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Resources containing Daniel Shields or Related Information

Please send me bibliographic information of book titles, etc. that would be greatresources for our surname.

The reprint "1881 History of Preble County, Ohio" is available.
Send a check or money order for $75.23 which includes shipping to:
Preble County Historical Society
7693 Swartsel Road
Eaton, OH 45320
They are planning to republish the 1992 edition of PREBLE COUNTY, OH next year. If you are interested, ask to be put on their list to be notified when it is published.

HISTORY OF PREBLE COUNTY, Ohio with Illustrations & Biographical Sketches (reprinted without the History of Ohio section). 337p.
(H.Z. Williams & Bro.; 1881) 1997. $39.00
Available from: Higginson Books

BIOGRAPHICAL HISTORY OF PREBLE COUNTY (reprinted without "Compendium of National Biography.") 351p.
(Lewis Pub. Co.; 1900) 1997. $42.00
Available from: Higginson Books

CHALKLEY, Lyman, "Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia." Southern Historical Press has the three volume set which are volumes of extracted court records, mainly Irish (but not exclusively), of Augusta County, VA for the years 1745-1800. This set is also available online through sites.rootsweb.com/~chalkley .


  1. Which was the exact date of immigration? 1787? 1791? Or another date?
  2. What ship did they sail upon?
  3. What was this Irish Immigration Society at Baltimore, MD?
  4. Where did the family go upon their initial arrival?
  5. Are the three missing sons really named Samuel, Daniel Jr., & John?
  6. Was Patrick really born aboard ship?
  7. Where was the Daniel Shields family between their arrival time and when they are found in records in 1807?
  8. Did the Daniel Shields family actually live in Hamilton Co., OH?
  9. When after 10 Aug 1809 did his wife Mary die?
  10. Where did Mary die and where was she buried?
  11. Was Daniel Shields related to Hon. James Shields, s/o Thomas Shields, who was also living in Butler Co., OH at the same time period?

    HON. JAMES SHIELDS from Ireland to MD to VA to OH

    Hon. James SHIELDS, a very well educated man & politician, lived in Morgan Twp., Butler County, OH. He is said to have come to the U.S. in 1791 from Northern Ireland, settled in Maryland briefly, and went on to VA before coming to Butler Co., OH permanently. His father is said to have been Thomas SHIELDS who remained in Ireland. Relationship, if any, to this family is unknown at this time. His coming at possibly the same time as our immigrant ancestor creates some possibility that our Daniel and this James SHIELDS were somehow related. Daniel SHIELDS & family lived in Lemon Twp., Butler Co., OH. However, relationship, if any, is unproven.
  12. Was our Daniel Shields related to Gen. James Shields?

    Another DANIEL SHIELDS Story

    Daniel SHIELDS I & four sons fought in the Battle of Boyne in 1690 on the losing side. (That of King James II). The father and one son were killed, and two of the surviving sons migrated after the war to Spain where one became Capt. Gen. of Cuba. Daniel, the youngest, remained in Ireland, but suffered from confiscation and banishment visited on the Catholic soldiers of dethroned King William of Orange (the victor).
    ......1. Daniel SHIELDS II m 1695 and had an issue of two:
    ..........a. Daniel SHIELDS b 1697; married a girl whom he had romantically rescued from drowning and settled on mountain land at Altmore County, Tyrone and they had an issue of four.
    ..............(1) Charles SHIELDS b 1734
    ...................(a) General James SHIELDS d Ottuma, IA & bur Carrollton, MO.
    ..............(2) ??? SHIELDS
    ..............(3) ??? SHIELDS
    ..............(4) ??? SHIELDS
    ..........b. James Shields born 1699

    Dan and Georgia HARRIS ask, "Could our Daniel be one of the issue of four not named in this article? As Charles was born in 1734, and our Daniel was born in 1741. Could they possibly have been brothers? In the Rotunda of Washington, D.C., we found a statue of Gen. James SHIELDS that looked like my uncle, Jesse Shields."
    (Source: Dan & Georgia HARRIS: Information collected on Gen. James SHIELDS: Newspaper Clipping, Carrollton, MO Court House ca March 6, 1989.)

    However, research at PRONI at Belfast, Ireland has the following:

    Charles SHIELDS (????-1812) m Katherine/Anne McDONNELL d 1842 Children of Charles & Katherine/Anne:
    1. (Gen.) James SHIELDS b 6 May 1806
    2. Daniel SHIELDS b 2 Apr 1808
    3. Patrick SHIELDS b 17 Mar 1810

    And another source indicates that the father of Charles was Patrick Shields.


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    Petersen Reproductions
    Wonderful Things for the Genealogist from Bev Trew PETERSEN, a SHIELDS descendant from another SHIELDS Line, found not to be connected with our SHIELDS DNA family.


    Clan O'Reilly

    Shields Family to Canada in 1840

    Shields Family by Martin L. Skubinna

    Daniel Shields of County Antrim, Ireland


  13. Forty Shades of Green

  14. Items to Search:
    a) Hearth Money Rolls of 1669
    b) 1740 list of Protestant householders of Co. Antrim LDS film # 0993548 and 0100173 items 1 and 2 and 0100240.
    c) Religious Census of 1766, LDS film #0993548
    d) Religious Returns 1775 and the Flax Growers Bounty List 1796. LDS film #0993548
    e) Tithe books of 1830
    f) Griffith's valuation of 1860

  15. Anonymous Author, "Irish and Scotch Early Settlers of Pennsylvania" written by a descendant, 1856, M.Kieffer & Co., Chambersburg

  16. Bolton, Charles Bolton, "Scotch Irish Pioneers in Ulster and America"

  17. Charitable Irish Society

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