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William James Gray (born January 2, 1832) is believed to be the oldest child of Reese Gray, and Martha Jane Pratt.  William James, a farmer by occupation, was a veteran of the Civil War, serving as a private, first enlisting in the 9th Battalion, Company D, of the Georgia Volunteer Infantry (Army of Tennessee), but later he transferred to the 37th Georgia Regiment (Infantry), Company G, which was nicknamed the "Elbert County Guard."  He married Martha M. Johnson (daughter of Anthony Johnson, and Rebecca Bullard) on September 23, 1860 (in Elbert County, Georgia).  The family moved to Franklin County, Georgia during the late 1870's, but, shortly thereafter, William James died, on May 11, 1879.  The children of William James Gray, and Martha M. Gray are as follows:
Rebecca Jane Gray
June 21, 1861, Elbert County, Georgia
Drewry J. Brown, 1885
September 28, 1937, Anderson, South Carolina
William Tapley Gray
January 21, 1866, Elbert County, Georgia
Eula Herring on November 9, 1902 in Seagoville, Texas
January 14, 1939, Roscoe, Texas
Lindsey A. Gray
January 1868, Elbert County, Georgia

1916  (possibly in Nocona, Texas)
George G. Gray

John R. Gray
August 1872

James Wyche Gray
March 8, 1875
Sallie Brasher
April 15, 1953, Beckville, Texas
Martha Lois "Myrtle" Gray
August 14, 1877, Elbert County, Georgia
George W. Brown, on June 2, 1895, in Elbert County, GA
October 16, 1940

William James Gray is believed to have had three siblings,
  • S. E. Gray  (female), born 1833, 
  • Thomas L. Gray, born June 26, 1835, and,
  • John Alfred Gray, born 1837.
Also, through a second marriage of Reese Gray, to Edna L. Ellenburge (on August 9, 1866, in Elbert County, Georgia), there might be two additional half brothers to William James Gray.  The 1870 Census is difficult to read, but one sibling was born around 1867, and the other sibling was born in February of 1870.
  • Felton I. Gray born around 1867
  • Henry T. Gray born around 1870
Reese Gray would have a third marriage to Betsa Summers on December 23, 1874 (in Elbert County, Georgia).  It is believed that Reese Gray died before 1880 at the age of nearly 70.  No children are believed to have come from this marriage.

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