Clan Gray & Gray Family DNA Family Tree


Calling all Clan Gray & Gray/Grey

Family Members!

Proudly announcing the DNA Family Tree project for the

Gray/Grey Family.

In order to reconstruct our family lines and to determine common ancestors and migrations of our family, we have begun the ultimate Family Tree project. We are bringing together good, old fashioned genealogical research and today's science and technology in order to accomplish these goals.

Learning About Ancestry & DNA Testing

After following the DNA Family Tree subject on a few mailing lists and forums, we have decided it is time to become a part of this new and exciting method of research.

To sum it all up and make it easily understandable for those of us who don't hold a medical degree or Ph.D. in some science or other;

This test is used SPECIFICALLY for ancestry/genealogical research. The test we are using is the 12 Marker "Y" chromosome test. Only the males of the lines can be tested.

The "Y" chromosome is passed down from generation to generation, throughout the lines of descent through the males, virtually unaltered. Although we'd love to be able to include famales in this project, females have "X" "X" chromosomes. For those females interested, they will need to ask a male relative of their Gray line to be the donor. One day in the future, we hope to include a mtDNA project.

Since the DNA is more or less (simplified) like the rungs of a ladder, when there are common ancestors, this test will show not only the common markers, but will also provide information on how many generations back 2 individuals share a common ancestor.

The test is painless, just a few swabbings of your cheek, far less expensive than one would image for DNA testing of any sort ($99.00 + $2.00 s/h). We have selected FamilyTree DNA as our project facilitators. They have a solid reputation, have thousands of surname projects and security & privacy are their utmost priority. Please visit their site and check it out thoroughly. I am sure they will have the answer to any question you may have.

If you are interested in joing our project (they suggest at least 2 members for each line), please click on this link Gray DNA Family Tree Project.

Please join us in preserving our history and reconnecting these family lines.

E-Mail Project Administrator: Kevin E. Gray

As our project grows and test results are available links will be provided to list those lines involved in the project (no current names, only the names of the ancestor) as well as their test results.

All information contained within these pages are the property of those individuals tested and of the Gray DNA Family Tree Project and may not be copied, reproduced or duplicated without the express permission of the owners.

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