Biography: Michel / Michael Lehmann Sr. and Catharina Schott


son of Johannes / Jean / Johan1 Lehmann and Catharina Halter
and his first wife,

and his second wife,


Audrey7 (Lehmann-Shields) Hancock [ASH]
(Rita6 [nee Lehmann] Shields, John5, Martin4, Michel3, Michel2, Johannes1 Lehmann)
Written 1970 with additions, corrections, revisions to present
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MICHEL1 LEHMANN2 [Sr.]3, son of Johannes / Jean / Johan / John LEHMANN of Schirrhein4, Bas-Rhin (Alsace), France (aka Schirrheim, Elsas, Germany5) and Catharina HALTER, was born about 17616 in probably Schirrhein, France. Michel married circa 1785 to (1) CATHARINE SCHOTT, whose parents are unknown. The LEHMANN family were probably members of St. Nicolas Catholic Church in Schirrhein at an early time.

The photos below show the reconstructed church after the old church was destroyed during the liberation of France during World War II in 1945. The village of Schirrhein was a Catholic community.7

St. Nicolas Catholic Church
St. Nicolas Catholic Church in Schirrhein; An extract of Volume I, The Falter-Scharf Family Fron About 1585 by Vincent Falter
Schirrhein, Bas-Rhin (Alsace), France
Erected 1752.
Crest date of 1752 is found below the crucifix.

Taken 1999, Permission to use photo granted 21 June 2001; Courtesy of: Lisa Lauricella
Descendant of Nicolas Lehmann, brother of Michel, the subject of this biography

Taken 1999, Permission to use photo granted 21 June 2001; Courtesy of: Lisa Lauricella
Descendant of Nicolas Lehmann, brother of Michel, the subject of this biography

[Note: Lisa is a descendant of Nicolas Lehmann, brother of Michel Lehmann [Sr.], the subject of this biography. Nicolas Lehmann married Marie Ann Biam. Michel Lehmann [Sr.], Nicolas' brother, married Marie Madeleine Biam. Their BIAM wives were sisters. ASH]

St. Nicolas Catholic Church crest indicates that the old church was originally built in Schirrhein in 1752, but the Catholic community and congregation was probably established before that. It was the church where most of the village inhabitants were baptized, confirmed, and attended services. Based upon records found at St. Nicolas, we can probably safely assume that our LEHMANN ancestors were Catholic and worshipped regularly at this church, except perhaps during those early and late warring times, when many families left the Alsace area in fear.

Taken 1999, Permission to use photo granted 21 June 2001; Courtesy of: Lisa Lauricella
Descendant of Nicolas Lehmann, brother of Michel, the subject of this biography

St. Nicolas Catholic Church
Left: Main Altar     Right: Side Altar
Schirrhein, Bas-Rhin (Alsace), France

"On October 19, 1792, Michel Lehmann addressed a complaint to the Director of Haguenau. He and his servant could not ensure order in Schirrhein any longer because they were obliged to assemble the army guard being formed at the same time. The Director gave him orders that the guard be maintained so that there is always somebody securing the homes in Schirrhein."8

Catherine (nee SCHOTT) LEHMANN died before May 1807 probably in Schirrhein, Bas-Rhin (Alsace), France.

After Catharine (nee SCHOTT) LEHMANN's death, Michel [Sr.] married again on 18 May 1807 in St. Nicolas Catholic Church in Schirrhein to (2) CATHARINA SCHMIETTER/SCHMITTER (b 1775), the "32 year old" daughter of George SCHMIETTER / SCHMITTER and Magdalena GLOESS. At the time of the second marriage, the marriage record at St. Nicolas Catholic Church indicated that he was the son of Jean LEHMANN and Catharina HALTER.10

18 May 1807
Lehmann, Michael, 46, widower of Catherine Schott; s/o Johann & Catherine Halter
Schmitter, Catherine, 32, d/o George Schmitter & Catherine Gloess (Gloss)

Michel Lehmann & (2) Catharina Schmitter had three known issue: Johannes born 1808; Catharina born 1810; and Jean Baptiste born 1816. Michel & (2) Catharina were married about 30 years before Michel's death. It appears that perhaps the Jean Lehmann named as son on his death certificate was likely Jean Baptiste Lehmann. There were perhaps other unknown children. It is unknown if any of these children immigrated to the U.S.A. or another country, or remained in France.

No. 36     Lehmann, Michel     28 December 1838
Town Hall in Schirrhein, Borough of Strasbourg
On 29 December 1838 at 7 o'clock in the morning, the death of Michel Lehmann was reported. He was age 77, died at 5 PM on 28 Dec 1838, his occupation was cultivator/farmer; he was born and living in Schirrhein with his second wife Catherine Schmitter. He was the son of the deceased Jean Lehmann and deceased Catherine Halter, both born in Schirrhein, Bas-Rhin.
The record says the body was examined and he was found to be dead. The witnesses are Jean Lehmann, son of Michel, age 23, a farmer from Schirrhein, and Andre' Zurcher, age 41, a neighbor & farmer.

[Note: Shared by HSL: Translated March 2013 by Maryanne Doyle, who says the signatures are Zurcher and Lehmann using surnames only.
Jean Lehmann is an abbreviation for deceased, which also appears in front of Catherine Halter.]

There were six known children born to Michel LEHMANN [Sr.] and his first wife Catharine nee SCHOTT. There was at least three children born to Michel LEHMANN and his second wife, Catharina nee SCHMITTER.

Known Children of Michel Lehmann (Sr.) and (1) Catherine Schott

There may have been and probably were more children born to this couple, but these are the ones presently identified from church records of Schirrhein, Bas-Rhin, France and correspondence with others.
[Source: 1997, Communication with Ret. Gen. Vincent Falter, researcher]
[NOTE: At this time it is difficult to prove which brother, Nicolas or Michel, was the eldest, so the prediction is based upon probability that Nicolas was the eldest because he married first.]

  1. Nicolas (aka Nicholas) Lehmann, born 1789 Schirrhein, France; married 18 August 1812 at Schirrhein, Bas-Rhin (Alsace), France to Marie Anne/Anna Biam (aka Piam). Nicolas immigrated probably ca 1845 to America with wife, Marie Ann and three children. Marie Ann (born 1788 Schirrhein, France; died 1860 Seneca County, Ohio) was daughter of Ignace Biam (aka Piam) and Catherina Vetter. Nicolas was 22 years of age at marriage. Marie Ann was sister of Marie Madeleine (nee Biam/Piam) Lehmann, wife of Michel/Michael Lehmann [Jr.]. This family and descendants appear in Stark County, Ohio, Wyandot County, Ohio, and Seneca County, Ohio and beyond.
    [Source: Church Marriage Record; French Immigration Record (Passport Papers); United States Federal Censuses and Records]

  2. Michel (aka Michael) Lehmann [Jr.]9, was the emigrant ancestor of the LEHMANNs in Stark County, Ohio; Shelby County, Ohio; Miami County, Ohio; Montgomery County, Ohio and beyond; born 1790/1791 in Schirrhein, France; married 26 Jan 1818 Schirrhein, Bas-Rhin (Alsace), France to Marie Madeleine Biam (aka Piam); died 1853 in Montgomery County, Ohio. Marie Madeleine was sister of Marie Ann/Anna (nee Biam) Lehmann, wife of Nicolas Lehmann, brother of Michel/Michael Lehmann [Jr.]. This family immigrated to America with four of their known five children (one being deceased in France) in 1828 and settled in Stark County, OHio for about five years before removing to Shelby County, Ohio. Marie Madeleine, daughter of Ignace Biam (aka Piam) and Catherina Vetter, was born 1790/1791. Near the end of life, Michel/Michael and Marie Madeleine moved from Shelby County, Ohio to Montgomery County, Ohio to be near some of their children. Here they died and were buried in the now defunct St. Henry's Cemetery and later reburied in Calvary Cemetery.
    [Source: Church Marriage Record; French Immigration Record (Passport Papers); French Civil Birth Records of children give parents' names & ages; United States Federal Censuses and Records]

  3. Andre Lehmann (25 Nov 1793-????) married 9 March 1820 [Church Record] or 3 September 1820 [Family Record] Schirrhein, Bas-Rhin (Alsace), France to Maria Eva (aka Marie Eve) Lohr. Maria was daughter of Louis Lohr & Maria Anna Halter. Nothing more is known about this couple at this time.
    [Source: Church Marriage Record]

  4. Mary Magdelena Lehmann was born ca 1794; married 9 February 1828 Schirrhein, Bas Rhin (Alsace), France to Ignace/Ignatz/Ignatius Zircher. Ignace, son of Louis Zircher (also seen as Zurcher) and Marie Eva Schneider, was granted U.S.A. citizenship #6-457 from Shelby County, Ohio Clerk of Courts on 9 April 1847 being from France. This Zircher/Zurcher family resided in Shelby County, Ohio near her brother, Michel/Michael Lehmann [Jr.] Ignatz and Mary M. are buried at St. Michael's Catholic Church Old Cemetery, Ft. Loramie, Shelby County, Ohio.
    [Source: Church Marriage Record, Schirrhein (Alsace), France; St. Michael's Catholic Church Obituary Record for Mary says: "3 Maii 1863, Obit. Magdalena, uxer, I. Zircher, nata Lehmann regoida, morte 69 annos agens"; St. Michael's Catholic Church Cemetery Gravestone Inscriptions, Ft. Loramie, Shelby Co., OH for Mary & Ignatz.]
    [NOTE: Ignatz ZIRCHER may be related to Nicholas Zircher who immigrated to America during the same time period as the LEHMANNs. A Nikolas Zircher, a day laborer, of Schirrhein is shown on immigration passport papers on 1 Jan 1828 for America.]
    [NOTE: August 1997 communication: Ignatz and Mary are ancestors of Betty RUSSELL of Clyde, Ohio]

  5. Rufina Lehmann of whom nothing more is known.

  6. Jacques / Jacob Lehmann born 15 July 1802 Schirrhein, Bas-Rhin (Alsace), France; married 7 Oct 1835 Schirrhein, Bas-Rhin (Alsace), France to Madeleine / Magdeline Hahn. Magdeline was daughter of Ignace Hahn & Barbe / Barbara Schmietter / Schmitter. Barbe (nee Schmietter) Hahn 1779-????) was sister of Catherina (nee Schmietter) Lehmann (1775-????), 2nd wife of Michel Lehmann [Sr.] (1761-1823). Jacques and Madeleine had six known children and apparently remained in France.
    [Source: Church Marriage Record]
    [Note: JACQUES is French form of Jacob or James.]

    26 Messidor X = 15 July 1802 Geburts-Act Mairie von Schirrein Gemeindebezirch von Straßburg, vom sechs und zwantzig[sten] Messidor ihm zöhnten Jahr der fränckischen Republick, Geburts-Act von Jacob Lehman gebohren den sechs und zwantzigsten Mess[idor] nachmittags um dreÿ uhr, Sohn vom Michael Lehman, undt Catharina Schodt, [beÿte?] Bürgerliche Ehe undt Ackersleuth dahier in Schirrein wonhafft, Daß Geschle[cht] Deß Kindes ist vor Mänlich Erkand worden, Erster zeugen, Anton[i] Halter, Burger undt ackersman dahier in Schirrein wonhafft, so alt dreÿ[sig] zweÿ Jahr, zweÿter zeuge Magtalena Schitter, Dochter von Simon Sch[itter] undt Maria Anna Lehman Beÿte Bürgerliche Ehe undt Ackersleuth dahier in Sch[irrein] wonhafft, so alt zwantzig Ein Jahr, Auff die auffforderung die an mi[r] gemacht worden von Michael Lehmann, deß Kindes Vatter, haben und[er] schriben Michael Lehmann als Vatter, undt Antoni Halter, alß zeugen, undt un[der?] zeicht Magtalena Schitter, als zeugen, Michael Lehman Antoni Halt[er] signum Magtalena + Schitter Bekräfftiget dem gesetz gemäß von m[ir] undterscribener Maire der Gemeinde Schirrein, von ambtes wägen daß Ambt Eines öffentlichen beambten deß Civill standes versehet Schlosser Maire

    Birth record
    Mairie of Schirrhein, Arrondissement of Strasbourg, 26 Messidor year X of French Republic,
    15 July 1802
    Birth record of Jacob (Jacques) Lehman born 26 Messidor at 3 PM, son of Michael Lehman and Catharina Schodt, both citizen couple and farmers residing here in Schirrhein, the sex of the child was recognized as male,

    First witness, Antoni Halter, citizen and farmer residing here in Schirrhein, aged 32,
    Second witness Magdalena Schitter, daughter of Simon Schitter
    and Maria Anna Lehman both citizen couple and farmers residing here in Schirrhein, aged 21,
    Upon the request made to me by Michael Lehmann, the child's father, have under-signed Michael Lehmann as father, and Antoni Halter, as witness, and drawn Magdalena Schitter, as witness,
    Michael Lehman
    Antoni Halter
    Magdalena Schitter

    Certified according to the law by me undersigned Maire [Mayor] of the commune Schirrhein, acting with the function of the official civil state officer

    Translation and Transcription, 30 March 2013, by Etienne Herrbach

Of the above, three are known to have immigrated across the seas to the United States of America, namely, Nicolas, Michel [Jr.], and Marie Madeleine.9

Known Children of Michel Lehmann (Sr.) and (2) Catharina Schmitter
  1. Johannes Lehmann, s/o Michael Lehmann and (2) Catharina Schmitter, was born 26 June 1808 in Schirrhein, Bas-Rhin (Alsace), France. Nothing more is known concerning Johannes.

    Birth Record
    Johannes Lehmann
    Son of Michel Lehmann & (2) Catharina Schmitter
    Born: 26 June 1808 at 11:00 A.M.
    Reported: 2:00 P.M. on afternoon of 26 June 1808
    Born to Michael Lehmann, 49, farmer
    and his wife, Catharina Schmitter
    Residing (wonhafft) Schirrhein

    a son, Johannes Leman [as written on left side of document]
    Witness: Antoini Halter, 40, farmer
    Witness: Ignatz Hann [perhaps Hahn], 29, Dagner [Dagner=Tagner or Tagloehner/journalier/day laborer] …wonhafft (= residing) Schirrhein

    (Translators: Rick Toothman, Brian J. Densmore, Etienne Herrbach)

    "This record is from Alsace not from northern Germany…". "…I maintain this record is written in a bad German with a strong Alsatian (Alemanic) accent." "…really full of mistakes with awkward German mixed up with Alsatian expressions."
    (20 March 2013, Alsace-Lorraine Discussion List: Etienne Herrbach [German & native Alsatian Speaker]

  2. Catherine Lehmann

    Birth Record
    Catharina Lehmann
    Daughter of Michel Lehmann & (2) Catharina Schmitter

    Schirrhein, Bas-Rhin, France: Birth Record
    (Written in German)
    Date: 13 January 1810
    [Ein dausend achthundert und zoehn, den dreyzoehnten Dag ins Monnath Jenner].

    Catharina Lehmann, daughter
    Born: 4:00 today
    Father of Catharina and Declarant: Michael Lehmann, 51, farmer
    Mother of Catharina and Wife of Michael: Catharina Schmitter
    Residence: Both residents of here
    Witness: Jacob Scheiber, 24, farmer
    Witness: Matthias Weiss, 25, schreiner [joiner/carpenter]
    [Note: Schreiner derives from scrinarius, the Latin name for the same occupation. The French term is menuisier. RT]

    Signatures only of father and Scholosser (the maire [mayor])

    (18 March 2013, Alsace-Lorraine List: Translation by Rick Toothman)

  3. Jean Baptiste Lehmann [Name reflects being named for John the Baptist]

    Birth Record
    Jean Baptiste Lehmann
    Son of Michel Lehmann & (2) Catharina Schmitter

    3 June 1816 Schirrein
    Child was born of a legitimate marriage, at 1 o'clock
    Jean Baptiste Lehmann b: 2 June 1816 Schirrein
    father/witness: Michel Lehmann 55y, farmer, of Schirrein
    mother: Cathrine Schmitter, of Schirrein
    1st Witness: Michel Lehmann
    2nd Witness: Jacques Schriber

    [Note: This document was completed on a form to fill in data, unlike other birth documents, which were completely handwritten. ash]

Courtesy of: Ret. Gen. Vincent Falter
Permission to use granted 19 June 2001.

In Schirrhein and across France, many burial sites are recycled every so many years, so old gravestones are not usually seen in cemeteries. This is a recycled burial site.

Michel2Lehmann & Catherine Schott
(Johannes1 Lehmann)
Second Generation Descendants
Marie Madeleine3

Michel2Lehmann & (2) Catharina Schmietter/Schmitter
(Johannes1 Lehmann)
Second Generation Descendants
Jean Baptiste3



 1. Michel is the given name frequently found in French/German records. Michael is the English form of Michel.

 2. The original spelling of the surname was LEHMANN as found in the early records. Upon emigration to the U.S.A. the surname was spelled many ways: LEHMAN, LAYMAN, LAYMON, LEEMAN, LAMAN, LAMON, and perhaps other ways.

 3. [Sr.} is not an official designation, but merely a way to distinguish father from son by this writer.

 4. Schirrhein is a commune of the Bas-Rhin Département in France in the said Alsace region near Strasbourg. It is a small village not far from the Rhine River and near the German town of Baden-Baden. Originally a part of Germany, then a part of France, reverted back to Germany, and then finally back to France in 1872 as a result of the various wars in that region.

 5. Schirrheim was the original German name given to the commune of Schirrhein when under German control in the Elsas (Alsace) region.
Click on the link to learn more from the article by Vincent Falter.

 6. In 1807 when Michel Lehmann [Sr.] married his 2nd wife, Michel's age was given as 46 years and his parents were named.

 7. 1995, Information provided by researcher, Vincent Falter, and also found on his website: St. Nicolas Church in Schirrhein, Alsace, France

 8. This excerpt was shared with this writer by Vincent Halter
(Extracted, translated & shared by Vincent Falter from À La Lisière De La Forêt, Schirrhein-Schirrhoffen; 1995)

 9. Emigration of children are found in records:
1992, Nina Ross Montgomery: Schirrhein, France Civil Records; St. Nicolas Catholic Church Records of Schirrhein; French Passport Permission to Immigrate; & Ship Manifest Records
1997, Vincent Falter)

10. Internet, 2005, St. Nicholas Catholic Church, Schirrhein, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France: Marriage Records as transcribed by Vincent Falter.

18 May 1807
Lehmann, Michael, 46, widower of Catherine Schott; s/o Johann & Catherine Halter
Schmitter, Catherine, 32, d/o George Schmitter & Catherine Gloess (Gloss)

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