The Cemetery is at the intersection of Old Big Cove Road and Hidden Lake Drive.  The Cemetery will be on a hilltop to your left.  The landscape is a natural wooded hilltop.  The graves are marked by three burial cairns, an individual iron fence, and others by field stones.  The base of the hill is located on three sides by Hidden Lakes Subdivision.


Burials for the John C. Grayson Cemetery as listed in the Grayson Family Bible, Huntsville, AL.

John C. Grayson  born 1770 .... died -1826

Sallie Carter (wife of John Grayson) born -1776 .... died -1838

John Grayson (twin) born 1797 .... died -1806

William Grayson ... (twin) born 1797 .... died -1806

Robert Grayson born 1801..died-1810

James Gordon Grayson born 1812 died 1864

Paralee Wright Grayson born 1821 .... died 1876

George Washington Grayson born 1833 .... died -1845

James Franklin Grayson born 1834 .... died 1845

Mollie Grayson born 1852 .... died-1858

James Thompson Davidson, M.D born _______ died -1874

NOTES: 1 – An iron fence marks the grave of Dr. Davidson who was Husband of Sarah Ann Grayson and Father of Charlie, John, Lula, and Minnie. 2 - A Black worker killed in a gin accident is also buried here. 3 -Other burials from the surrounding community were made after l876.  4 – After the last Bible-recorded burial in 1876, others from the surrounding community continued to be buried there.  Many were likely from the Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918.

The Grayson Family Cemetery

There are a number of things that need to be done to insure that the Cemetery is preserved for future generations, all of which are costly.

We need to restore the three cairns within the cemetery. The two larger cairns are the graves of John C. Grayson and Sallie Carter Grayson. This is specialized work so the repairs will be costly.

It is very important that a permanent fund be established to perpetuate the care and maintenance of the cemetery. We still need to build that fund.

We hope to be able to become a tax exempt organization in the near future.

Our fourth objective is to establish an advisory board to oversee the fund and the cemetery. If you would like to be a part of that group, please let us know at the address below.

Some of the cousins have set aside a designated amount each month and sent it to us. It does not have to be a great deal. There are many of us and each little bit grows the fund.

If you are interested in helping, checks should be made to:

Grayson Cemetery Fund.  and  mailed to:

Nancy Van Valkenburgh
1005 Harrison Avenue, S. E.
Huntsville, AL   35801

If you have any questions please feel free to contact: Jeff Coker, 430 Shangri-La Lane, Munford, AL  36268, 256 362-0406, rjcoker@gmail.com