Joannis Krein ~1840 Prussia
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GREEN-GRUEN family chart
Here's my GREEN line...Before they came to the states (according to the census, they were from Hesse Darmstadt, Germany), the name was Gruen or Grün (see info below). Peter Green ended up in Pittsburgh/Millvale area in PA first, then moved the family to Calhoun Co., Iowa in 1902, where most of them lived until their deaths.

1. HENRY GREEN  I have no info on him, his wife was a widow in the 1880 PA census.
  +MARIA WAGNER B:5/21/1828 Germany D:12/23/1905 Farnhamville, Calhoun, IA
   2. KATE GREEN  B:     D:age 17 or 18
   2. JOHN GREEN  B:Abt. 1852; Never married
   2. MARY GREEN  B:8/21/1864 Germany  D:10/30/1908 Farnhamville, Calhoun, Iowa; Buried in Reading Twp. Cemetery, Calhoun Co, IA. Married CHARLES SCHOEBERLEIN B:Dec. 1861 Germany. They had 6 children; Louis, John, Conrad, Rudolph, Oscar, Hilda.
   2. ELIZABETH GREEN B:1871 Germany D:1929 PA Buried Rosedale Cem., Pittsburgh, PA; Married Henry Keehn B:1869 D:1944 PA Buried Rosedale Cem., Pittsburgh, PA; They had 4 children; Marie, Irene, Henry, Clara.
   2. PETER GREEN B:6/16/1867 Germany D:7/6/1925 Calhoun Co., IA; Buried
Reading Twp. Cem, Farnhamville, Calhoun, IA; Immigration; 1873 - Naturalized in PA; Married:4/16/1889 in Pittsburgh, PA
   +MARY A. GUTH B:1/2/1867 Pittsburgh, PA; D:3/23/1947 Calhoun Co., Buried Reading Twp. Cem., Farnhamville, Calhoun, IA
        3. PETER GREEN B:bef: 1902  PA D:bef: 1902 in PA Died at age 3 years
old, 3 months of red measles, buried in Pittsburg, PA.
        3. KATIE GREEN B:bef: 1902 PA D:bef:1902 in PA Katie died at 1-1/2 years of pneumonia.
        3. JOSEPH GREEN B:bef:1902 PA D:bef:1902 in PA Died as an infant of diptheria
        3. CLARA GREEN B6/10/1895 Millvale, PA D:bef:1902 in PA Died as an infant.
        3. MARY CLARA GREEN B:7/28/1892 Millvale, Allegheny, PA D:12/1977 Calhoun Co, IA  Buried in Reading Twp. Cem., Farnhamville, Calhoun, IA
           +FRED FROTSCHER B:1886 D:8/25/1954
        3. HENRY JOSEPH GREEN B:3/19/1894 Millvale, PA D:12/1975 Farnhamville, Calhoun, IA
        3. CHARLES FREDERICK GREEN B:7/4/1900 Millvale, Allegheny, PA D:11/18/1972 Knierim, Calhoun, IA;
           +ELVA MAE BOYNTON B:12/11/1905 Wilton Center, Will Co.,IL D:4/8/4968 Peublo, Colorado Buried: Greenfield Twp. Cem. Knierim, Calhoun, IA
        3. HILDA MARIE GREEN B:10/17/1902 Farnhamville, Calhoun, IA D:11/7/1991 Lake City, Calhoun, IA M: 2/1/1928 Fort Dodge, Webster,IA; Buried:  Reading Twp., Cem., Farnhamville, Calhoun, IA
           +JOSEPH FRANK POHL B:4/24/1892 Czechoslovakia D:5/12/1992 Gowrie, IA; Buried: ReadingTwp. Cem,. Farnhamville, Calhoun, IA
        3. BERTHA TERESA GREEN B:1/16/1904 Calhoun Co, IA  D:3/5/1998 Lake City, Calhoun, IA
           +GEORGE MILLIS B:9/4/1905 D:11/3/1990
        3. ELMER JOHN GREEN B:1906 Calhoun Co, IA
           +RUTH EWING
        3. NELLIE BERTHA GREEN B:2/2/1907 Calhoun Co,IA  D:5/14/1919 Calhoun, IA; Buried: Reading Twp., Cem., Farnhamville, Calhoun, IA
        3. EDWARD HENRY GREEN B:2/16/1909 Calhoun Co, IA D:1/21/2000 Rockwell City, Calhoun, IA
           Married 12/16/1933 Farnhamville, Calhoun, IA; Buried Mem. Park Cem., Fort Dodge,IA
           +DOROTHEA ELIZABETH ANN VOGEL B:     D:1/7/1989
        3. FREDERICK JOHNNAS GREEN B:2/16/1909 Calhoun Co, IA D:1/13/1983 Farnhamville, Calhoun, IA; Buried: Reading Twp. Cem., Farnhamville, IA; NOTE: Disabled, missing arm.
           +JENNIE TESDALL B:5/14/1920 D:7/22/1995 Rockwell City, Calhoun, IA
        3. WILLIAM F. GREEN B:7/19/1910 Calhoun Co, IA D:2/25/1979 Rockwell City, Calhoun, IA; Buried: Reading Twp. Cem, Farnhamville, Calhoun, IA
           +VERA VOTE  B: 2/22/1916 in Calhoun, Co, IA
        3. HELEN ARENIA GREEN B:1912 Calhoun Co, IA
           +ROSCO FRANCES MILLIS  B: 9/4/1906 in Calhoun Co, IA  D: 10/25/1989

GRUEN - name, origins
The name "Gruen" is a spelling variant of the German name "Grün" which is a word meaning the color green.  Some Gruen families migrated from Germany to Russia in the 18th century on invitation from the Russian czar. In the 19th century, after their no-taxation and no-conscription priveleges were revoked, German families returned from Russia to Germany.  Some German families with the "Gruen" or "Grün" surname changed it to "Green" after they immigrated to the U.S.