James Green 1785 NJ Subject:         [GREEN-L] Green's in N.J.
   Date:         Sun, 29 Oct 2000 07:08:33 -0500
   From:        "GLENN" GTGREEN@prodigy.net
     To:         GREEN-L@rootsweb.com

Thought while the list is back in New jersey I would again try and find the parents of my elusive James Green. I am looking for help with the following:

James Green bn. 6-13 1785
    wife Rebecca Tice bn. 9-11-1796  Both from the Cumberland County, NJ area


    Lyda E. Green 1-11-1814
    Jonathan S. Green 10-20-1816
    Mahala E. Green 10-18-1818
    Rachel T. Green 8-23-1820
    James M. Green 4-24-1823
    Gilbert T. Green 5-18-1825
    John D. Green 1-29-1827
    George W. Green 2-10-1829
    Isiah S. Green 10-10-1830
    Isaac E. Green 7-3-1832
    Rebecca A. Green 3-26-1834
    Charles T. Green 7-10-1836

James had a brother named Issac, Isreal, and George that I know of. All were from the Cumberland Co., N.J. area and then migrated to southern Ohio. Any help or direction would be much appreciated.
Glenn Green