Kendallville, Indiana
Cousins Gather in Indiana

Three cousins and their husbands meet again.
The HANCOCKs from Michigan, the WEBERs from Illinois, & the HIRSCHes from Ohio
Dave & Audrey, Don & Jane, and Charlie and Doe

Doe, Jane, and Charlie

Don and Dave

Charlie and Doe

Don and Jane

1930 large advertisment poster for the Star Wind Engine
Flint & Walling Manufacturing Company of Kendallville, Indiana
Poster is of Olympia, the wind goddess.


Don, Dave, Charlie, Doe, and Jane

Left: Don coming down steps; Charlie in Doorway
Center: Dave, Don (back), Jane, Doe, Charlie (back)
Right: Charlie coming down steps

Dave Hancock, Don Weber, and Charles Hirsch
Dave, Don, and Charlie

Audrey (Lehmann-Shields) Hancock, Jane (Davis-Lehmann) Weber, and Dolores (Lehmann-Zimmer) Hirsh

Back: Don and Charlie
Audrey, Jane, and Doe

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