Scramling Cemetery, West Oneonta, NY

Scramling Cemetery Census
153 Corporate Dr
Oneonta, NY

26 June 2005

Census taker:  Gary O. Green  

History of Oneonta - The first settler in the area now known as the town of Oneonta is considered to be Henry Scramling (b. ~1743; d. 1808)  He secured a grant of 1,000 acres in the Susquehanna Valley, moved from German Flats in the Mohawk Valley and settled in the Oneonta Plains near the mouth of the Otego Creek several years (about 1773) before the Revolutionary War.  He left during the Revolution and returned after the conflict with his brothers, George and David, and his brothers-in-law, John and David Young.  Their farms were not far from the mouth of the Otego Creek.

American FlagRevolutionary Soldiers - David SCRAMLING, who died in 1824, was grandfather of Allen Scramling. Henry SCRAMLING, David's brother, who died in 1808, was a Second Lieutenant in Tryon County Militia. James THOMPSON, a soldier of the French and Indian and Revolutionary wars, was at Bunker Hill. He lived with David Scramling and was never married. These three are buried in the old graveyard on the Ephraim PARISH farm. This farm was later divided up and the cemetery is now on Corporate Drive on a small hill between State Route 7 and Interstate 88 off State Route 205 at Exit 13 of Interstate 88.

Descendants of Henry Scrambling (b. 1695)

A Schrembling genealogy may be observed here.

Three unreadable field stones are also located in this cemetery.  There is one monument erected in 1925 which commemorates three heroes of the American Revolution. 

Last Name First Middle Date of Birth Date of Death Age @ death Plot Notes
Leib Mary Elizabeth 19 Feb 1770 19 Feb 1808     2nd  Wife of David Young
Leonardson Sarah   ~1743 20 May 1793     1st Wife of Henry Scrambling
American FlagScrambling David  


Mar 1824

    Tryon County military Battalion of Minutemen
Scrambling Catharine Elizabetha 1720 Aft 1 Feb 1791     Wife of Andreas Young
American FlagScrambling George H. Jul 1761 Abt 1820     POW, Revolutionary War
Scrambling Henry  

~ 1743

21 Jun 1808

    2Lt - Tryon County militia Battalion of Minutemen
Scrambling Jane   15 Jul 1806 7 May 1829      
American FlagThompson James           Tryon County militia, 3rd Regiment-French & Indian War
Young Andreas   1722 1 Feb 1791      
Young David   30 Dec 1761 24 Apr 1814     Son of Andreas Young
Young Susanna H. May 1766 31 Dec 1820     Wife of David Scrambling

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