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HALTER, Butchers of Schirrhoffen, France

See this site, if interested: old postcards / Alte Ansichtskarten">old postcards / Alte Ansichtskarten

It is noted by the poster, Judith Werner of Salt Lake City, Utah, on the Alsace-Lorraine Rootsweb Message Board ( 31 March 2014 that Frederic Halter was transcribed on the postcard site as "Frederic Halfer."

On the back we note that the card was sent to Frederic Halter of Schirrhoffen, and that the photographer was Georg Lehmann of Haguenau.

Halter, butchers of Schirrhoffen, France

Post Card with the name, Frederic Halter

What is interesting to this researcher is that we know the Lehmann families and the Halter families of Schirrhein and Schirrhoffen, Alsace, France, intermarried through the generations. From this old postcard (for sale at the above site), apparently indicates that "Georg Lehmann" of Haguenau, France was likely the photographer. Was he of our Lehmann family line?

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