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and others are variants of the original surname.

The original Irish name is O'Siadhail and is usually found now as O'Sheils. The name would have originally been most associated with the northwest of Ulster. They were hereditary physicians in the northwest of Ulster.

A Short History of the Scots in Ireland

HIGHLAND Clearances

Scotch-Irish Presbyterians From Ulster to Rockbridge

Chasing Our Tales

History of Ireland

Some Irish History


Historical Timeline for Scottish Genealogy [and Irish History Inserted]

  Genealogy Data for the SHIELDS Surname  

Sheals, Sheil, Sheild, Sheill, Sheils,
Shiel, Shield, Shiell, Shiels, McShields,
O'Shields & O'Shiels

The Family History
Daniel SHIELDS & his wife, Mary ???,
from Ireland to MD to OH


Three sons (alleged to have been named Daniel, Jr.; Samuel; & John) of the 7 children of Daniel & Mary were said to have left the family group in Maryland and gone into VA. Two of these are then said to have gone into Canada. John was assumed to be missing, but one John Shields was in the War of 1812 from Butler Co., OH and later in Preble Co., OH as was his assumed brother, Patrick Shields. Locating the other two assumed missing sons and their descendants is crucial in bringing this family together.



Parts of our SHIELDS History and Genealogy are unproven and some information is based upon preponderance of evidence, gleanings, hearsay, family stories, oral history, and validated research resources.

This work is NOT to be taken as an authority, as much still needs to be proven and validated.

This is posted so that we might make contact with others, who like us have spent years in trying to find their SHIELDS family. HELP in validating any of these relationships would be gratefully appreciated.

If anyone can find any official documents supporting any of the information below, your contribution to this family history would be appreciated by this collector, so that together we can build our family history and lineage. Additions/Corrections to this rough draft of a family history are VERY WELCOMED.

Daughter of: Dale Caleb SHIELDS & Rita Marie LEHMANN

Information and a family genealogy were gathered ca 1970 by Mrs. Don (Anita) SHORT of R. R. #1, Greenville, OH & her mother, Mrs. Dale BOWERS, [now deceased] of R. R. #3, Union City, IN and was presented in manuscript form to those attending a SHIELDS family reunion about 1970 at Ivester Park, Arcanum, Darke Co., OH.

Permission to use material presented in the manuscript and any additional information shared was given by Mrs. Anita SHORT on 14 Jun 1999 to Audrey Shields Hancock. Thus, I have attempted to blend this material with other relative information and research to present this story.
THANK YOU, Mrs. Short.

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Daniel SHIELDS was born 4 April 1741 probably somewhere in Northern Ireland.

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[NOTE: It is believed by this researcher that he was not born in Cork, Ireland as has been reported by some researchers. His parents are not known and his place of birth thus is also unknown.  ASH]

Northwest Territory was established.


The Symmes Purchase (aka the Miami Purchase) was located in the southwestern corner of the state of Ohio. It began at the Ohio River, and ran about 24 miles northward between the Little Miami River and the Great Miami River. This area encompassed the original county of Hamilton Co., Ohio. John Cleves SYMMES and his associates had contracted to purchase one million acres from the Board of Treasury in 1788. Sale of land as witnessed in Deed of 1809 tells of purchase from John Cleves SYMMES by Daniel SHIELDS, but no date of purchase is given. Only the sale of this land and transfer are recorded.

ca 1790

It is believed that Daniel Shields came to America about 1790 with his believed only wife, Mary; one daughter, Mary, and six sons: ?Daniel Jr.; ?Samuel; ?John; Isaac; James; & Patrick.

Some reports say that Daniel SHIELDS and his family were from Cork, Ireland, but research appears to validate only that the SHIELDS family, probably like other immigrating families embarked from their homeland at Cork Co., Ireland (at a common departing port in those years) and disembarked at a port of entry in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.

[NOTE: Does anyone know where exactly these ports would have been?  ASH]

It is said in the letter of 1909 (see below) written by James F. SHIELDS that at Baltimore there was an emigrant society, which had contacted and offered inducements to desirable immigrants to settle in Virginia, which at this time was probably known as the Virginia Territory encompassing the now state of Kentucky. It is thus believed they had probably been in contact with this society or other family members before leaving Ireland, and that they had planned to settle in Virginia.

[NOTE: Does anyone have any information about an Irish Immigrant Society in Baltimore, MD?  ASH]

It is said by some that the SHIELDS family left Ireland in 1787 [1875 Darke Co., OH Atlas states "1791" according to an accounting by Daniel's son, Patrick, who is said to have been born on board the ship, but whose birthdate is given as 1784 elsewhere], and that the family arrived in Baltimore, Maryland, but to date no official record of their arrival or the ship on which they traveled has been located.

It is further said they arrived to find that the free land in the southern Shenandoah Valley of VA was gone. They supposedly had the choice between land in the northern valley of VA or land in the Northwest Territory of Ohio. This choice caused the family to split, and to date [1999] still not resolved as a family unit. Part of the family (father, mother, three youngest sons and daughter) are said to have gone to Ohio, and this can be validated by official records. The three oldest sons were said to have gone to Virginia, but their whereabout have been obliterated with time, and numerous stories surround these missing sons.

[NOTE: Does anyone know anything about the history of the Shenandoah Valley, or where or which area Irish immigrants would have settled? ASH]
One accounting of this family was written by Robert & Caryl SCHMITZ of Wausaukee, WI. This information reads:

"Early in the Spring of 1787 Daniel Shields, his wife Mary, a daughter Mary, and six sons, John, Samuel, Daniel, Isaac, James, and Patrick embarked from Ireland, bound for the Shenandoah Valley, Augusta Co., Virginia.

On arrival in Baltimore, Maryland they learned that there was no Government land available to settlers in the Southern Shenandoah Valley. Instead they were offered a choice of the Northern Shenandoah Valley, Berkeley County, VA (now WV), or the Northwest Ohio Territory.

This resulted in the split-up of the family."
[NOTE: It is unknown where Robert and Caryl SCHMITZ received their information, as no source has been given. Is their story a separate story based upon their knowledge of the family or is their story based upon research of the Ohio branch of the family? OR...were their conclusions drawn from their own family information and research. ASH]

The eldest sons are believed to have been Daniel, Samuel Jr., and John, but there is no official document that lists these sons. Information from Anita BOWERS indicates that the names of the other three sons are more or less based upon information handed down through the various branches of the SHIELDS family. This record goes on to state, "...even though the information has come from various parts of the country and from descendants who have had no contact with each other there seems to be reasonable agreement concerning the names of the additional three sons."

[NOTE: Which family lines/branches passed this same information down without benefit of the SHORT & BOWERS Family data? I think this would be of benefit to all of us. My information came from their history. ASH]

It is believed that son, John, went to the northern Shenandoah Valley where one John SHIELDS purchased land in Berkeley Co., VA on 13 May 1789.

[NOTE: If this is true, then the 1787 arrival date would appear to be correct. However, again, it is not proven that this is our John SHIELDS, s/o Daniel. Does anyone have additional information. ASH]

Then son, Samuel, is said by one accounting to have gone to Shelbourne, Nova Scotia, Canada.

[NOTE: This is not proven. What is the source for this information? Anyone have an idea? Nothing more is known of this Samuel SHIELDS. Possibly he went to VA and stayed there. ASH].

Another story concerns the son, Daniel SHIELDS, Jr., who is said to have taken the alias Hugh McMASTER, and went to St. John, New Brunswick, Canada, then onto Fredricton, New Brunswick, Canada.

[NOTE: More information will soon follow on this aledged connection. Bev (TREW) PETERSEN is researching this line from which she may possibly descend. ASH]

Another story of our immigrant ancestor was presented at a family reunion in 1909.

Copy of a Letter and History
Written by James F. Shields
"West Sonora, Ohio
March 4th, 1909

Mr. E. D. Shields
Greenville, Ohio

My dear Cousin and Friend,

Enclosed you will find my little production of biography or history of the Shields' family read at the Shields' first reunion at Greenville last year as I promised to send you a copy. We are well pleased with our reunion of last year and hope that the one of this year (1909) will be much better. (If we could have had it on Sunday this year how much more convenient it would have been and we would have had a larger turn out.) We are all reasonably well, hoping this may find you all well and enjoying the blessings of this world. Give our good wishes to all inquiring friends and keeping a good part for yourselves. May the Great Master care for you all is the wish of your friend,

(Signed) James F. Shields"

P.S. I would be pleased if you would acknowledge the receipt of this letter and oblige a friend.


"In the first part of the last century, or perhaps the last part of the one before (18th century), Daniel Shields, wife, one daughter and six sons left Cork, Ireland for Baltimore, Maryland (U.S.) to make America their home. Virginia had an emigrant Society at Baltimore to look after desirable emigrants to settle up their state. Probably the Shields people had corresponded with the Virginians before leaving Ireland, about Virginia and what it offered as an inducement for emigrants to settle in their state and had made up their minds to stop in Virginia. But when they landed in Baltimore, the head of the family had changed his mind and would immigrate to the North West territory and settled in what afterwards became Ohio, which was admitted in 1803 as one of the states of the Union. At Baltimore, three of the sons left their parents and went south into Virginia. At that time the mail service was very crude, if any at all, and the family was broken never to be reunited. Daniel Shields, wife, daughter, Mary and sons, Isaac, James and Patrick eventually settled in Preble County, Monroe Township, Ohio. Isaac, son of Daniel Shields married a Miss Van Cleaf and was the mother of seven children: John, Catharine, Daniel, Isabel, Pheobe, Benjamin and Mary. James Shields, son of Daniel, by his first wife had two children, Oliver and Mary L., married for his second wife a widow by the name of Shull and this union were born three children, Albert, Elizabeth and Martha.

Mary, the daughter of Daniel Shields, married a man by the name of Shinty [sic...SINKEY] and moved to Warren County, Ohio. The history of Mr. and Mrs. Shinty, seems to have been lost. Patrick Shields, the grandfather, the great grandfather, the great, great grandfather and still yet a greater grandfather of nearly all of the Shields in Darke and Preble counties of to-day was the youngest of the sons of Daniel Shields and his wife. He was born on the ocean during the voyage from Cork Ireland to Baltimore, Maryland. In giving the biography or history of Patrick Shields and family, I have not had the time since being asked to write it up, to do the work as it should have been done. My grandmother Rex often told me when I was a boy that my Grandfather Shields was married three times and was the father of twenty-four children; and, boy-like, I wondered if that was all. Going into the details of grandfather Shields' family, I will leave for some other time. The Shields of today, especially the olden ones, have a peculiar charteristic or movement of body and head that designate them from other people (what I means is the pure Shields blood), being small of statute, darke conplextion, darke hair and black eyes and good loyal, citizens of our government, good neighbors and in the main, good to their wives and children of which they have large families. As for myself, I am not a Shields, although I have the name, I belong to my mother's side of the house. Now my brother John, who is a typical Shields, who would get up at midnight to trade jews-harps or jack-knives or talk horse and has the earmarks of a full blooded Shields. Ed Dininger, son of Aunt Mary and Uncle John Dininger, although he has not the name, he has the trade mark of the Shields tribe and W. L. Shields of West Baltimore, is another one that has the earmarks of another pureblood. In closing, I will say that I am not ashamed of the name of SHIELDS but am proud of it for they are go od citizens. In looking over the roster of Ohio in the late Civil War , I find hundreds of the Shields boys that wore the blue in defense of our grand old Union.

Yours truly,

(Signed) James F. Shields"
[NOTE: James F. Shields, son of William H. Shields, son of James Shields, son of Daniel Shields from Ireland. ASH]

[NOTE: Mrs. Anita SHORT on 2 July 1999 in a letter to Audrey Shields Hancock indicates:
"The E.D. Shields letter of Mar. 4, 1909 is the only place that I have ever seen 'Cork' mentioned. Patrick Shields in the information he gave personally in the 1875 atlas states 'northern Ireland.' Also, Pat Shields in the 1875 atlas account states they came in 1791 and other accounts state Patrick was born on ship."
So, which date is correct...1787 or 1791 or yet another? ASH]

[NOTE: I guess that my grandfather, Raymond Dale SHIELDS, would rank as a typical SHIELDS and my Uncle Earl SHIELDS (aka "Peanuts"), s/o Raymond Dale SHIELDS, would also be a typical SHIELDS. ASH]


Ohio became a territory in 1799.

ca 1800

It would appear that sometime after Daniel's arrival that he must have purchased land in Hamilton Co., OH, and even possibly lived there as from the sale of said property as witnessed in this deed [seen in it's entirety below under the date heading of 1809], "the said Daniel Sheilds [sic] is rightfully and lawfully seized of all and singular the said tract of land by purchase of John Cleves Symmes, Esq."

Daniel SHEILDS [sic] and Mary his wife of Butler County, Ohio to Christopher HAYDEN of Hamilton County, Ohio: $200.00; 35 acres part S 1/2 1st Section, Third Township, Second Range, being part of a tract formerly belonging to Alexander KIRKPATRICK adjoining land of said Christopher HAYDEN, Richard BENHAM, and Uzal BATES. Signed Daniel (his X mark) SHEILDS (sic) and Mary (her X mark) SHEILDS (sic). Recorded 23 August 1811.

ca 1803

Butler County, OH was created from Hamilton Co., OH in 1803. Montgomery County, OH was also formed from sections of Hamilton Co., OH & Wayne Co., MI.


Daniel SHIELDS, Sr. and his wife, Mary apparently lived in Lemon Twp., Butler Co., OH where he appeared on an 1807 Tax List.

Butler County, Ohio--Enumeration of white male inhabitants of 21 years and over.
Taken June 1807, Lemon Twp.--- DANIEL SHIELDS
[NOTE: Need sources/references/bibiliographic information for this statement. ASH]

Miami County, OH was created from a part of Montgomery Co., OH in 1807.


Preble Co., OH was created in 1808 from parts of Montgomery Co. & Butler Co., OH.


Darke Co., OH was formed in 1809 from Miami Co., OH.

1809 February

In February 1809 Patrick SHIELDS of Butler Co., OH sold various cattle and household furniture to consideration of $110 to Daniel SHIELDS of Butler Co., OH as evidenced in Butler Co., OH Deed Book recorded 7 February 1809. This was probably the time period that Patrick left for service in the war.

1809 April

From Hamilton Co., OH Deed Records, Recorder's Office, Deed Book 1, page 428 (597-598), April 15, 1809:

This indenture made this fifteenth day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and nine. Between Daniel Sheilds (sic) and Mary his wife of the one part of the County of Butler and the state of Ohio and Christopher Hayden of the County of Hamilton and same state of the other part. Witnesseth, that the said Daniel Sheilds (sic) and Mary his wife do hereby acknowledge, and thereof and therefrom doth clearly acquit exonerate and discharge the said Christopher Hayden his Heirs and assigns hath granted, bargained and sold, and by these presents, doth grant bargain and sell alein and enfloff convey and confirm unto the said Christopher Hayden thrity five acres of land strict measure, it being a part of the tract formerly belonging to Alexander Kirkpatrick adjoining lands of said Christopher Hayden, Richard Benham, Uzal Bates and William Miller, the above mentioned thirty five acres of land being a part of the south half part of the first section the third township and second entire range of townships in the Miami purchase and county of Hamilton together with all and singular the privileges and appurtenances to the same thirty five acres of land in any wise belonging or appertaining thereunto. To have and to hld the said thirty five acres of land with all its appurtenances unto the said Christopher Haydon (sic) to the only proper use benefit and behoof of the said Daniel Sheilds (sic) for himself his heirs and assigns that that (sic) the time of ensealing and delivery of these presents, the said Daniel Sheilds (sic) is rightfully and lawfully seized of all and singular the said tract of land by purchase from John Cleves Symmes, Esqr. and that he hath good right to seel the same in manner aforesaid unto the said Christopher Hayden his heirs and assigns, the said Daniel Sheilds (sic) doth further covenant with the said Christopher Haydon (sic) his heirs and assigns that all and singular the premises and tract of land above described unto the siad Christopher Haydon (sic) his Heirs and assigns against all lawful claims, and demands whatsoever, the said Daniel Sheilds (sic) his heirs executors and administrators will well and truly warrant and forever by these presents defend. In testimony whereof the said Daniel Sheilds (sic) with Mary his wife (who hereby relinquishes her right of dower in the premises) have hereunto set their hands and affixed their seals the day and year above written.
Signed sealed and delivered

in presence of
Daniel (his X mark) Sheilds (sic)
Jonathan Whitaker
Jonathan Whitaker, Junr. Mary (her X mark) Sheilds (sic)
Thomas C. Wade

Be it remembered that on the 15th day of April 1809 personally appeared before me, one of teh Justices in and for the County of Hamilton came Daniel Sheilds (sic), and did acknowledge the within conveyance to be his voluntary act and deed for the purposes therein mentioned. Given under my hand and seal the date above. Jonathan Whitaker J.P.

State of Ohio - Butler County
Before Thomas C. Wade one of the Justices of the peace in and for the County aforesaid personally came Mary Sheilds (sic) the wife of Daniel Sheilds (sic) the above grantor who acknowledged the within conveyance to be her voluntary act and deed for the purposes within mentioned. Given under my hand and seal this 10th day of August, 1809.
Thomas C. Wade

Recorded the 23rd of August 1811.
[NOTE: The signing with their marks would appear to indicate that neither Daniel nor Mary were literate. ASH]
1810 Ohio Tax List

Ohio Tax List for Butler County, OH shows Daniel Shields.

[NOTE: Need sources/references/bibiliographic information for this statement. ASH]
1820 Ohio Census, Page 073A

Daniel appears to be living with his son, Isaac, at the time of the 1820 Federal Census in Milford Twp., and his wife, Mary, appears to have been deceased.

[NOTE: Need sources/references/bibiliographic information for this statement. Does anyone have? ASH]
1830 Ohio Census, Preble Co., Monroe Twp., p. 369:

Daniel appears to be living with his son, Isaac, at the time of the 1830 Federal Census, and again Mary does not appear to be present.
Isaac SHIELDS: Listing of males included: (1) 90-100 years of age which was probably Daniel.

[NOTE: Does anyone have this complete listing? ASH]

It is said that Daniel spent his last years in Preble Co., OH with his son, Isaac. He died 11 Apr 1833 at the age of 92 years and 7 days. His final resting place is the Dry Fork Baptist Church Cemetery, Monroe Twp., Preble Co., OH (located southeast of West Manchester, OH, just off of the Swisher's Mill Road). Dry Fork Baptist Cemetery is located two miles south of West Manchester and one-half mile east of State Route #127.

b 04 Apr 1741 Ireland
d 11 Apr 1833 Preble Co, OH
bur: Dry Fork Baptist Cemetery
Monroe Twp., Preble Co., OH
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Since Daniel was buried at a Baptist Church Cemetery, we have to assume that they were of the Protestant faith. Dale Caleb SHIELDS, father of Audrey (SHIELDS) HANCOCK, was always proud of his Orange Protestant heritage. Those living in Preble and Darke Co., OH appear to have the Protestant background, while disassociated descendants in other areas of the country were of the Catholic faith.

See: RUST Family History
Elizabeth RUST married 1828 Preble Co., OH to Isaac M.3 SHIELDS.
(Isaac M.3, Patrick2, Daniel1 SHIELDS)

Sarah Margaret CREAGER married Raymond Dale6 SHIELDS.
(Caleb5, Patrick4, Isaac M.3, Patrick2, Daniel1 SHIELDS)

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