege, France
Taken from 1832 10-year indexes - Births, Marriages, and Deaths of Bedeille


Ferdinand Eugene Grand born in Marseilles  France. Jan 22, 1866

Ferdinand is born at 3:00 pm to Jeanne Marie Foiroux, (speilling error) age 34, wife to husband Jean Marie Grand, age 35.

Jeanne Marie Foiroux is a housewife

Jean Marie Grand works at the tax / trade houses in Marseille, assisting with the collecting of use taxes on products brought into France via Marseille, the 2nd or 1st busiest port in France at the time..

Ferdinand is born towards the end of January of 1866 and is the 325th birth recorded by the civil authorities for 1866.  Contrast that with the birth number of Marie Anais Rieu, born on December 10 1880 in Oust.

Second Republic (1848)
Second Empire (1852)
 France colonizes Cambodia. (1863)

Reconstruction Period in South (1865-1877)
Union Pacific Meets Central Pacific (1869)





Start of Franco-Prussian War.
Napoléon III abdicates.

• Formation of the German state.



Siege of Paris (1870-1).



• Birth of the Third Republic.
• Indian Empire proclaimed.



US Celebrates Centennial 
Colorado Admitted to Union
Alexander Graham Bell patents telephone



• Paris World's Fair.


Dec 10 - Marie Anais Rieu born in Oust, Ariege, France    Marie is the 25th birth to be registered by the civil authority in Oust.

• Significant education reforms in France take place between 1880 and 1882.
Map of Area where Marie Anais Rieu was born.
Map of St. Girons and Oust, Ariege, France 



• First of the two Boer War conflicts.

• The Bardo Treaty: the French colonize Tunisia.


• Ferdinand Eugene Grand emigrates to US.

Cover Page from the La Normandie passenger Manifest List.

  52nd Street in New York City - Birds Eye View - 1888



• Paris World's Fair – Eiffel Tower built for Fair






Ellis Island / Barge Office starts processing Immigrants to US
6 states added to the union (1889-1890)


• Ferdinand Eugene Grand  files Statement of Intention to become US citizen.

• Binger's mission to the Ivory Coast.


• Ferdinand Eugene Grand naturalized as US Citizen

• October: Simon Fauroux (age 6) and Jules Fauroux (age 33) come to the US via New York aboard the La Bourgogne  New York Times article about the La Bourgogne

La Bourgogne ship picture

By 1917, Simon Fauroux has settled in Cripple Creek, CO and lists his occupation as a blacksmith working for the Eclipse Leasing Company.  Family history lore says he ran a brothel in Cripple Creek at some point.

By 1920, Jules Fauroux has a farm just outside of Canon City.  The Census of 1920 census says he owns the farm and is a widower.

Family history is that EF Grand was sent to Colorado to be with his cousin Simon in the 1920's

The Plaza Hotel... New York City 1894

• The Ivory Coast, Dahomey and Guinea become French colonies.

• Ministry of Colonies established.



• First public film projection, by the Lumière brothers, in Paris.

• First metal-framed building constructed in Chicago.



US Supreme Court Rules “separate but equal”
• France annexes Madagascar.



• Spain and America at war over Cuba.


• Marie Anais Rieu immigrates to USA

• Dreyfus's retrial begins.

• Second of the Boer War conflicts.



Main Office for Immigrants opens on Ellis Island
• The
Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmund Freud is published.

• Ferdinand Zeppelin constructs his first dirigible and the first metro line opens in Paris.

FACTS about this decade.

  • 76,000,000 Americans in 46 states   (by the end of the decade.)
  • Policeman arrests woman for smoking in public 
  • $46,000,000+ in the U.S. treasury 
  • 8,000 cars - 10 miles of paved roads 
  • 1900 - Auto deaths 96; lynchings 115 
  • Average worker made $12.98/week for 59 hours 
  • Life expectancy: 47.3 female, 46.3 male - 33.0 blacks.


• Marie Anais Rieu and Ferdinand Eugene Grand marry in New York City.

Certificate only

1901 Plaza Hotel in New York City - Electric and Horse Drawn Trollies.

• Death of Queen Victoria.

• Theodore Roosevelt becomes President.



• The first Tour de France takes place and the Wright brothers make the first flights.

• Henry Ford starts the Ford Motor Company



• Laws are passed in France separating the Church from the State


Sept:  Eugene Ferdinand Grand born in New York  City.

Broadway and the New York Post Office.
• Dreyfus is pardoned and reinstalled in the army.

• April: The San Francisco Earthquake and resulting fires destroy much of the city.



• Pathé's cinema, Le Métropole, opens.

• The first Model T is produced by Ford Motor Company.


May: Marie Rieu, Sr.  70 years old, arrives in New York.

• Robert E Peary reaches the North Pole.

• Anarchist rebellion in Barcelona.


• Feb: Marie Thelma Grand is born in New York City.


• April: Census shows Ferdinand, Marie, Eugene, and Thelma living in New York with mother-in-law Marie Rieu, Sr.

FACTS about this decade

  • Population:  92,407,000
  • Life Expectancy:  Male 48.4   Female: 51.8
  • Average Salary  $750 / year
  • The Ziegfeld girls earned $75/week
  • Unemployed 2,150,000
  • National Debt:  $1.15 billion
  • Union Membership: 2.1 million
  • Strikes 1,204
  • Attendance:  Movies 30 million per week
  • Lynchings:  76
  • Divorce:  1/1000
  • Vacation:  12 day cruise  $60
  • Whiskey $3.50 / gallon, Milk $.32 / gallon
  • Speeds make automobile safety an issue
  • 25,000 performers tour 4,000 U.S. theaters


• Jan: Mildred Nancy Pigg born in Canon City, Colorado.



Nov: Ferdinand Eugene Grand comes back from France. 




August 3rd, 1914, WWI starts in Europe when Germany invades Belgium.  Mutual protection treaties bring England and France into War.


Marie Anais Rieu (Age 35) dies near or in St. Girons, Ariege, France

 See third page of this PDF file for St. Girons location relative to Marie's birthplace.

1917 June: Simon P. Fauroux fills out a WWI draft card, showing occupation, age, and birth information. April 6th, 1917, American joins WWI after a German U-boat sinks the Lusitania and other provocative acts of war.


 Ferdinand Grand moves to Chicago (per 1928 death certificate)

Nov 11, fighting stops in WWI.  Treaty of Versailles followed in June of 1919


April: Census shows Ferdinand Eugene Grand and Elsie Grand as lodgers in Chicago.  Is this our Ferdinand Grand?  Lists his age as 65?  And who is Elsie from Ireland. Is that Maggie or Margaret?  The occupation is about right for FE Grand.  I am sure FE Grand said age 55 and it was written down wrong.

Colorado Census shows Jules Fauroux owns a ranch on Lower Wilson Creek near Canon City. (see line 45 of this census page)

June: Eugene Patrick Grand born to Ferdinand and Maggie Dunn Grand.

Dec: Eugene Ferdinand (age 14) comes back from France.  Bound for Chicago and dad.
pg 2 of passenger manifest

EF Grand's ship The Rochambeu

Prohibition Begins in the US.  Lasts for 13 years


  • 106,521,537 people in the United States 
  • 2,132,000 unemployed, Unemployment 5.2% 
  • Life expectancy:  Male 53.6,   Female 54.6 
  • 343.000 in military (down from 1,172,601 in 1919) 
  • Average annual earnings $1236;  Teacher's salary  $970
  • Dow Jones High 100  Low 67
  • Illiteracy rate reached a new low of 6% of the population.
  • Gangland crime included murder, swindles, racketeering 
  • It took 13 days to reach California from New York  There were 387,000 miles of paved road.


Aug: EF Grand (19, almost 20) starts working in Coloardo.Detail from resume handwritten by EF Grand in 1940.  Full Resume Image

Aug: Jules Fauroux granted BLM land patent 984420 for 40 acres near Pigg and Nash Ranches.   Later land grants (two for 320 acres each) are awarded adjacent to this land grant.  (BLM patents 995764 and 995768 in Feb 1927)

View Larger Map


Oct: Marie Thelma Grand (age 17) comes back from France.  Bound for Chicago and dad.   Aboard the Rousillon



March:  Ferdinand Eugene Grand (age 62) dies in Chicago.  Gravestone Photo

 Holy Sepulcher Cemetery in Chicago   location map



Oct: Stock Market Crash – The Great Depression


April 8 and 9th : Census shows Margret Grand and Eugene P. Grand living in Chicago.  Also E F Grand living in Guffey CO area, working for Walter Nash

Nov: Eugene F. Grand and Mildred Nancy Pigg get married around Guffey, probably at the Nash Ranch.

 FACTS about this decade:

Population: 123,188,000 in 48 states
Life Expectancy: Male, 58.1; Female, 61.6
Average salary: $1,368
Unemployment rises to 25% (Depression)
Huey Long proposes a guaranteed annual income of $2,500
Car Sales: 2,787,400
Food Prices: Milk, 14 cents a qt.; Bread, 9 cents a loaf; Round Steak, 42 cents a pound
Lynchings: 21



 Sept: WWII starts in Europe. US joins in December 1941.  D-Day 1945


E F Grand writes out Field Assignments with Federal Government  Handwritten Resume



E F Grand attends Conference in Billings, MT


1958 Thelma Grand Hamilton fills out her Social Security Card application.  Living in Yonkers, NY.  


E F Grand receives certificate of appreciation recognizing his retirement from Federal Government service.   Letter from Stewart Udall, Secretary of Interior

 First issue of ComputerWorld is issued.


E F Grand writes down a bit of his family history for grandson David Grand
Page 1        Cover Letter from E F Grand
Page 2
Page 3

Jimmy Carter brokers the Camp David accords allowing Egypt and Israel to agree to peace terms. 

1980 E.P. Grand and E.F. Grand get together in Canon City Colorado  


August 7 - Thelma Grand Hamilton marries Paul Donnell Harrison in Bexar County Texas

 Apple introduces it's first Macintosh Computer and IBM introduces it's first AT-class PC.


June - EF Grand passes away at his home in Canon City, Colo  Gravesite Photo   Funeral Bulletin



Sept: Thelma Grand Hamilton Harrison dies near Bexar County, Texas

LA Riots after Rodney King's arresting officers were found innocent of wrongdoing in Rodney King's beating.
Hurricane Andrew in Florida. 


April: Mildred Nancy (Pigg) Grand dies in Billings, MT



Nov. Ronald Eugene Grand, son of E.F. Grand, dies in Coloardo Springs, CO
PDF Obituary  


To the right is the location of the cemetery located on Big Bear Ranch near Guffey Colorado. It is a private ranch and the cemetery is on private property.

The Coordinates are:  38.726280, -105.487144


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Jan - John Grand of Le Grange, Ill passes away

2013 Jan - Teresa Marie Johnson Grand passes passes away - Littleton, CO  

Compiled by David Grand with assistance from Jason Barton and Eugene Ferdinand Grand and John Grand
This is an on-going RESEARCH project and is not the definitive family history.  As new information becomes available and research continues, the results shown here will change.  Like many things on the web, it is a work in progress and subject to change.  As a general rule, no living person should be mentioned on this public website.  There is more research I have completed that will not appear on this webpage due to privacy concerns.

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