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Submitter: Deborah Bruno
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Date: January 1, 2005


Of course, you have my permission to use the Bible information in your database.  You also have my permission to share the images with other Green researchers.  Thank you for asking.  It is refreshing.
After studying the images again, and now knowing that Elizabeth's maiden name was Liebengood, not Liebengrove, I think that I misinterpreted her name in the family Bible marriage record.  It does look like Liebengood after all.  Lieben (not Leiben) is German for love.  Gut means good.  I suspect that the name was originally Liebengut, not Leibenguth.  I can see how it would easily evolve to Liebengood. 
Along the same line, Minnie I. O. Green, that appears like Minnie I, J, or H Green in the Bible, might be Minnie Jo Green.  See the 1880 US Census:
1880 U.S. Census, Pennsylvania, Indiana County, Blairsville, ED 130, p. 76B, Enumerator's p. 14, Visit 142/157 on 5 June 1880, Lines 19-2, Census day 1 June, Microfilm T9_1135:0154, FHC Film 1255135.

"Green Geo Miles, White, Male, 50, Divorced, Photographer, Born in Penna, Father born in Penna, Mother born in Penna
_____ Minnie Jo., White, Female, 17, Daughter, Single, Keeping House, Born in Michigan, Father born in Penna, Mother born in New York."
With the census in mind, the letter(s) in the Bible could be "Jo" after all.  I've seen her name recorded as Minnie I. O. in various databases.  A handwritten I and J look a lot alike.
Please look at the images carefully.  You might catch something else that I missed.  If you do, please let me know.
Who is Herbert (looks a bit like Herliot in the Bible entry)?  Herbert (blank or erased or worn) was born December 22" 1959 in Pontiac Ill.  This is the same place that George and Jennie's daughter Minnie was born in 1862; but George and Jennie weren't married until 1861.  Perhaps the child isn't theirs (although the proximity of entries in the Bible would lead one to believe it very likely) or perhaps it is Jennie's from a previous marriage.  No death date for Herbert is shown.
Do you know of a Mrs. Rachel Thomas?  I don't know how she connects to the Greens, but she is listed on the Deaths page in the Bible.  I don't know why I didn't include her in the transcription.  I guess I was looking for Greens and overlooked her. 
Mrs. Rachel Thomas
Died (May) 22 1873. In
Pontiac Ill  In the 48
Year of her age
There is a Rachel Thomas in Pontiac in one of the censuses who is the right age.  She is shown to be of mulatto race.
I have some more information that might be helpful:
Illinois Statewide Death Index, Pre-1916
Green, Minnie I Death: 10/09/1884     Age: 22     City: Chicago     County: Cook     Certificate No. 00050479
This should give you enough information to obtain her death certificate, which might contain more information about her mother.  The Bible is very difficult to read but it mentions that she was at her? Matthews in Chicago when she died.  I wonder if that's a surname Matthews or at her brother/uncle/cousin... Matthew's.  Maybe the death certificate will reveal that information.  It would certainly state her place of death.  She was buried in Lot 19 of Blairsville Cemetery in Pennsylvania.
MRS. ELIZABETH GREEN was born in 1798, in Northampton county, and was a daughter of Henry and Catharine Libengoon nee George. In 1800, the family removed to Derry township, Westmoreland county. She was married in 1819 to Isaac Green, the first carpenter to work in Blairsville. He died in 1846, in his fiftieth year. He was born in Bellefonte, Centre county. Their children were: William, m. to Mary Campbell; Henry, d.; James, d.; Joseph, m. first to Catharine Brown, d., and second to Susan Brown; Samuel, m. to Sarah Alters; George Miles, m. to Jennie Jeffries; Foster M., d.; Wilson, d.; and Martha J., m. to S. D. Stiffey. The children of the latter are: Anna Lena, Frank, and Harry E.
Source:  J. A. Caldwell, History of Indiana County, PA, Chapter 55, Blairsville, pages 321-421,  880, published at Treasures of the Past,
I don't know where this surname Jeffries in the following came from.  This information, from, Includes a submitters name and mailing address, but no sources.  Also the dates are vague and/or inaccurate.  I found this while trying to another other surname that I saw for Jennie Davidson Green.  I thought it started with "Goo." 
Much of the donated information, such as the following, on, is from members of the LDS (Mormon).  Sometimes members are in a rush to do "Temple Work" and don't research the details.  I always recommend that you information as you can to document any findings, otherwise it is just hearsay.  Use information presented to you as a guide to research, not as proof in itself.  Verify everything, otherwise it's easy to go down the wrong path ad research someone else's ancestry, especially with a common name like Green.
Since the submitters name and address is included with this data, you might hope to reach him and find out his source of Jennie's maiden name.  It is in the bio of Mrs. Elizabeth Green said to be taken from J.A. Caldwell's History of Indiana County, PA.  There may be some truth to that. Maybe Jennie was a Jeffries and a Davidson before becoming a Green.  I am skeptical about the reliabilty of some of those county history books that seemed to be very popular then.  I found several errors about my father's family, that I can prove to be errors, in The Hisotry of Cambria County.  My 3rd great grandfather's father was shown to be Richard, his father-in-law instead of Thomas.  Their date of immigration was shown to be in 1837, but the manifest says 1830.  It's that kind of thing that makes me feel that it is important that you have these Bible pages.  At least we can be reasonable certain that the entries were in the hand of a family member.

Jennie JEFFRIES (AFN: 1FT6-ZNG) Pedigree
Sex:  F Family

Birth:  Abt 1831
, , Pennsylvania


Spouse:  George Miles GREEN (AFN: 1FT6-ZM8) Family
Marriage:  Abt 1850
, , Pennsylvania
1571 7TH ST
Submission:  AF95-109295
USA 84404
Here's one more interesting tidbit:
Joseph N. Greene, Bio
  Author: deborah gerischer Date: 20 Oct 2000 12:00 PM GMT
  Surnames: Greene, Liebengood, Brown, Donley, Craft, Shelby, Osterman
  Classification: Biography
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"From Vol. 2 History of Davenport and Scott County" by Harry E. Downer - S. J. Clarke Publishing Co. 1910 Chicago

There are many admirable traits of character exemplified in the life of Joseph N. Greene, who is now one of the patriarchal citizens of Davenport, having reached the age of eighty-four years. Much of his life was devoted to the art of photography but since 1894 he has lived retired. A native of Pennsylvania, Joseph N. Greene was born in Clearfield county, March 6, 1826, and is a son of Isaac and Elizabeth (Liebengood) Greene. The father was a carpenter by trade and during the latter part of his life engaged in boat building on the canal at Blairsville, to which place he removed with his family son after the birth of his son Joseph. The latter there resided until about 1862 and acquired his education in the public schools of that town. He now has in his possession a picture of the old log school building which was erected in 1830 and was used as a church and place of public meetings as well as for educational purposes. His father built the first house in Blairsville and the family were closely associated with the development and progress of the town. Both the father and mother died there, the former passing away at the age of fifty years, while the latter, long surviving him, reached the very advanced age of fifty years, while the latter, long surviving him, reached the very advanced age of ninety-four years. Her parents were among the first settlers of western Pennsylvania and as pioneer residents aided in planting the seeds of civilization in a virgin soil.

Joseph N. Greene, who was the fourth in a family of nine children, after pursuing his education in the schools of Blairsville, learned the trade of boat making under his father and followed it until after his father's death. He built a boat for himself about 1848 and used it on the canal there. In 1861 he organized a company at Blairsville for service in the Civil war, for his patriotic spirit was aroused by the attempt of the south to overthrow the Union. The organization became known as Company I of the Eleventh Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. They enlisted at Blairsville and went into camp at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Mr. Greene being elected captain of the company. They remained in Harrisburg for about four months and then proceeded to Washington, D. C., joining the Army of the Potomac. Mr. Greene was in a number of skirmishes up to the time when he was honorably discharged on account of ill health in 1863.

Returning to Pennsylvania, he established his home in Allegheny, where he turned his attention to photography. In 1865 he removed to Geneseo, Illinois, and conducted a photograph gallery there until 1879, after which he went to Morrison and later to Sterling, Illinois, where he remained for two years. On the expiration of that period he came to Davenport and since 1894 has continuously lived retired. During his active connection with the photographic art he kept in touch with all the modern processes of taking pictures and, with keen appreciation for the effects of light and shade as well as for pose, he produced excellent work that gained for him a liberal patronage and made his business a profitable venture.

On the 13th of November, 1862, Mr. Greene was married in Davenport to Miss Susan Brown, a daughter of Squire James and Mary (Donley) Brown. Mrs. Greene was born in Pennsylvania and in her infancy was brought to Scott county, Iowa. Her father first came to this county in the fall of 1844 and the mother brought their children the following spring to the new home which he had prepared. Mr. Brown rented a farm on Duck Creek, which he occupied for two years and then purchased an adjoining tract of land of one hundred and sixty acres, where he made his home for some time. Eventually he sold that property, however, and removed nearer Davenport, where he bought another farm, residing thereon until the death of his wife about 1882. He then retired from active life and took up his abode in the city. He was not only a prominent agriculturist but also took an active part in public affairs, serving as justice of the peace of Pleasant Valley township for a long period, during which time his fair and impartial decisions won him high encomiums. He was also school director and held other offices in the township. He gave his political support to the democracy and his allegiance to the Catholic church, in the faith of which he died in 1893 at the age of eighty-six years. His wife had passed away at the age of seventy-four years.

Unto Mr. and Mrs. Greene were born eight children: Carrie, who is a Sister of Mercy in the Mercy Convent at St. Louis; Josephine, who is the wife of W. A. Craft, of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, and has two children, Dora and Gertrude; Agnes, Pius and Lourde, all now deceased; Mattie, the wife of James Shelby, of Davenport, and the mother of eight children: - Harold, Hugh, Hildegard, Jerome, Lourde, Barthela, Monica and Regina; Gertrude, the wife of Albert Osterman, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Isaac, at home. Mr. Greene has belonged to a large number of fraternal orders but is not affiliated with any at the present time. He is a prominent member of the Catholic church and his life has been in harmony with the teachings thereof. For eighty-four years he has traveled life's journey, faithfully performing the duties that each day has brought, and his trustworthiness, his energy and his reliablity have gained him the high and favorable regard of all with whom he has been associated.
I found the following - It appears to be Joseph and Catherine with a young Elizabeth in the household in 1850.  No child named Elizabeth is listed above.  Of course, nothing in the census record says that Elizabeth is their daughter.
Pennsylvania, Indiana County, Blairsville, Page: 67 Visit 920/923 on 26 August 1850, Census day 1 June 1850, Lines 5-7, Microfilm Roll: M432_785
Joseph Green, Age 23, Male, Ship Carpenter, Birth place: Pennsylvania
Catherine ", Age 20, Female, Birth place: Pennsylvania
Elizabeth ", Age 1, Female, Birth place: Pennsylvania
I have transcriptions of Isaac Green's household enumerated in the 1820 - 1840 censuses, if you need them.


This Bible contains birth, marriage and death entries for the families of Isaac Green and Elizabeth Liebengrove of Blairsville, Indiana county, Pennsylvania and of Bellefonte, Centre County, Pennsylvania, and of George Miles Green and Jennie Davidson of Blairsville, Indiana County, Pennsylvania and Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan.  This Bible also contains entries for the family of James W. Hawk and Clara Bell Kees of Dunbar, Fayette County, Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.  I am related to the Hawk family and know of no connection to the Green family except that Clara Bell Kees married a Davidson after the death of her husband, James Hawk.  Her second husband, James Melvin Davidson, is not included in this Bible. 
The following information is submitted for the purpose of sharing it with as many of the Green family descendents as possible.  Questionable entries and comments are noted in parentheses.  All entries about the Green family are provided.  Attachments of the images will follow in two additional e-mails. 
Green Births, p. 1
Isaac Green was born March the 24th 1791. 
Isaac Green departed this life October 13 1846   
Elizabeth Green was born October 10 1798
Isaac + Elizabeth Greens
William Green was born June 26 1820.
Henry Green was born March 30 1822. 
Henry L. Green departed this life Dec. 18 1828
Jas L. Green born February 14 1824.    
Jas L Green Died Sept 25 1844
Joseph N. Green was born March 6 1826
Samuel E Green was born Sept 18 1828
George M. Green was born July 31 1830
Foster Marks Green was born Dec. 4 1832    Died August 24 1844    
Wilson Green Feb. 12 1835 Died May 12 1838
Martha J Green March 2nd 1841
Green Births, p. 2
G. M. Green was born July 31 1830     
(Jennie) Green (Davidson lined through) was born April 7 1842.
Herbert was born Dec 22 1859 in Pontiac Ill    
Minnie (I G or H) was born October 71862.  In Grand Rapids Mich

Green Deaths
Minnie (I G or H) Green Died Oct 9th 1884 being 22 years and 2 days.  She died (at her        ) Matthews in Chicago And (was) intered (sic) in Lot No. 19 Blairsville Cemetery, Pa

Green Marriages
George Miles Green was married to Jennie Davidson October (September lined through) 15 1861.  In Grand Rapids State of Michigan  By Rev. C Smith
Isaac Green Father of G. M. Green, was married to Elizabeth Liebengrove Sept 91819.  In Blairsville Indiana Co Penn
Marriage Certificate A Bible entry
This is to Certify that Mr. Geo M Green And Miss Jennie Davison Were solemnly united by me in the HOLY BONDS of MATRIMONY at Grand Rapids Mich on the Fifteenth Day of October in he year of our Lord, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty one   conformably to the Ordinance of God and the Laws of the State.

In the Presence of        
P H Hollister    
Ann R Bigelow   

C Smith Pastor
 Pres Clergyman
Thanks for writing.  I hope this attempt at sending the attachments is successful.  I am sending:
Title Page (Note: no publication date)
Death page
Births pages 1 and 2
Marriage Certificate
The page with marriages and another with a marriage certificate should have been on pg. 3 of 3.  If not, I'll be happy to send them again.