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JOHANNES1 / JEAN2 / JOHAN / JOHN3 LEHMANN4 was born about 1733 possibly in Schirrhein, Bas-Rhin (Alsace), France5 (aka Schirrheim, Germany6) to unknown parents. He is the first known ancestor of this LEHMANN family.7 Johannes probably married in France to his wife given as CATHARINA HALTER8 born 1731 to unknown parents.

It may be that the family had their roots in Switzerland, but this is yet to be proven. Johannes and Catharina appear to have resided in Schirrhein, Bas-Rhin (Alsace) France, but whether this is the place of their nativity and place where they married is unknown at this time. The family is believed to have spoken German and French (perhaps a French-Alsatian dialect).

The village of Schirrhein was a Catholic community. While residents of Schirrhein, the LEHMANN family are recorded in church records as members of St. Nicolas Catholic Church (established by 1752 when the church was constructed) and as "Johan Lehmann" he is given as the father of Michel Lehmann [Sr.].

The photo below shows the reconstructed church after the old church was destroyed during the liberation of France during World War II in 1945.

St. Nicolas Catholic Church
St. Nicolas Catholic Church in Schirrhein; An extract of Volume I, "The Falter-Scharf Family Fron About 1585" by Vincent Falter
Schirrhein, Bas-Rhin (Alsace), France
Erected 1752.
Crest date of 1752 is found below the crucifix.

Taken 1999, Permission to use photo granted 21 June 2001; Courtesy of: Lisa Lauricella
Descendant of Nicolas Lehmann, brother of Michel, the subject of this biography

[Note: Lisa is a descendant of Johannes Lehmann, via his son, Nicolas Lehmann, who was brother of Michel Lehmann [Sr.], my ancestor. Nicolas Lehmann married Marie Ann Biam. Michel Lehmann [Sr.] married Marie Madeleine Biam. Their BIAM (aka PIAM) wives were sisters. ASH]

Johannes and Catharina are believed to have been the parents of three identified children, but there were probably unknown others. However, survival to adulthood for many children of this time period was always questionable.

1. Marie Ann Lehmann9 (b 1754 Schirrhein, France- d 1839 Schirrhein, France); married Simon Schitter (b ca 1745 Schirrhein, France - d. Bet. 25 April 1801 - 08 March 1824 Schirrhein, France. They were the parents of seven known children.

2. Catharina / Catherina / Catherine Lehmann10 (b 1757 Schirrhein, France - d 1820); married Andreas / Andres / Andrew Heisserer (b 1757 Schirrhein, France - d after 27 Aug 1828). Catherina and Andres were the parent of two known children.

3. Michel Lehmann [Sr.]11 (b 1761 Schirrhein, France - d 1835 probably Schirrhein, France); married (1) Catharina Schott (b ???? - d Bef. May 1807. They are believed to have been the parents of Michel, Nicolas, Andre, Marie Madeleine, Rufina, & Jacques, perhaps others. Michel married 18 May 1807 St. Nicolas Catholic Church, Schirrhein, France to (2) Catharina Schmietter / Schmitter. It is not known if they had issue.
Johannes LEHMANN died 11 March 1794 in Schirrhein, Alsace, France. His wife, Catharina, survived him for about 28 more years, dying on 12 November 1823 in Schirrhein.

Jean/Johann/Johannes/Johann1Lehmann & Catharina/Catherina/Catherine Halter
First Known Lehmann Ancestors
First Generation Descendants
Marie Ann2
Lehmann [Sr.]


 1. Johannes was the name frequently used in Latin in Church Records.

 2. Jean was the French name for John.

 3. Johan was the German name found in a record of St. Nicolas Catholic Church in Schirrhein, France.

 4. The original spelling of the surname was LEHMANN as found in the early records. Upon emigration to the U.S.A. the surname was spelled many ways: LEHMAN, LAYMAN, LAYMON, LEEMAN, LAMAN, LAMON, and perhaps other ways.

 5. Schirrhein is a commune of the Bas-Rhin Département in France in the said Alsace region near Strasbourg. It is a small village not far from the Rhine River and near the German town of Baden-Baden. Originally a part of Germany, then a part of France, reverted back to Germany, and then finally back to France in 1872 as a result of the various wars in that region.

 6. Schirrheim was the original German name given to the commune of Schirrhein when under German control in the Alsace region.
Click on the link to learn more from the article by Vincent Falter.

 7. His name is recorded in church records on 18 May 1807, when Johann & Catherine Halter were named as the parents of Michael Lehmann, a widower of Catherine Schott.

 8. One record shows her name as Catharina HALDER.

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12. Halters, butchers in Schirrhoffen, Bas-Rhin, (Alsace), France


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